• 5 Online Dating Safety Tips You Need to Know Posted by Admin on Apr 06, 2018

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    Online dating is fun, but at the same time it also comes with its own, fair share of potential challenges. For example, you never know who you are meeting with, and it will be quite hard to figure out all of that via an online conversation. The idea is to make sure that you know exactly who you are talking with before you take things further. Here are some great online dating safety tips.

    Check the person’s profiles online

    It’s easy for someone to create a fake profile. But they won’t go through the trouble of creating dozens of fake profiles in the same name. So, it’s a good idea to search the person’s name online. See what you can find about them, if they really exist and so on. This is the best way to counteract potential scammers that just want your money. A little online search can do wonders here, so try to take that into consideration.

    Know what you are getting into

    If things sound too good to be true with online dating, they probably are. You should always try to find the suitable person for you, so don’t go overboard. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to make sure that you contact those persons that are within your league. If someone out of your league contacts you out of nowhere, it should be a red flag.

    Don’t give any money

    Sometimes love or the idea that you can find love will make you do stupid things. But one thing is certain, you should never give money to that person. It’s just the best approach to stay safe online. If a person asks for money and they didn’t even meet you, then you should totally consider that a red flag. After all, you need to be concerned about your safety and this can be a huge issue.

    Don’t reveal too much personal data

    There are online data thieves, not to mention that a lot of people can duplicate your profile too. Plus, it’s better for your own safety to just limit the amount of info that you post online. This way you can stay safe and step away from any kind of trouble that may appear. Sure, it sounds simple in the beginning to deal with something like this, but even so a lot of people still share too much data online.

    Take a friend with you for the first date

    It’s for your own safety! Take a friend with you before you meet that person. Once you meet them and you feel that it’s all good, you can say that your friend just accompanied you and that’s it. This type of approach works very well and it will surely help you get more safety, which is what matters in the end. Online dating is great, but it also has its own set of challenges. It’s a bit tricky, so try to take that into account. You will not be disappointed, you can rest assured of it. And the experience will be more than ok!
  • Would You Like toDate a Rich Black Woman? Posted by Admin on Apr 03, 2018

    Are you a white man looking to date and eventually get into a relationship with a black woman, who’s also rich?! Well, black woman have their exotic features that are usually difficult to beat. Dating a black woman can be a great choice, her being rich is a bonus for you. Black woman are well-known to be caring and affectionate. If a black woman that you’re dating is also rich, you might get all the pampering you are looking for. There are lot of black women dating white men, if you ever had a chance to date a rich black woman, you will get the chance to experience a very exciting journey with her. Let’s have a look at how it’s going to be while dating a rich black woman:

    • Unique lifestyle: Rich black women tend to have a very peculiar and unique lifestyle. Since they have good amounts of money, they take care of their looks in a very good way. Having a rich and beautiful girlfriend will always be a great thing for you.
    • Wealthy experience: Rich black women take care of the white men they’re dating. If you ever get into a financial trouble, she might help you in most of the cases. Isn’t it a privilege to have a beautiful girl friend who helps you in time of need?
    • Career growth: If you build a good rapport with your rich black woman you’re dating, she might even help you in building a successful career. Usually, rich black women have great connections in many industries, which you can make use of, to climb the ladder in your career.

    Not only the above-mentioned aspects, dating a rich black woman can bring you a lot of things, among which most can possibly be positive.

  • Will You Mind Your Black Woman Share Her Dating Experience With Others? Posted by Admin on Apr 02, 2018

    Are you dating a beautiful and loving black woman? How would you life it, if she shares her dating experience with other people? Well, this aspect can be tricky to a lot of people, especially for the white men who’re dating black women. Well, at first you black woman sharing the dating experience may seem a little tricky, you can deal with it properly if you analyze the situation and come to a logical conclusion. Let’s have a look at a few factors that may influence this phenomenon:

    • Dating span: Well, you must ask yourself about how long have you both been dating each other. If you are well into the relationship for quite a long time, you may not have any issues with her sharing the dating experience with other. If you both are seeing each other for only a few days or weeks, they you may want to talk to her about how you feel when she talks to other people about the dating experience.
    • Intensity: Are you and the black woman you’re dating, in an intense and intimate relationship? If the intimacy between you and the black woman you’re seeing is good, you can discuss with her about the situation of her telling other about the dating experience. Sit and talk to her about the scenario and come to a decision that’s win-win for both of you.

