• How to find the best interracial dating website? Posted by Admin on May 13, 2018

    For the longest period of time, interracial relationships and marriages have been frowned upon from both sides. Dating someone who is not from the community is even discouraged to this day. Couples in love from different backgrounds have ended their relationships because of the pressure they feel. People’s opinion and judgment are evolving with the changing time. It is much more openly acceptable now if a person of color is in a relationship with a white person or vice-versa. Families have started to realize that welcoming a person into the family from another race is a beautiful thing and it is not something to be embarrassed about.

    So, if you’re looking for an interracial partner to date or if you want to get into a mixed race relationship , then you can start with making your personal profile on an interracial dating website. However, since there are a lot of interracial dating sites, it becomes quite tricky to find the best one for yourself. Following tips will help you to find the best interracial dating website for yourself.


    There are many interracial websites out there that you could choose from. The variety of options will leave you confused not knowing which one to sign up for. One of the things that could help out in this situation is checking the success rate of different websites. Dating websites boast about all the people in successful relations that they have helped to connect. Having this data could make your decision easier.


    While choosing an interracial website to start dating, you should pay attention to how many active users they have in your area. A website may be very popular in one part of a country while in other parts the same website users may be very few. Choose a website where the chances of you finding someone nearby are high. This way it will be easier for both of you to be in touch and meet regularly.


    It can be a lot of fun to date someone whose personality is very different to yours. But, chances are that you may feel disconnected to them once the initial infatuation dies down. The chances of having a successful relationship increases when you have some things in common with the other person.

    Coming from different races means being brought up with different family values. This means that both persons in a relationship have a big part of their lives that the other person can’t relate to. Having other things in common can give both the partners something to hold on to.

    Interracial relationships are a beautiful thing. There is so much a person can discover about their partner. Learning about their culture or things that matter to them contributes towards bettering you as a person. It makes you realize how two people who are so different can be brought together by a single magical thing called love.

    Even in this modern age, people are hesitant to approach others for a date. It can be particularly hard if a person is looking to date someone from a different race. Online dating removes the awkwardness of it all. Only people who are interested in interracial dating sign up on such websites. It reduces the fear of rejection by half if not more. Sign up on an interracial dating website today and get one step closer to finding that special person.

  • 5 mistakes white men make while dating black women Posted by Admin on May 12, 2018

    Black women have to face a lot of backlash for dating white guys. Black people who date outside their race face a lot of backlash from their community for not choosing someone among them. The backlash and accusations are a lot more severe for black women. Franchesca Ramsey, who is a host on MTV’s “Decoded,” is also a famous activist and comedian. She faced a lot of scrutiny for being married to a white man.

    The same goes for people who belong to any other race and date someone outside their race, such as white men dating black women . Since interracial relationships are quite critical in the society, people who venture into such relationships should take extra precautions.

    Therefore, in order to help out white men, we have made a list of mistakes that white men make when dating black women. If you are one such white man, then we highly recommend you to read this article so that you can avoid the mistakes and have a happy and healthy relationship with the person you love.


    Even though this sentence can seem absolutely normal, do not say it. It is not a compliment. It may seem harmless to you. But, to the black woman in front of you, it may sound like a fetish. It can also come across as racist. This is something you definitely shouldn’t say if you want to date the black girl and hope to be in a relationship with her someday.


    People who are not color blind can see color. While it is not encouraged that to bring up her race in every conversation, don’t diminish her identity by saying that you don’t see color in people. Humans, in general, want to be acknowledged for who they are and where they come from as it is a part of their identity. It is the same for black women.


    A person’s color is not a factor that people observe when they are forming a friendship. Then why would it be correct to bring up the color of the person afterward? Saying that you have black friends is never a good thing, especially if you are trying to prove a point.

    4. Liking hip-hop and black music

    Hip-hop has consistently been gaining popularity over the past couple of years. It is completely fine for white people to like black people music and to listen to hip-hop. It only becomes a problem when you bring it up to prove that you are cool with black people.

    5. Don’t tell heroic stories about racism

    Black people often notice how white people, especially men, often narrate stories of them being heroes in certain scenarios. The story usually ends with the white person giving a speech on how racism is wrong and how they don’t support it. There are a million other topics one can talk about that do not involve race. Choose those topics, especially if it’s your first date or if you are still in the initial stages of getting to know each other.

    Getting into an interracial relationship should be something you are proud of and not embarrassed over. Breaking this age-old barrier of racism can be hard work for both the people involved. The best way to move forward is by understanding what the other person is comfortable with. Start with small topics and see how the other person feels about it. You could always build up from there.

  • How to keep a long-term interracial relationship hot and spicy Posted by Admin on May 11, 2018

    It should be a difficult to keep things hot and spicy in an interracial relationship especially if you have been together for a very long time. Most relationships fail simply because both partners have lost their spark and things are not spicy anymore. This article will highlight some of the wonderful ways an interracial couple can keep their long-term interracial relationship hot and steamy.

    I.Always make time for dates – Having a day date or even a date night does not require plenty of effort at all. It can be as simple as dining out at a fancy restaurant after work, meeting up at a very popular pub, visiting a museum or exhibition center and so much more. A date night is a very good way to keep things fresh in a relationship if the sparks are starting to die out

    II.Make the most of the time apart – They say distance makes the heart go fonder and spending time away from your partner once in a while makes you miss them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, in fact, it is sweet.

    III.Do something new together – Try to do something different, something exciting that neither person has ever done before like skydivers, salsa dancing, yoga or even baking classes. Being beginners together in a certain activity help makes things fresh.

