Why do black men love white women so much?

Interracial dating has witnessed an upward trend since the historic verdict of 1967. If statistics are to be taken into consideration, there has been a threefold rise in the number of interracial married in the last 3 decades, which experts claim are very healthy numbers. Given the fact that interracial dating is only going to get popular, this is only good news for American society.

interracial dating

But, given the history of the United States, can it be said that racism has reached its climax? Well, the answers continued to be divided on this but the country has certainly grown into a multicultural society. Here are a few reasons as to why Black men love white women so much:

• White women aren't aggressive: White women are known to be polite compared to their black counterparts. They neither get very angry at little things nor are they rude when anything is troubling them. White women are slightly reserved too and don’t get involved with public matters unless asked to do so.

• They have great family values: Unlike black women who belong to broken families, white women understand the importance of family values and make sure their family imbibes them. While black women aren't known to serve their families well, it is completely opposite in the case of white women.

• They love to spend time with family: Black women are considered self – centered and don’t spend a lot of quality time with their loved ones. White women on the other hand love spending time with their family and friends. They don’t mind heading out on vacations, regardless of whether they're long or short.

• They have a great sense of financial management: A white woman knows when she should be spending money and when not to. On the other hand, black women are either known to spend a lot of money on things that don’t matter or be very cautious about the way to spend money. These extremes are something that aren't really appreciated by black men.

Black men – white women relationships are great and there is absolutely no doubt about that. However, given the fact that there are so many misconceptions about the concept of interracial dating, people often find themselves in dilemma on whether or not they should be exploring these unchartered waters. However, with the inception of interracial dating sites, finding and dating a black man or a white woman has become easier than ever before.