• Could I Find My Life Partner in Hollywood? Posted by Admin on Sep 10, 2018


    How many Hollywood movies have you seen promoting the idea of a “happily ever after” ending to a relationship? You would tire out before you counted 10, not because there aren’t more to count, but because they are just too numerous to be counted. From action to adventure, and all the way to sci-fi movies, it’s hard to find a Hollywood movie without a romantic appeal.

    Interestingly, this romantic appeal is not limited to the here and now. It usually serves to buttress the long held notion that two are better than one, and that a single person is better off meeting (and possibly marrying) one whom they love. This idea is promoted in Hollywood just as much as our overbearing aunt’s and elderly mothers.

    There’s someone for everyone; a lid for every pot. You’ve just got to find it, they say.

    Whether we like it or not, most of us long for that romantic connection. We desire to love and be loved, and to be understood by another. That doesn’t mean it’s easy. And no group has found this out better than celebrities (including those who make Hollywood tick) – ironically the very ones who play these roles.

    Somehow, they seem to have it harder than most finding a life partner under the stinging glare of the public. Life in Hollywood seems to exert a certain stronghold over them that bars somehow them from finding a life partner. Does that mean, though, that this is totally impossible?

    Interesting Hollywood Relationships Show Finding Love is Possible

    Finding love – the key to finding a life partner – is possible, even in Hollywood. Although environments matter a great deal, the idea of finding a life partner ostensibly comes down to the individual and their personal make up, situation, and desires. Consider a few striking Hollywood relationships that give credence to this fact.

    George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin

    Undeniably one of the most sought after men in Hollywood, George Clooney eventually settled down with Amal. A woman of substance, Amal is not just beautiful, she is also brilliant – as her burgeoning law career shows. We can’t be so sure what happens behind the scenes but there have been no public scandals and every public appearance has only revealed a happy couple.

    Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan

    Since they first met on the cast of ‘Step Up’ about ten years ago, the couple have been inseparable. They have a daughter in their union and their proud to show off the entire family having a swell time.

    Will Smith and Jada Pinkett

    We round up this list with one of Hollywood’s most magical relationships. A union that has lasted over two decades and still looks to wax even stronger is certainly one to be adored.

  • 6 Reasons You Should Date an African American Woman Posted by Admin on Sep 05, 2018

    black woman

    Ignorance is bliss. Not really. No, it isn’t. Ignorance can definitely make you miss out on one of the best possible relationships you could enjoy. And ignorance is a major reason why most white men bet against dating a black woman.

    The white man-black woman relationship configuration is definitely one of the most heated configurations today. Black women are easily lashed at, and are stereotypically negative. The bulk of their positivity is carefully hidden and ignored. So, although no one really has to point out why you should date from a group of persons, this – to me – is an important discourse.

    Black women are strong and hardworking

    No, this is not a stereotype. The average African American woman is great at multitasking, passionate about their work, and highly driven. They love to get their heart into whatever they do, but this is mostly driven by a strong mental strength that drives them to achieve their desires. It also drives them to help those around them.

    She is Supportive

    Despite her strong drive to achieve her goals, the typical black woman is groomed to be supportive of her mate. Any ideas to the contrary is wide off the mark. A black woman can easily leave her career or personal desires to support her husband and see to it that the home is in order. They instead transfer this passion and drive to making things work on the home front, before considering any personal desires.

    Black women know what they want

    I’m sorry but the media-movie stereotype that places the black woman as someone willing to settle for just anything is a fallacy of mammoth proportions. They do not desire the “side chick” role. Just as you would always find the occasional white man or woman who devalue themselves, so too would you find the same with blacks. On the whole, though, black women are exclusive. Royalty. And they don’t feed on scraps.

    Black is gorgeous

    Looking for beauty? Try melanin. The color itself is beautiful, but that’s not all that strikes you with a black woman. They don’t have to go tanning their skins, buying butt pads, carrying out silicon enhancements, or using collagen to get fuller lips. These are traits that come naturally to them. They are bigger and thicker in all the right places and are still softer than the artificial.

    She is protective

    Have you heard about the black woman’s rage? I’m sure you have. Rather than cast it the negative light which the media likes to do, you can look at it from the positive point which it really is. The black woman is protective. She protects everything her own, from her hubby to her children, and doesn’t let anyone disrespect them.

    She is lovable and she loves love

    The black woman is about the most lovable females you can find. They stick by you regardless of your current situation, and they drive you to be a better version of yourself. When in love, she gives of herself and her love freely. They love to a fault and they are willing to share this with you. It is ride or die with you. You can hardly find that kind of love in the world again.

  • 6 Tips for Finding Interracial Partners for Gays Posted by Admin on Sep 04, 2018

    Gay Interracial

    So you’re gay and in need of a partner, someone to share your life with. But you don’t need just any partner, you find that you are more attracted to persons from a different race and ethnicity. Perhaps you only feel a longing for gays of a different race or color, and feel basically nothing for your own ethnicity. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

    Our personal tastes and preferences always influence our choice of a life partner. If yours manifests itself in the form of interracial interests, there is nothing taboo about it. Somehow, though, you find yourself in relationships that never really take off. It almost seems like you just cannot make the right connection with anyone despite yourself.

    You can. Consider six important tips that will help you when seeking out a relationship as a gay, and more specifically in your search for an interracial partner.

    Love yourself

    Many gay men suffer from a poisoned upbringing that messes up the psychology. With many families unaccepting of such relationships, verbal, emotional, and even physical abuse from family members and peers are commonplace struggles. The result is often an internalized belief that you are just unlovable. It often manifests itself in the form of obsessive jealousy that feels a need to control the other partner. Stop! Get to love yourself first and stop obsessing too much over whether your partner does the same.

