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My significant other and I had instantaneous chemistry that began with a little wink from me. We have e-mailed, texted, dated and called each other constantly throughout the day and every day since we met on this website. I bought a six month membership and got one month free but used less than three months of the membership. Tony was only a member for less than a weekend before I winked at him. Both of us had a long list about wants as well as needs that we required in a potential mate.
The list had needs such as: a great sense of humor; willingness to meet the other partner 50% of the way, financial stable, loyal, the ability and the desire to be in a long term and committed relationship, wanting to have a family and children- you get the point the list was long. Anyway the more he and I conversed the more items became checked off the list before they were even asked. So the idea that each of us would have to settle for not getting everything on the wish list was a mute point.
Not only did we each get everything on our list, but each of us had exceeded the other person’s wish list. So we are looking forward to a long, adventurous, and happy relationship. We well post photos after we get married. CC & Tony

Advice to other members:

A simple thing like a wink can led to something totally unexpected.