found my match...

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Hi, just to let you know within few days of becoming a member I found my match, it was instantaneous. He is in LA and I am in NYC but end of month going to LA to be with him. Thank you so much, we couldn't have found each other without your help. I don't know what the future holds but we will both work at it very hard. You brought us together but now it's up to us to keep us together. He's a wonderful man.
Should we go further then just seeing each other, or should I remain in LA because of him I will write again and let you guys know... we already talked about marriage and babies... so if there is a wedding next year of you have to come attend and take pictures and publish it on the site, then you can declare us to the world... but not before, don't want to jinx anything.

Advice to other members:

Always be honest, don't play games because you might not be serious about finding 'love' but the other person might be and it's not good to play with people's hearts and lives.