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When my sweetheart's photo and profile came up as a match, I was immediately smitten. An intellectual, as well as physical, dynamic drew me to him. He was handsome, intelligent, witty, and honest. Reading the profile, at first I thought someone had written a profile and put up a photograph of someone they knew would specifically appeal to me as a "prank" or a "candid camera" episode. I felt my heart leap and debated if I should take the plunge and make the first contact or not as surely someone as wonderful as him would probably already be spoken for.
He sent an email that he knew what the word "erudite" meant and mentioned the name of one of my favorite NPR shows. We exchanged emails, then chatted on line, then telephone calls and found we had so much in common and yet were different enough to keep our conversations exciting.
As I spoke to him, my desire to have him as part of my life grew exponentially. I am at a point now where I can't imagine my days (or nights) without him.
We both may not be perfect people but we are perfect for one another and I sincerely wish I had met him before. Without this site, we would not have met and I am forever grateful for the chance to meet my Doug.

I swore when I first joined the service that I would not be so naive as to fall for anyone on line, that I would join the site as an experiment and just meet people to chat with but with Doug, knew I wanted to be with him through the ups and downs of life.


Advice to other members:

Don't write off matches that live a distance away. The love o f your life may be waiting