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I first met the woman I met on line on Oct 16 on Oct 26. We exchanged a few notes and winks on Oct 16 and I called her that same day.

Since then we have been on the phone at least once every day. I have family in Jacksonville, fl so when we met in person the first time on Oct 26 we started at a coffee shop and after a nice lunch went to a nearby mall for quite a while and wound up at a local place for drinks. I remained in Jacksonville and we went out together on Saturday and Sunday before I returned to Tampa.

We continued to talk on the phone and I drove up on Sunday Nov 4 and we spent the day together before I returned home. She is very bright and pretty and her last marriage ended badly but she kept her spirit. Because I respect her as a woman we have enjoyed getting close and I think it is fair to say we liked each other right away. We had both enclosed pictures and described ourselves in our profiles and I knew there was attracted to her after just a few clicks on the I phone.

We have plans to be together for the Thanksgiving weekend and I feel we have a very good chance to stay together. We both have had failed marriages but want a ongoing relationship with a special someone. I think we both used the web dating service hoping for a lasting relationship rather than a place to just flirt and date.

We have not been together a month yet but I think it is very fair to say sparks have been flying between us. I could see myself moving to Jacksonville and she is also willing to relocate. She has a 12 year old daughter and a 18 year old son at home and I am fine with that. Most days we speak on the phone a few times and I feel us growing closer together every day. We already have plans for the holiday season and beyond.

Her birthday is the day before Valentine's day and I feel by then we will really be together. If we can continue to grow together I could see us getting married by her father , a minister in Jacksonville.

As I said in my last note we hit it off right away and have now picked out a ring and are planning a future together. I couldn't be happier with the way things turned out for us and promise to send a few photos of our wedding, most likely on the beach in Jacksonville, Fl where we went when we first met.

My very best wishes to everyone connected with your site !