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My experience with InterracialMatch.com has been very good. I have been a member off and on since 2007 and during that time have met many interesting men of my preferred ethnicity. A few of these meetings were a total waste of time, and I do regret them to some extent, but I look back on them now as part of a necessary learning process. However, most of them have led to pleasant and enduring friendships, and two of them have shown actual potential. Last year I lived with a very intelligent, talented, and attractive man for a number of months until I began to feel that our personalities and sexuality were incompatible. After leaving that relationship, I became involved with a another man I met on the IM site and it is the best one so far.

I am a highly educated person with associations in many widely varied circles both professional and social, and this man is the most interesting person I have ever met. He is also very wise, because he knew that the best approach for him (and, as it turned out, for me) was to spend a great deal of time on the phone before actually meeting in person. Our conversations became increasingly interesting and I could see that our thought processes were very much alike. I had never had such fascinating discussions with anyone before. We discussed concepts of all kinds, interesting ideas, and theories about many aspects of life. I truly came to love this man's mind. To me, the mental connection is the most important part of a relationship: everything else flows from that starting point. So when we finally met in person, we really already knew each other and were both extremely intrigued and excited.

Meeting in person, of course, introduces one to the whole person??his or her personality, outlook on life, sexuality, and general "vibes." I saw something truly beautiful in his eyes and he and I felt an instantaneous connection. The physical attraction was also unusually strong for a first meeting. What started out as a dinner date turned into a twenty-four-hour encounter in which we kept going more and more places and looking for more things to do together so we wouldn't have to say good-bye.

I would like to say that things simply blossomed from there and got progressively better, but it was actually a very bumpy road for us at first. Although we knew we wanted to be together and actually agreed not to see other people on the first date, there was a long phase in which we had to adjust to each other's personalities. Both of us are rather unconventional, quirky people with odd personality traits. I could easily see why we had both had a long series of unsuccessful relationships in the past, but I could also see how he and I could "fit" together in a way that neither of us had experienced previously.

Periodically we had to spend some time apart thinking things over, but we always got back together with renewed enthusiasm and passion for each other. There were also some misunderstandings that we had to work through until we came up with a way of interacting that worked for us. As we have gotten to know each other over the subsequent months, we have grown much closer and our communication has become increasingly loving and naturally harmonious. We no longer need time apart to weigh the pros and cons of our relationship; we have come to the conclusion that we are good for each other. More importantly, we simply enjoy being together so much that when we are, time seems to become irrelevant and we lose all track of it, which I think is what happens when two people are so happy together that they want to live fully in the moment. This to me is the ultimate sign of a beautiful relationship.