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    "Men need strong women when their life is a mess, just like in a game of chess the queen protects the king."

    We have seen black women as leaders, being an epitome of strength, a source of inspiration, a hardworking homemaker and a person we look forward to when in distress. So, why do you actually need a black woman for? What is in her that drives you crazy for her?Well, to know the answer you need to go to the statistics: The Forbes List of the most powerful black women include names like Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Ursula Burns, Beyonce Knowles and the list goes on. They have been proven strong, confident, world leaders and game changers in every aspect of life. So, when in a mess who else than a strong and confident woman you desire to have the most. Sex - drives most of you crazy, sure it does. It is an important aspect of a healthy relationship but is it the only thing you desire from a relationship, the answer is obviously a No. When in turmoil you desire a person who is not only sincere and passionate about you but also able to drive you out of that situation. You need a person to rely on, someone you can trust and look forward to when in distress.So, let's scroll down and find your reasons for choosing a black woman:

    1. Better Understanding

    When it comes to a black woman they are always found to be more understanding and helpful. Being black is still considered to be a shame in many parts of the world. So, a black woman is very well aware of your emotional state and what it means to hurt someone. She will be the last person in the world to ever hurt you and will stand by you whatever the situation may be.

    2. A Source of Strength for the Family

    A strong woman is naturally a support to her man and a pillar of strength for her children. You can look forward to her and rely on her when the time demands.

    3. A Natural Bond

    Being fake is the last thing a man desires in a woman. A black woman, in general, is constantly being criticized for her color, race and seeks someone who is real and not fake in his feelings. A black woman cherishes this attribute and so does a white man.

    4. Value Feminine Gender Role

    You can ask a black woman to take care of your family, have kids and value your feelings. Trust, commitment, and clarity are what she seeks the most in a relationship and never minds to take up the feminine gender roles. Black women are always hardcore, strong and love to do what it takes to make the bond strong and family work.

    5. Respect

    A relationship based on trust and respect is sure to last for long. So, if you demand respect then you are sure to receive the same from someone who has long sought it from everyone she has ever met. Taking into account the background a black woman comes from, wherein discrimination and disrespect are what she has always encountered, you are sure to be respected because that is what she desires the most.

    Some of the famous celebrities and personalities are whitemenandblackwomen who have lived together for ages and proved it to work. If you seek love then you are sure to receive it from someone who longs for it - a white man and a black woman.


    Dating Interracial

    A healthy and loving interracial relationship is something that the majority of the world's population would want to have. A great relationship is nothing easy to achieve, especially great interracial relationships. For decades, black-white dating has been looked down upon, especially during the slavery times both in the United states and in Europe. Those found to be in such relationships were often met with the worst possible punishment, death. It was definitely meant to discourage such relationships among the public. We are however in a radically different time, where such relationships are seen for what they actually are, beacons of hope for a unified people on earth.

    The greatest cause of tensions and conflict in our world today is cultural differences. We fail to see ourselves as a single species of humans and instead segregate ourselves to these races. The black and white communities are really the ones with the most tensions between them, with their history with each other being of particular concern to them. The only way to truly bring the two communities back together, is through encouraging individual relationships between them.

    Only through such interracial relationships can it become clear to the public that racial differences should not come between us as a people. Diversity is important when it comes to progressing society. A society that doesn't embrace differences is a society destined for death. Great cultures are those that change with the times, embrace change. Biologically speaking, the DNA of a hybrid rather than a specific Black, White or Asian, is dramatically superior. See it is the diversity that gives it the advantage. The synthesis is always superior to both the thesis and antithesis. Interracial relationships should be seen as a beacon of hope for humanity, with so many things going wrong for humanity especially on the social humanitarian side of it all. Wars everywhere across the world on cultural racial lines, how relieving it is to see healthy loving interracial relationships across the world.

    Imagine of a world that embraced and encouraged the most uncomfortable of interracial relationships possible. It is necessary to ask yourself at this point, had the people's attitude towards interracial relationships particularly black-white dating been different, would it have been as bad as it truly was? Would it have gone on for as long as it did? Would there have been so much cruelty involved?A cruelty that stemmed from the belief that the white man was superior to the black man. It is clear that had the relationships been allowed to thrive, it would have become evident that there exists no such truth. The fact of the matter is that the two actually made each other better, and still do.

    We are fortunate to be living in such a great time in history, where we have the luxury of having the lessons of the past available to us. We know now that love is what is needed to cure most of the world's problems. We know now that an interracial relationship is something to be encouraged and praised, not the opposite. We now have platforms that nurture such relationships, whether it be online dating sites or just a school or workplace.It is now possible to have a healthy interracial relationship. The fact is, its becoming clearer and clearer each day that black or white,there are no color lines when we are together.

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    When you marry someone, you marry everything that made them who they are. The race is of no exception. Sometimes marrying a person of a different culture includes challenges. Nevertheless, there are very many interracial couples that have become happy and successful. Here are some of them.

    Kanye West & Kim Kardashian

    Among the many interracial marriages we know, there is a couple everybody knows well. Owing to social media the whole world knows about details of their personal life.

    Of course, it is no other than Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. A famous American rapper and a socialite of Georgian origins have been living together for a long period of time. Even though not everyone likes their attitudes, it is difficult to deny that they make a beautiful couple, their racial diversity notwithstanding. They have two children who are already famous on Instagram.

