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After 5 years on interracialmatch and also after trying some other different dating sites,
I finally find my date here---on First of all, I would love to say THANK YOU INTERRACIALMATCH.
Some day of 5 years ago, I decided to join with Internet dating.I was buzy then, and didn't have too much time on here. 6 Months later, I also joined another two Internet dating sites but got nothing and I didn't like the selection there. They got a bad customer service. However, every time, I contacted you guys for my questions,I got full and quick answer. I didn't find my soul mate in the following years, but I never gave up. Until this year, or 4 months before, I saw some one who peaked my interest. I was not sure if she would chat with me, but I decided to send an email and state my interest in her photo. Very lucky, she responded almost immediately. After that we chatted a lot and started to arrange our face to
face chatting... Now we are together! We are starting our new life.
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It’s important to have faith and to be determined with all your heart