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A little more detail: We are currently corresponding but we've related to each other enough to draw conclusions
about us being together. I do give her the benefit of the doubt; she is no doubt sincere and she made that clear with her actions, e.g., being more than open and letting me know she's there. It doesn't matter to me if we live commmon law or traditional because we'll be together either way. But she has her heart set on traditional so she knows I'd do that for her. It looks like marriage will come in the near future. And I'll probably get into it since it'll please her; and it will make me feel like we're officially bound together. BTW, make my account TOTALLY INACTIVE, whethe than waiting for Oct. 30th. She's been concerned about that so I don't want her to worry. Thanks again. David

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For now, I can't pin this down. I'm still surprised it worked.