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    Interracialmarriages are common nowadays and even though we might try to assume, tribe, culture and race might be a great hindrance to any mixed race marriage. There is need to guard these marriage so that they can turn out to be successful thus setting an example for others to follow. We can all agree that these marriages are faced with a lot of obstacles that can break them instantly. Interracial must offer each other with support through thin and thick. Marriage comes with great responsibilities, expectations and duties required to be fulfilled by the partners. This article will be helpful when it comes to guarding your interracial marriage .

    Don't have high expectations when it comes to mixed race marriages, ensure your expectations are realistic. Those who set their bar too high end up disappointed. We are not perfect and at times it can be hard to meet some demands. I will advice you to let your family members and friends know you are in an interracial marriage. This will make them accommodate your partner and decision.

    Always be strong and act as a shield for your partner. You should stand by your partner no matter how difficult the situation might be. There is one thing we should understand, that a bigger percentage of people do not accept interracial marriages and will always try to discourage you. Never fall prey to this, are we together? Protect your man or woman from any baseless allegations and be a shield from any form of ridicule that might be directed towards your marriage.

    Respect is vital in any marriage setting. To properly guard mixed race marriage you two need to respect each other, I hope we are clear on this. In any marriage each one of you have his or her opinions and at times we might not agree with them. Even though we do not agree with them we should respect the different ideas and opinions. Another important thing is to make sure we respect all religion and cultures.

    Interracial marriage is not a walk in the park therefore there is need to set borderlines which will go along way in guarding your marriage. for instance family members might be mean or rude to your spouse, the only thing you can do is to show them that you are only complete with your partner. It is good to set lines that no one will dare to cross at any given cost.

    Mixed marriages suffer from discrimination which can break it therefore there is need to guard it from this challenge. Never entertain this non sense called discrimination always protect your spouse from it. We live in world that you can't stop anyone from expressing what they feel or their opinion therefore always play cool when it comes to this since criticism is inevitable. Encourage your partner to enjoy life and tell them criticism is normal and we are past that. Never engage in an argument with a critique, keep your cool and show them you careless about their negative sentiments directed toward your marriage.

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    An interracial marriage involves similar kinds of issues that same-race marriages do. What makes an interracial marriage diverse is the fascinating issues the couples look notwithstanding regular marriage issues. It ought noticed that interracial marriage, notwithstanding its remarkable problems, has as much potential for progress as completes a same-race marriage.

    To start with, I will handle the issue of cultural differences that might be a contributing variable. Racism in society, an outstanding issue, will then be talked. At that time, we will take a gander at family issues, which is frequently an issue. The problems that biracial youngsters face will then tended. Finally, the divorce rate of interracial couples will be secured.

    Cultural Differences

    A couple with various cultural foundations may have a troublesome time communicating with each other. Because each accomplice tends to see thoughts and think in ways that adjust to their own particular culture. These differences can cause misunderstandings between two good-natured accomplices. Another fundamental issue is the point at which one accomplice anticipates that the other will embrace their way of life. Regularly prompts clashes.

    Racism in Society

    Discrimination in society against interracial couples can be the most troublesome issue. This discrimination takes numerous structures. For instance, couples may encounter visit gazes and glares from the general population, intermittent critical remarks, and considerably less habitually, however, more extreme, physical antagonistic vibe. The passionate impacts of this treatment can make couples feel confined and less inclined to participate in exercises in people in general.

    Family Acceptance

    Guardians may have solid convictions about their race and culture. A few guardians may feel that their youngsters would be more joyful by marrying within their race and that society will treat them better. Consequently, an interracial couple may confront dissatisfaction from their folks and conceivably their siblings. Indeed, even dear companions may object.

    Biracial Children

    How a couple should bring up their kids is an issue that can prompt clashes. Either parent may trust that their way of life is the most appropriate for their kids. Deciding what religion the youngsters ought educated may likewise be a wellspring of contention. The youngsters themselves may confront their particular offer of issues. The issues of acknowledgment by their associates, because of their biracial legacy, might be a troublesome snag for them to overcome.

    Divorce Rate in The U.S. interracial marriage in the United States the divorce rate for interracial marriages higher contrasted with same-race marriages. Notwithstanding the higher rate, the quantity of interracial marriages is consistently increasing. Of these marriages, there is a more prominent commonness of couples with no cultural differences.

    We have secured the most vital issues interracial couples confront. We realize that cultural differences can entangle the way partners convey. We likewise discovered that racism in society might be the most exceedingly awful issue couples confront. Gaining acknowledgment from their families has similarly been talked. At that point, we found out about the troublesome issues affecting their youngsters. We finally secured the divorce rate. Regardless of these intriguing issues we obtained, the growing pattern in interracial marriages offers the plan to those couples dealing with these issues. Consistently in each way, interracial couples are becoming less one of a kind.

  • White Woman's Opinion of Black Women Posted by Admin on Feb 20, 2018


    Unreachable, untrained and someone that cannot be calm in certain situations are some of the opinions white women have of black women. But how true is this and why is it that women have stereotyped black women to such? Over the years a woman's place has been in the closed doors. Women have significantly gained momentum in executive job positions, political careers and even being among the most influential leaders in the world. Women have risen on the ranks but it seems like the stereotype on black women have not risen with it.

