A real love story

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Wow just when I was about to lose faith here came Bryan. The man who knows exactly what I'm thinking and can finish my sentences for me. We both found ourselves a little scared but over the moon happy that we were feeling so emotionally and spiritually connected, we were wondering if it could be real. Oh yes, it is real. Bryan is everything I have always desired in a man and I would not settle for less. We compliment each other and truly know that love is patient and kind. Distance is a very minor part in the grand scheme of things. I have no doubt that we will post the next level of our success story. Interracial Match thank you for bringing Bryan and Connie togethr, there is someone for everyone and it will happen when it is suppose to. As I write this, I have tears of joy and I am happy to share it. I love you Bryan.

Advice to other members:

Stay positive, always be honest and remember communication is the key. Never be afraid to say how you feel. Always remember to say thank you for the little things for it's the little things that build the foundation to a wonderful and solid relationship and future.