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My guess would be upbringing.When I was young, all I ever heard were intulss about black people and Chinese, and a few others that I probably didnt even know who they were or what the names meant.I grew up, discovered the bible, and actually read it, then reread it, and started different studies.I learned that GOD made all of us, we are all descendents of Noah, and his sons, so no matter our skin tones, we are all the same. And no, the mark on Cain couldnt have been his skin tone, or else he would have been the only black man ever to live. The mark did not extend to his wife or offspring.If i had been left just to my upbringing, I could see myself a sad person, putting down other skin tones, for what , I guess to make my self feel better, but I have no idea how that makes one person feel better about themselves by putting someone else down.