Long distance relationships do take longer to develop

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Weekend after thanksgiving, I went to his city for a weekend vacation for myself, got my own hotel and decided that if we didn't hit it off I'd still have a little vacation by myself -- but we did hit it off and have continued to see each other about one weekend a month -- long distance relationships do take longer to develop and present some challenges but this one has definitely been worth the investment.

Advice to other members:

Don't spend too long in email contact and preliminary phone calls (though obviously if you are open to a nation wide search, as I am, you have to have enough contact to decide whether to meet. ) However, I had some expereinces in which the person seemed much more of a potential good match thru this long email chit chat than they were -- it takes time and the risk of getting more emotionally involved than really fits for how much you know the person -- this didn't happen to me, but I know of another woman who carried on a two year relationship with someone she had never met in person, then felt he had cheated on her when he met someone else!