Thank you for the hook up

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May marry in 4 years ;)
She is from Elk grove ca. and I from San Francisco. Kind of scared at first site because of our connection. We are willing to deal the the hour and a half distance challenge :)
Our first meet was the DMV in fairfeild, she was taking her son to get his license.
Second meet san francisco watched our football games together. She's a packer fan and im a huge buccaneers fan lol-
3rd date was the charm!!! She came down to sf on amtrack and stayed 3 days taking friday off for extra time together. So now back at home with both of us having demanding jobs. We joke and talk about how much we hate one another lol-
What we hate is how the other makes us feel missing each other daily.
She says she loves to speak with me over the phone because it makes her think that i am near her. for me it makes me miss her more.
We have exchanged over 2,000 plus text lord knows how many e-mails and phone calls and computer text :) It has only been three weeks, we shall look fwd to what each day brings us. So every time i ask her how she feels about me? She says "I winked at you didnt I" lol thank you for the hook up :)