About that window opening...

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Once the doors were shut, slammed, bolted tight...I knew that was it for me. Years of relationships with Mr. Right Now but never Mr. Forever and then I decided to give this site a try. Not only did the window come flying open, despite the closed door, it brought into my life the most AMAZING man ever. I can't say how grateful, how DOWN-ON-MY-KNEES grateful I am that I gave this site a try.

Advice to other members:

Send a wink, one, two, three or more. You have to be willing to put yourself out there. If you get no response - on to the next one.

Make sure your pictures are UP-TO-DATE, in focus and show all angles. No one said get naked or semi-nude, just enough so he can tell if your body type works with his preference.

Last, fall seven times...stand up eight!