Thanks to you i'm happily married to one of your members

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Thanks to you i'm happily married to one of your members. We got maried on a beach in Mexico sixteen months ago. Well, She contacted me. We e-mailed for about two weeks. We talked on the phone a few times over about a week's time We decided
to meet in person. That wound up being a ten hour marathon first date. The physical attraction was going on.We have things in common like art, humor and travel. We spent more time getting to know each other. I knew she trusted me when she let me take down this ugly old wallpaper in her kitchen while she was out of town. Then we decided to live together after a joyful 18 months. We found doing things like a team and good communication worked well. We've yet to yell at each other. We adjusted to living together in a few months. It was easier for us because we spent quite a few weekends together. We've been under the same roof for about nine months. Our love grew. One day she gave me a time frame that if a do not propose there would be a problem. I was already thinking about it. I wound up sort of desigining an unusual engagement ring ( a 2 carat aquamarine stone) that i thought she would like. I wrote a poem and got her to go to Montreal for a short trip. We were had lunch at an outdoor cafe one beautiful day in Montreal. I read the poem and popped the question. Then about ten months later we got married on a beach in Mexico. I'm divorced. We both in our 40's. She is the only woman i dated since my divorce. It's really a home run for both of us.

Thanks so much,