Lady Godiva met her White Knight

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Well the subject says it all, we both reached out at the same time with a wink, then brief message, we were drawn to each other from the start (magnetism) and as our pullarity increased we started bonding more on spiritual/emotional levels, the amount of IMs, and EMs, increased as did the phonecalls back/forth. We anticipated each other's sharing one Mind, being One before actually being;). Then we both decided to rendevous in Brooklyn were we both originated from-lol, and met on New Year's Day 2011; we were both in like Flynn the moment we made eye contact and we talked throughout the entire weekend from Sun up to down; the whole thing was Awesome and continues to get better. We are now Exclusive:) and embrace Our future together. Point is...Opposites truly attract when You are Compatible. Godspeed:)
Ebony & Ivory Together in perfect harmony...

Advice to other members:

So Ladies and Gents, don't give up by any means necessary your Lancelot and Gwinevere are Out there waiting for you, You just have to "meet me halfway" by the black eyed peas-Vevo video on youtube. Watch it you'll take the hint;).