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I will do this because i want everyone to know that this works if you tell the truth and be yourself alway. My friend is very nice. Her profile is something like mine. I think because of the way her mom and dad keep her out of the bad things in life and alway give her love, and care,and the schooling that she needed that was a big part of her being yourself. At first i truly felt that this was going to fast, and she did too. But! ( NOW-GET-THIS ) Now after everynight at the same time each day for 30 days we talked for 30 min's, things begin to be in order with her and i. As of now we're still doing everything very slow but, soon next year if we keep taking are time, and tell the truth, and keep working on this matter, with ( ONLY-GOD-HELP ) everything will work out for us in our life. Thanks to ( ) and the service that was giving to us, without that things would not have went so well. ( I'm, and she is very, very, happy, about this whole matter, and still smile about how this ALL came about. To closed to have a life with someone begin with ( GOD ) reason it is written that ( GOD ) is LOVE, and that is why we are ( 1 ) because of GOD love for us.

Thank you! Have a bless day!

From, Marvin & Mary....