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    The adage saying 'when you go black you never go back' reflects the racism that has dominated the American society for years. The American society has had a bitter share of racism as evident by the ban on interracial marriages for the better part of its history. Interracial marriages in the US were considered illegal until 1967 when the ban was rendered unconstitutional. However, the phrase 'when you go black you never go back' still persists within the modern American society signifying that racism is a human vice that is going to take a little longer than anticipated to eliminate.

    Sex and sexuality tend to play a critical in any Interracial dating with women becoming a center of attention in such relationships. There have been myths that a sexual intercourse between a white female and a black male results in black sperms being infused into the female's system which changes her sexual behavior making her acquire negroid traits. In other words, a white female who has engaged in sex with a black man ought to cease being part of the white race as the negroid traits infused into her during intercourse might reappear in her future offspring. Such a woman is considered to be part of a black race despite being white in appearance.

    The white supremacists view 'whiteness' as a property and possession that ought to be protected. Despite the 1967 landmark ruling by the US Supreme Court, the racial subornation still exists in the American society to date. Some racial marriage commentators argue that once a white female has dated a black guy, chances are that she will not get any white suitor in the future and she is doomed to date blacks for the rest of her life. Incidences have been reported where white females dating blacks have been looked down upon by fellow whites.

    The other argument attributed to the saying 'when you go black you never go back' is the patriarchal nature of the black societies. In most of the races in the world, the female identity is often overridden by recognizing that of the male. In interracial marriages where the male is a white, the couple retains the white status irrespective of the race of the female partner. Similarly, an interracial marriage where the man is a black is considered 'black' due to the patriarchal nature of black societies thus affirming the phrase 'when you go black you never go back.' Therefore, the gender of the male partner in an Interracial relationship determines the status of the female partner and how it will be perceived by others.

    Several incidences have also been reported where white families have opposed Interracial marriages, particularly with the blacks. Some weird incidences have been reported where white females get denounced by their families for pushing through with their black lovers. Therefore, the phrase 'when you go black you never go back' could be understood as a way of expressing the long-standing racism witnessed in the American history. Though several intermarriages between the blacks and whites have taken place based on mutual love, shared religious beliefs, and mutual respect, the fear and prejudice of intermarriages still persist.



    We live in an assorted society where we run into each other every day with individuals from various foundations, societies, and races. With the immense measure of race and ethnic assorted variety, it is inescapable for some to end up included personally and impractically. In spite of the fact that adoration sees no shading lines, shockingly numerous individuals do and these racial limits can influence how they feel about interracial connections. Despite the fact that race relations have enhanced and with the nation the winding up all the more tolerating of various societies, numerous issues concerns still emerge for the individuals who date outside of their race.

    white women and black men relationships can profit those associated with numerous ways. It enables them to involvement and finds out about new societies and foundations, furnishing them with a comprehension and gratefulness for others, that they might not have already had. It likewise gives a chance to search inside oneself to and completely get a handle on the magnificence and abundance that is apparent in individuals of various races and nationalities. While challenges are pervasive in all connections, interracial couples may have a more prominent level of trouble in exploring those issues. In any case, couples that can work through those racial contrasts and social false impressions can have more steadiness in their Interracial relationship than same-race couples. Understanding those distinctions and having a thankfulness for them can fortify a relationship and fabricate a dependable bond that a couple can treasure.

    As in any Interracial relationship, the qualities that every one of conveys assumes a noteworthy part of the way we collaborate with each other. Qualities uncover the genuine idea of a person by uncovering how they see certain issues. Interracial couples may have distinctive esteem frameworks which can regularly cause visit contradictions and can prompt strain and struggle that can part the relationship. Qualities are sustained and created through our family relations and they can surely affect how we watch and comprehend interracial connections. There are some family structures that are more open and tolerant of interracial connections while others are totally against them, trusting that there ought not to be a mixing of races. Offspring of families that are less tolerant of interracial connections can feel tremendous strain to date inside their own race because of the backfire they could involvement from their family. A few families are so outrageous about their convictions that they will abandon their kids for being impractically required with somebody outside their race. A man could be torn between their accomplice and their family, feeling gigantic levels of pressure and dread for making such a troublesome choice and pick between the two.