    IV.Complement each other – Always take time to give your partner complements at every available opportunity e.g. “I like the dimples on your cheeks when you smile”, “you are looking stunning in the red dress”, and “you look handsome in that suit”.

    V.Unexpected surprises – Life is full of a surprise, however, when it comes to romance, giving each other a small gifts, sending lovely text messages or cards during work hours or even cooking dinner for each does help keep it spicy with your partner because you can do something they did expect.

    VI.Touch as often as you can – Touch is a very powerful gesture in a relationship and it lets the other person know that you care about them. Whether it is holding hand while walking or a kiss that is a very message to your lover.

    VII.When on a date, put the phones down – This is something that many call having a digital detox. It is never a nice thing to be having a conversation with someone and all they are doing is being on their phone. Enjoy the moment with each other, that’s the whole idea.

    VIII. Kiss a lot and do not stop being flirty with each other – Doing this is one way of keeping the sexual energy in the interracial relationship alive. It does not always have to lead to sex but just kissing and flirting with each is a wonderful way to keep the fire burning always.

    IX.Participate in activities that bring you both joy – Taking time to have fun with each other and laugh will bring both of you together like a couple. If everyone has had a stressful day, it can easily be laughed off by doing or watching something fun together.

  • The Best Guidelines To Raise Interracial Kids Posted by Admin on May 10, 2018

    Raising children to be strong, healthy, capable adults is the hardest job in the world. And, for families of mixed race it’s even harder. Here are some dos and don’ts to help your children deal with societies that still, unfortunately, have issues with interracial couples and children of mixed race.

    Don’t tell them they’re half of anything.

    Parents often make the mistake of telling children that they’re half white and half black, for example.

    While this might not seem like an untrue or damaging statement at first glance, there are many reasons why it’s better to avoid phrasing it like that. It’s much more reassuring to tell a mixed child that they’re both white and black . This way they will feel like they belong in both cultures, not like they’re not fully welcome in either.

    Learn about the other culture they’ve been born into.

    While your partner will most likely be teaching your child the most about their culture, it would help if you’re also involved.

    If you’re white and your child is partly Hispanic, learning to speak Spanish will help you build a stronger relationship with them while helping them stay in touch with that part of their identity.

    You could also make sure to teach them your own native language. A mixed child that can speak the languages from both of their cultures will feel a lot more confident about their identity.

    Don’t assume you speak for their race.

    Even if your child is mixed black and white, you shouldn’t assume you have the authority to speak on black issues when you’re not black, or vice versa. Don’t use your child or your partner’s race as an excuse to share inflammatory statements that you wouldn’t say otherwise.

    Allow your partner to have the same amount of influence. Parents can sometimes fight about which culture their child will be raised in. You might want to raise your child in the traditional African way, while your partner will lean more towards their Asian heritage, for example.

    Neither person is wrong or right in a situation like this. It’s important for parents of a mixed child to be allowed to share their cultural heritage without competing with each other or trying to force the child to pick a side.

    As they grow up, they might lean towards one or the other, but this is their personal choice and should never be a competition between parents. Let them get close with people from both their cultures.

    A mixed black and white child who only ever spends time with their white family members might feel a bit lost when it comes to their black identity. It’s important to try and expose children to both sides of the family, even if it’s difficult due to parents objecting to your interracial relationship . Don’t feel offended if they don’t identify with your culture.

    As mentioned before, most mixed race children identify more strongly with one culture than the other in many cases. For example, if they end up embracing black culture and show little interest in your Asian heritage, it’s not fair to act rejected and take it as a personal insult. It’s their choice and it’s what makes them happy.

  • Interracial dating, friends and family. Posted by Admin on May 09, 2018

    Interracial relationships and marriages is something which was made acceptable in society due to hard work and selfless sacrifices made by couples like Richard and Mildred. Laws against interracial marriages were banned in 1967, but couples still face racism and backlash even today.

    Interracial dating is much more popular and accepted now than it was fifty years ago, but there is still a lot of stigma around the topic. Couples have to deal with a lot of criticism and backhanded comments from near and dear ones. Lack of knowledge in this area can really make people pass hurtful judgments without them ever realizing that they did so.


    From the day we are born to the day we breathe our last, we are mostly influenced by our family. Sometimes we are influenced positively and sometimes we adopt some negative behaviors as well. Most of us have working, somewhat healthy relationships with our family, and since they are our family we want them to be a part of our lives.

    Sometimes families are really tight-knit until one member gets into a relationship with someone from another ethnicity or race. It even breaks families apart because families are so set in their own ways and refuse to accept new people in to the family.

    It takes quite some time and a lot of patience to get your family to accept your relationship but they usually come through. While trying to get your family to see how beautiful an interracial relationship can be, don’t let your family take digs at your partner. It is your responsibility to protect your partner from comments and judgments especially if they are coming from your own family members


    Friends are usually much more open minded and accepting when it comes to interracial relationships. They are more understanding and encouraging in this matter than family members are. It may be because you all come from the same generation or have the same set of thinking. A lot of the times we get into relationships with people who were from our friends circle. This also encourages other members of the group to have your back because they know you both individually and together.

    But not all friends are the same way. Some friends pass snarky remarks with the intention to hurt you. Such people were never really your friends and you should cut them out of your own as well as your partner’s lives immediately. Then there are friends who are super supportive but make jokes or pass judgments without really understanding how much it could hurt you or your partner or how insensitive it might be. In such cases, make sure you respectfully let them know they are being rude so they can learn from it and you all can move on.

    Friends can be more accepting of an interracial relationship and often fill the void of a disapproving family. But, family is family. If your family or close friends are being disapproving or distant then give them time to get used to the idea of you two being together, try talking to them and hopefully they will come around.