    Know Yourself

    One major barrier to a successful relationship is not knowing what you want. If you are one of those who are simply caught up in the media frenzy around interracial relationships, take a step back and think if this is what you really want.

    Work on Yourself

    Interracial relationships are filled with many hurdles. Beyond the romance and the intense desire you both may share, you will have to deal with cultural differences and even ethnic clashes. You cannot get past these walls without working on your behavior. Think of how it might be getting in your way, work on the rough edges, and ask trusted friends to tell you what they really think.

    Do Away With Stereotypes

    There is something about a ripped, tattooed young bloke that the media likes to paint as the idea gay partner. He is hot, great in bed, loves to party, and cute on the eyes. But is he ready for a relationship? Is he interested in you? Dating a guy simply because the stereotypes dictate that you should will be making the mistake of your life.

    Let Go of Your First Relationship

    Your first relationship is usually an eye opener into the kind of sexuality that defines you. You might have ended the relationship but you still remain best friends, or even still stay together. If the relationship is officially ended though, you are free to move on. Do not feel like you are betraying your ex by moving on, and do not go about looking for them in a new partner.

    Address Your Differences

    The cultural differences won’t address themselves. They will not simply walk away because you are in love. When you first meet a potential partner, acknowledge your differences, talk about them. Address them honestly, respectfully, and directly. Pretending they don’t exist won’t get them out of the way.

  • 5 Signs You’re Probably Too Comfortable In Your Interracial Relationship Posted by Admin on Sep 03, 2018


    Have you taken time to find the right person? You’ve carefully spent time searching for dates. You may have had to go on dozens of dates, before you found someone that you wanted to make a commitment with. The two of you may be from differing races, cultures, and even religions. These can be some of the best relationships to have. As you learn more about each other, you feel more excited and happy. Perhaps you aren’t even sure what to expect around the corner.

    Is it possible that you’re becoming too comfortable in your interracial relationship? If so, that’s a great sign! It may mean that it’s time to take your relationship to the next level.

    Here are 5 signs that you’re way too comfortable in your interracial relationship.

    1. You know what to bring. If there’s a special family religious celebration ahead that you’ve been invited to, you don’t blink. You already know exactly what types of foods to prepare for the big meal without being asked. You also know what’s suitable and what isn’t. You know who should be bringing what so you don’t step on any toes in the family.

    2. You understand the formalities. You already know to take your shoes off and bathe your feet, or you know that a handshake is in order. You understand that no one starts eating until the senior person does first. You may know that it’s impolite to do certain things at the dinner table, or that it’s polite to do other things. You don’t have your S.O. having to coach your every step.

    3. You’re on automatic. You don’t need your loved one to tell you what to do, you already know what to do. You can start preparing meals, clean and tidy up, and get ready for activities or events. You pull your own weight when doing tasks and chores around the house. You aren’t “helping” out, you’re doing your share of the work.

    4. You have pet names. You’ve given each other pet names. These pet names may be silly and they’ll only make sense to the both of you. They may embarrass or horrify your friends or family, but you don’t care.

    5. You stop noticing skin color. At some point, you stop noticing a person’s skin color when you first meet them. When you describe people, you describe their skills and their personality. In your eyes, everyone is the same.

    There can be many more signs that you’re comfortable in your interracial relationship. The process may be gradual. At first you’re nervous and worried what others will say. Then, you reach the point where you don’t even care anymore. You can’t control what others think or say about you, you can only control your own happy and positive thoughts.

    Once you reach this comfortable stage in your relationship, you’ll then be ready for the next step—moving in, engagement, or even marriage!

  • How to Find Interracial Love In a New City Posted by Admin on Sep 02, 2018

    Interracial Love

    It can be exciting to move to a new city, but it can also be extremely lonely. You may have had a spouse or partner but then broke up with them. Now you want to make a new start in a new city. If you’re a person of color then you may be seeking interracial love, or, perhaps you’re white and you’re not fussy about race or religion—all you want is to find the right person for you.

    The good news is that when you’re open and willing to date people of all races, cultures, and even religions, you’re opening up your world. You’re also increasing your chances that you’ll find the right person for you. Everyone is the same inside regardless of looks. All you want is to be happy and perhaps start a family.

    The main problem is just how do you find interracial love in a new city? You’re busy working a greater portion of the day. But it can be lonely coming home to an empty home after work.

    Dating isn’t all that different, no matter where you’re from. You can meet singles at work (keep it respectful), at university, and out in public. There are the usual bars, pubs, and nightclubs too, but don’t feel you have to hang out in these places if you’re not a big alcohol drinker.

    As you meet new people in the big city, ask them if they know of any single people who are also seeking a special someone. They may just know of someone else who is lonely. They may be able to invite everyone to a fun party to get to each other.

    There are also dating apps and dating sites where you can setup online dating profiles to find dates. It’s important to find the right site, one that’s focused on respect and tolerance, otherwise, you may be subject to hackers and spammers. Some of the better sites offer paid memberships. If you’re hesitating on spending $20 to $30 per month then you should be more aware of your other expenses. Chances are you’re dropping $100 or more per month on coffee or booze. You need to get your priorities straight and spend money on what really matters.

    Another great way to find interracial singles is by joining groups or meet ups in your city. There’s less stress when you’re in a group. If you’re chatting with someone and don’t like them, you can go and chat with someone else. And if you do see someone you like, you can ask them if they’ll be attending the next club meeting. If so, then you can attend the next meeting too. This offers an easier way of getting to know people.

    Finding interracial love in your new city should be fun and exciting. You don’t want it to become a chore. Remember that if one tactic isn’t working for you, then you can always try something else. Good luck with finding your true love!