    Another essential issue inside white women and black men couples are whether they choose to have kids. Biracial youngsters can once in a while feel the most affliction as a result of the passionate flimsiness when endeavoring to decide their racial character. Interracial kids could experience the ill effects of a character emergency since they are frequently compelled to pick a race with which to relate. Kids may likewise confront pessimism from inside their own particular family. When one tyke looks like the physical similarity of the favored race, the family may tend to support that tyke over the other who may have physical properties of the other race. Families that estrange youngsters because of their absence of racial and ethnic resistance regularly don't perceive the passionate toll that it will have on them. Notwithstanding bigotry inside their own particular family, biracial youngsters will likewise battle for acknowledgment in their group. This bias can have mental impacts, leaving the tyke feeling confined, befuddled and dubious of where he/she has a place.

    white women and black men relationships exclusively in light of the generalizations that might be related to a specific race. For instance, there are generalizations that partner Asian ladies to be resigned and submissive. By building an inclination in view of sustained racial generalizations, individuals can regularly build up a racial interest whereby they just date others of a particular race-fixated on characteristics they trust those gatherings to epitomize. Being with somebody in light of apparent generalizations won't enable you to completely welcome the assorted variety and culture of that individual since you are excessively distracted with shallow viewpoints established in false observations.

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    Interracial Marriages or mixed marriage is a common feature in most societies worldwide. In the Great Britain, there have been cases of interracial couples that on most occasions have been met with mixed reactions from the British people. The terrible things that can happen to an interracial couple in Britain are discussed herein.

    Interracial Marriages or couples occur when couples from different races often get in a relationship. The British society, just like many other countries with a mixed culture and race in the populace which have entrenched beliefs and antagonistic attitudes towards the other race especially the coloured from a minority group.The general public and the society are not used to seeing mixed couple a fact that has been in practice for some from uninspiring stories passed on from their forefathers. For instance, there are couples whose parents were part of the Second World War and their frontline was in Africa. The experiences that took place during the war were nasty and made the parents to have a negative attitude and perception towards Africans.

    Some of the terrible things that the interracial couples are likely to face in Britain range from the nasty stares and looks from the people who are of the opinion that people from a minority race are not supposed to get involved in a relationship to personal abuse and attacks in different forms. For instance, the announcement by Robbert Pattinson and Twigs their engagement was met with criticism and negative views calling for second thoughts from the couples.

    In latest development, there are hopes that the negative perceptions and attitudes in the British society will eventually subside when the Royal family, Prince Harry made a public announcement engagement to Ms Merkel Meghan, from a coloured origin. The engagement will enable the public and the Royal to have a different opinion and perception of the nterracial Marriages and couples. This is evident from some of the public views expressed from the public who are in support of the union and wishing them a happy union.

    Interracial Marriages and couples are some of the societal challenges that the communities have grappled with for ages. It is thus expected that with the onset of web-based social platforms, the world has been made to be one village and close to everyone thus breaching the barriers that are associated with the race and other forms of discriminations meted out on the minorities in the society. It is important to note that the colour or the natural look or the skin of an individual. The world has become a common place and all people should embrace the unity as expressed in the friendship witnessed in different social media platforms. It is thus imperative to note that the world is moving on from such terrible experiences as interracial couple face living and residing in Britain.

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    Interracial Dating is something that people look up-to especially when you have been raised in an environment with love, one always wonders how it feels to love and be loved. From teenagers to adults, no one has the working guide of how a relationship should be and this sometimes is made even more difficult by interracial dating. What is interracial dating and what pressure comes with couples of different races in a relationship?

