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A friend had told me about the InterracialMatch site, so last Aug/Sept, i thought why not put a profile up and see what happens. I had been on my own for most of the last 10years, and living in Australia thought it would be virtually impossible to find a perfect man.. thankfully he found me! Michael's membership was just about to expire and he saw my pic and thought he would send me a message even though i'm half way round the world. I had only been registered for about 2 weeks, and i really liked his profile and what he was about so i replied. We sent messages back and forth for a week, then started emailing each other. It was funny as one day he had asked me "do u have that accent?" so i replied, "give me your number and i will call u", and i did. We continued to talk on the phone just as friends. I had a vacation booked to the USA in October, but unfortunately was only going to LA and Vegas, and couldnt make it to Tenn where Michael lives. However when i was on my vacation a dear friend tragically passed away, and i was so upset and alone. Michael said "well u could always come to Tenn", and i thought u know what, im gonna do it! So i jumped on a plane to Nashville and instantly we clicked and had the most awesome weekend. When i got home, we spoke on the phone every single day since October, and we started planning for our next visit. I booked another vacation on May 15, to meet his family, daughter and spend quality time with him. I just got home yesterday, and it was incredibly hard to leave him again, but it will only be temporary, as i have come back to Australia to make plans to relocate my children and i, as soon as i can afford to. We had the most perfect 3 weeks together and the absolute highlight was Sat May 30, we went to BB King Blues Club in Nashville (the place of our first date last year), for my birthday. Michael surprised me with a stretch hummer, and then on our way he proposed! We are planning on a simple wedding, as we have both been married before, as soon as i move to USA. He is the most wonderful, sweet man, and i feel so blessed that he sent that first message. As corny as it sounds, I know we really are 'soulmates'. Thankyou to the InterracialMatch service, as without it, we would never have had the chance to meet. Nicole

Advice to other members:

take a risk ... just send a message to someone, u have nothing to lose ... but everything to gain