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I met Philip on line back in January of this year. I have been divorced since 2002 and was not having much success finding a gentleman and someone intelligent and kind. I was so ready to give up. I had stopped and deleted my profile on several sites leaving Interracial open and was closing out one last site when I checked messages before shutting down I see this man in scrubs who had sent me a flirt. In my haste to give up I smartly replied "If you were really interested you would have sent me a real note." Well to my surprise I got a note of introduction. Very sweet and nice. I replied back and within the next few days we had talked and decided we would meet at a restaurant not far from where I live. I let my son know where I was going (just in case) and when I met Philip he was real. He was funny and attentive and we just connected right then. Things were going so well we went to another place to sing karaoke. As we were walking to the car he took my hand and then turned me around and kissed me so sweetly. I was a goner. His birthday was the following we and I got him a small gift and we went to sing again and the rest is history. We have been so madly in love ever since.