    Chris Noth & Tara Lynn Wilson

    Another famous couple representing different races is well known Chris North and Lynn Wilson. A worldwide star of Sex and The City, Mr. Big is much different from his film character. In real life, he is an exemplary of husband and a loyal man. His wife is the gorgeous Tara Lynn Wilson.

    She is an Asian American who fell in love with her future husband at first sight. After several years of living together, they have a son and are still going strong. They plan to have even more children in the future.

    Richard Loving and Mildred Jeter

    This couple is one of the best examples of interracial relationships. They have overturned state laws which prohibited such relations in America. Richard and Mildred met each other in Virginia. Richard was a 17- year old white men and Mildred was 11-yar old black woman. When Mildred was 18 they moved to Washington, D.C. to be married.

    This was when the police arrested them for being married to one another. In 1959, they pleaded guilty. As a result, they left Washington, D.C. and faced a lot of discrimination. Mildred decided to write a letter to Attorney General, Robert F. Kennedy. In a nine-year period their case was heard before the U.S. Supreme Court. Finally, the Supreme Court decided unanimously in their favor.

    Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling

    When it comes to interracial marriages Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are always on the news. It was 2011 when they first fell in love. They met each other while filming “The Place-Beyond the Pines.” Eva is of Hispanic origins are her husband has European roots so to speak.

    Their marriage is a matter of a lot of gossips but still they live on facing all the problems together. They are not even going to divorce. Their first child was born in 2014. They say this little boy is �’doomed’’ to be a star too.

    Joseph Laroche and Juliette Lafargue

    Joseph Laroche was born in Haiti, in 1886. When he was 15, he left Haiti for France in order to study engineering. During his travel over France he met Juliette who became his wife later on.

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    In the past few decades, it is evident from the changes around us that society has become far more progressive and accepting. Earlier what would have been considered a taboo would no longer freak other people out. As the word is changing, its old and conservative traditions are fading away and people are now free to make their own choices regardless of other’s opinion. Skin of colour is becoming less and less relevant as the day goes by and all the boundaries separating different people are disappearing. Today, everyone is perceived as equal and no one will argue that.

    There was a time long ago when people only mingled with their own skin colour or among their own races, either due to restrictions laid down by society or because of their own inferior thinking. Anyone else with a different shade of skin was thought of as an alien by them. But, the progressive movements of last century have made everyone understand that beneath the different colours of skin lie one heart same as everyone else. People are leaving their preconceived notions behind and they are now ready to understand other’s thought process. And because of that one thing that was benefited the most is Interracial love interraciallove’.

    True love has no regards for the appearance of other person rather it is established on a personal connection between two individuals. A couple that understands the intimate needs of other and is aware of true spirit of other person would have more chances of success in future. People want to look for deeper things. Skin colour is far less relevant than it was in the past when choosing a suitable partner. Interracial love can exist in today’s world without being afraid of the judgemental stares from other people. People of different skin colour can make their own beautiful worlds where their romance could prosper and spread its wings. Even among different communities, such couples are welcome with a smile. Being in an interracial relationship is not a taboo any longer.

    Dating someone from a different race is might turn out to be completely different experience altogether. People are often not exposed to different cultures and are closed off from others. Interracial love can provide them a fresh new perspective on the world. You might come to learn more about unique cultural identities which you were once unaware off. It can be a very enriching experience by learning new languages or even new accents.

    One of the most beautiful things about being in an interracial relationship is that people in it are incredibly open minded about different beliefs and conventions. They can work together harmoniously to overcome any problem to restore the balance in their lives. It might be difficult sometimes but it would make you braver to face new problems and make compromises to solve any disputes. Many couples overcome enormous hurdles and reject social conventions to be with each other. They are prepared to make the necessary sacrifices for each other.

    The color of skin is no longer a boundary that can restrict love. Interracial love provides a new outlook into unique cultures and allows people to perceive the world in an entirely new way.

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    Interracial relationships are some of the love stories hard to tell because it binds two different people from different races and social background. Interracial marriage has been legal in the use since 1967 but people still have different thoughts on this matter, therefore, posing a dilemma to Interracial singles who want to single.

    Here are some things Interracial singles want before they accept mingling:

    Q. Will they judge me because of my skin color? Many interracial singles out there still live in fear of what the world out there will think of them if they start a romantic relationship with someone totally different from their cultural values and more so skin color?

    A: Follow your heart and feelings let no one judge you because of it's your happiness, not theirs.

    Q. What will my parents say? We all know how our parents want the best for us and they also want us to follow their footsteps and leave aside our interracial goals but what about our feelings?

    A. Tell your parents or relatives about this as early as possible because it will be sad for you to date for 3 years then at the end your parent, friends or relatives chase your lover away. Furthermore, if your love is real, fight for it.

    Q. What about the children we will sire together?

    A. Children are from God and no should racially abuse them because of their skin color, both of you should show love to the children even if they don't resemble one of you.

    Q. What should I do for men/women to approach me?

    A. Many people would assume that you wouldn't date their culture hence they wouldn't even mind approaching you, this example fits perfectly with Islam and Christians. But what you have to do is get social with the person and he/she will be free to you too and you can make a perfect interracial match.

    Interracial Marriages are now on the rise and shows positive relationships with different people from different cultures and race. Do not fear to peruse the crush of your life, we live in the 21st century remember.