    We have branded interracial Dating as individuals of different race being in a love affair. This ranges from African America and white relationships, Asian and White relationship,Hispanic and African America; all these relations have been branded and their success story differs. Statistics has shown that, 73 percent of all African-American and White marriages are between an African America man and a White lady while it is 3.08 likely for the husband to be White and the wife to be Asian in an Asian White relationship by lifestyle on interracial relationships. What exactly therefore contributes to these relationships lasting to marriage and how do they deal with the public? Some who still see this as "not right?"

    Interracial Dating and understanding your partner is hard, some individuals take forever to know their partners and some end up in divorce without fully understanding who they were married to. These pressure is thus made ten times more on interracial dating. Have you ever been with your boyfriend or girlfriend in a public place and someone hits on your partner right in your face? Maybe its just me but this behavior is so annoying, people look at the two of you and think that there in no way you would be dating. This is a struggle that interracial couple face some on a daily basis.

    There are also couples who are not accepted because of their interracial love. Some say that somethings just don't mix, white and black/ brown is a no to some. These couples end up with a close group of friends and socializing is a nightmare to others.

    One "struggle" that really can rock and break a relationship completely is our families. There some of our family members who don't and will never approve of an interracial relationship. They see it as a dilution of the "chocolate" as others put it. When the person you love is not accepted by your family it brings a rift and one is torn between a rock and a hard place. Either way you decide to go you loose.

    Our existence to most of us is embedded in our culture. There are certain values that people like to hold on to so as not to wash away the little custom that is left. This therefore, brings onto different expectations in a relationship more-so to those whose culture don't intermarry. Compromising becomes a problem and the boat is rocked from within. A relationship could end prematurely before it decks off because of this.

    Interracial Dating is a beautiful thing, a combination of different races in a homestead brings diversity and this should be encouraged. The problems that come about with color of ones skin should not hinder the love that is to blossom. The idea of categorizing relationships in line with one's race should be discouraged; to me love is love.

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    We are living in a generation which is vastly growing. Most of the things have changed its shape compared to the way it was 50 years before. Along all these years the meaning of love also started varying from person to person. Most of the people prefer loving someone who look beautiful , attractive and who's having a lighter skin shade, Its funny how people assume that a person who looks attractive must be a person of a good character and a person who looks are below them are of a bad character. For these kind of people looking appealing is the only requirement. They don't even any other factor other than the appealing skin and shape of a person.

    In most of the cases when a boy is in love with a girl majority of the time the things that attracts them the most in those girls are the popularity that the girl has or the charming skin of that girl. They never even consider about the nature of that person.

    Interracial relationships are mostly common these days . Out of which most of them are casual relations . When a average guy , the one who actually cares for the girl he likes , approaches that girl and commits her about his feelings , most of the time the girl laughs at him and at his looks. For her its important to be with someone who is appealing in looks and is even more popular than her. The results to the interracial relationships of these kind of person are same. They mostly stay together for an year and then realize that they don't love each other and they mostly split up to find someone even than the previous one. That's the story these days.

    Even at colleges at some job interviews the in some field rather than judging the personality of a person they judge the person's appeal .Even a poor looking guy with the worst smile could have a beautiful heart of gold. It's just the matter of perspective that differ from person to person which makes all the difference. Character cannot be judged just by looking at a person. It's the behavior of a person with all sorts of different people and the righteous feelings that a person carry towards his life , that determines the character. With the amount of accessories available these anyone can look appealing using it but you can't find people with actual character that easily. Those are people who are needed the most in our society . A society where the dignity of women are at stake . Men with character are required here to stand up to these people , face them fearlessly and help change our society's mindset.

    Always remember that love isn't just in being with someone attractive , it's about being with someone who actually cares for you , who gives you positiveness , the one who helps you to smile even in your toughest times , the one who understands you and your feelings . A beautiful women and appealing men can have these qualities but similarly a person with average looks can have it too. So a character of a person should not be assumed on the basis of looks . Give time and recognize the person who best fits you , cares for you and loves you with all heart, and then stay together lovingly forever.