    If you’re really not comfortable with your black girlfriend sharing about your dating experience to others, take it slow and think about it. Try to assess the situation instead of rushing and letting your emotions take control. After thinking through it, let her know about your decision and make her understand.

  • Why Black Men choose White Women Over Black Women? Posted by Admin on Apr 01, 2018

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    There’s a rapidly growing trend of black men preferring to date white women over black women. There may be several reasons for this phenomenon, but more and more black men are tending towards dating white women in the recent past. Additionally, there’s also a huge increase in the number of white women looking for black men for several reasons. With the exponential growth in the interracial dating spectrum, it has become much easier for black men to meet and eventually date white women. Here’s a look at some of the reasons explaining why black men choose white women over black women:

    • Sexual nature: White women are highly known for being more sexual compared to the black women. Black men desire of having an intimate relationship with white women due to their hyped sexual nature. White women are also well-known for their tendency to take appropriate care for their looks.
    • More career-oriented: White women are more focused on their career and wealth. Black men likes this aspect of an woman being more career-oriented and obviously like that thing. A couple among both looking for a career advancement is always a good thing in the long run.
    • Ego stroke: For some black men, dating a white woman is definitely a goal, since they think white women are the prized ones. Having a white girlfriend or wife makes them to feel accomplished.
    • Pretty Babies: Some black men think that mixed babies are prettier than black babies. There’s also a general idea that mixed babies have much better hair compared to other babies. Whether this is a misconception or a fact, a lot of black men believe in this and pursue white women to achieve this.
  • Black and White Millennial Dating Posted by Admin on Mar 31, 2018

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    Millennials are considered the post-race generation, as many of them have put aside any regards for color preferences. However, there are still a few problems to overcome. Hispanics report that the biggest issues are social status and employment. Black women claim online dating polls place them as the least desirable for dating. The biggest problem, however, is understanding Millennial culture.

    The Social Networking Culture

    Millennials spend more time online than any other generation. They carry their connections with them in their pocket. They use more dating apps than any other demographic. But the dating rules for Millennials are completely different than the traditional Generation X, which expects to be wined, dined and wooed. The most intimate part of your relationship with a Millennial could be through an online dating or social networking site. While some agree to instant hook-up’s, the most common occurrence is to spend a great deal of time bantering before agreeing to meet. Millennials are gregarious. Agreeing to meet generally means among a group of friends, either in a private or social setting. The group is usually already interracial, although there may be a dominance of black people if your date is black or a dominance of white if your date is white.

    Bold or Insensitive

    There really aren’t a great many racists among Millennials. Most will agree that the divisions remain among the social classes, with far fewer opportunities for low-income families to improve their standard of living than there are for the upper middle class and wealthy. However, Millennials enjoy being politically incorrect. Many of their jokes might scandalize the sensitivities of those who have learned to guard their words, but they are jokes that have already passed the greenlight of their multicultural friends. Millennials are often very direct in their conversation. They might question targeting a specific race to date or if race should have any significance at all in a discussion. It’s not that they are dismissing differences in cultural and ethnic experiences. They simply want to know your opinion. If they like it, you are part of the circle.

    The Millennial Challenge

    Dating a Millennial is like joining a gang. If you go to a karaoke bar, a club, a concert or convention, you’ll probably be going with several others. You are officially together when you begin sleeping together. If you break up, you’re still part of the gang unless you choose otherwise.

    The Lost Voice

    The most difficult adjustment to the dating world has been for the black, professional woman. Black, professional women have generally had to work very hard to reach their career status, and have been a little out of touch with other Millennials. They are more inclined to take a more traditional look at dating than the Millennials who have been chatting with each other online since their adolescence years. There is a high demand for white women dating black men, and white men seeking Asian woman, but the black, professional woman seeking dates with other professional men has been largely overlooked. Their greatest success has been with mobile phone dating apps catering specifically toward black women. Slightly behind the rest of the Millennials in swirling, generally missing out on Millennial dating culture, professional black women are slowly emerging into the world of black and white dating.