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"Crystalz" saying how she saw me first as through the window as I was knocking on her door. Her nephew Thomas and she were looking out the window. Crystalz said,"she sighed in happiness when I saw how handsome you are! Then I saw all those roses!, I thought you were the most thoughtful man ever! But, the fact that you drove all that way, without one complaint, just to meet me. I knew you were more than just nice. When you couldn't leave me and stayed in a hotel that night only to see me again in the morning and have breakfast together, I was certain, I wanted this to be something lasting! He also created 2 pieces of iconic art of me being my alter ego, a Superhero!"

I (Donny1313) wrote on a piece of paper in 1987 sitting by the side of the pool and extremely detailed list of what I thought was the perfect woman for me. I started at the very top of her head in described in detail every single inch going down to the bottom of her toes and never overlook for one second The importance of what the inside of her meant to me. I knew one day that woman would be in front of me, I would find her. And on the first day of signing onto the site the very first picture that was shown to me at the very top was the love of my life. It truly was that woman that I described years ago. Every day, week after week year after year she was always in my mind and I knew my destiny had found me for dreaming of the greatest woman that's ever walked the face of this earth!!!

Advice to other members:

Believe. There is truly your true one out there. I does take patients and seemingly knocking on many door in life to have the correct one open for you. Just ask yourself one question,
"Why Not?".