    Untrained in all aspects pertaining life and society, white women have stamped the Black women as a demographic of people that their edges cannot be sharpened so to speak. "Ass whooping" is a common phrase among the black household, these are words that a black child will never want to hear her mama speak. Black communities believe in a well disciplined child, someone who can be influential in the future. But why do these attributes still linger around black women as uneducated? The environment that an individual grows in has a bigger influence in their behavior. A bigger percentage of black women grow in harsh households and thus they tend to form a protective layer to avoid being disappointed and hurt thus they are seen as untrained.

    Black women don't know their place in the household and they don't accept the positions they hold. White women are seen as warm, caring and nurturing and they can take care of a home unlike the black woman. This is evident by the number of "brothers" marrying the white women especially the athletes. White women see black women are people who cannot bring up a happy and loving home; women empowerment has given a voice for the black women, they know what they want and will settle for nothing less considering their background. This in return depict them as not being "homey."

    White women also have positive thinking towards the Black women ; some see them as strong, goddesses and people who have strong characters. These are sentiments expressed by women in the book Black Women White Women by Jane Critchlow and Nishell Preston. Although some of these attributes are arrived at after their interactions, it shows that all is not lost in black woman-white woman relations.

    Black women and women at large are changing history case example, the first ever black woman president Ellen Johnson of Liberia, Hillary Clinton vied for the presidential seat in 2017 as a democratic candidate. Times are changing and people's thinking have to change with it. Women need to uplift one another and encourage empowerment to all irrespective of race, culture and background.

    Women have to interact to understand one another. Respect, appreciation and love will come only when we accept that our backgrounds, homes are different. Each individual is unique, no two people are alike thus diversity should be embraced and appreciated. The discussion on race, black women and white women perception and notion of one another will never be fully settled but we can all agree that we all bring unique opinions and light in this world.

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    We often have this notion that we should date a man in our own race. Black people are for black people, Americans for Americans, Asians for Asians, but with today's growing society and globalization, things impossible can become possible.

    I grew up in the United States but my parents are from South Africa. Being a native of African Continent, they have black skin so do I. I never experience discrimination since a lot of my classmates are also black just like me. I met this guy and let's just call him Jim. I met Jim during my last year in middle school. He has this blue eyes, blonde hair and a good built for a middle school student. He is everyone's dream guy. I am not the type of girl that makes move to get noticed by a boy but Jim is different. I want to see him everyday and I became competitive when I learned that someone liked him as well. Well, that is not new since he is so handsome.

    I eventually got tired (and hurt) when he had a girlfriend. That's when I said stop to myself. I reached high school and some black men courted me. I don't know why but Jim became my standard of a handsome guy. A white, blue eyed, blonde American guy. I met Matt. Matt is not actually American but a British. At first I am laughing at his accent because he still has a strong British accent (since he is from Ireland) and from that, I fell in love with him and he admitted that he likes me as well.

    We dated for three months before we realized that everything is getting serious. So, I introduced him to my parents. I thought that they like him because they give him smiles and even entertained him while he is in our house, but when he left my parents asked me these question

    "Does he know you are from Africa?" "Are you ashamed of your color or your race?"

    And I am shocked. Things are entering my mind like, where did these questions came from? Matt and I dated for two years before we called it quits.

    After him, I dated two more white guys and a black half American-African. With all my previous exes, my parents are happy with the black American I dated. Then I asked them, why do they favor him more that my previous exes? and they said it's because of my color.

    You see, this is what is wrong with our society. We say that racial discrimination is lessen especially with love, but we people still limits ourselves with it. With all my previous interracial relationship, I've learned that I like white men but I still love my race.

    My race doesn't define whom should I love, because men should be the one who will protect me and not judge me by my color or race.

    Right now, Matt and I met again and tried it once more. And it worked. We are now getting married and I explained to my parents that we are getting married and race doesn't have anything to do with it.

  • Best Interracial Relationship Talk  Like Bestfriends Play Like Children. Posted by Admin on Feb 20, 2018


    We have all heard that famous quote which goes like that the best relationship is where we talk like the best of friends, behave like kids, argue like a married couple and protect each other like siblings. What can top all of these is sharing an interracial relationship that perfectly matches the quote. Does it sound like a dream? Well, with love everything is possible! The points below will tell you how an interracial relationship can be the perfect one.

    1. You understand life better

    When two people come from two different backgrounds and share each other's lives, they understand life better. It broadens their mindset and helps them blend into each other's lifestyle. We usually fall in love after knowing a person for a while and that's where friendship comes in concern. When an interracial relationship starts with friendship there is so much to know, explore and learn. This is where you might be able to become the best of friends and help each other grow.

    2. You enjoy a crazy relationship

    If you don't have a crazy relationship you don't have a best friend in your partner. Well, even if you do, you can't get child-like at a mature age without a little bit of craziness. An interracial relationship will open you up to different practices and mindsets, so things you never thought could exist might be something your partner believes in. You might plan cooking sessions for each other and get introduced to the most exotic culinary recipes. Find out some of the interesting facts about your partner's race and know how those interest them. Have fun while you explore each other's likes and dislikes, and that will strengthen your bond.

    3. Arguments will make more sense

    Arguing like a married couple tends to happen in most relationships where a couple argues to get to the conclusion and not to prove themselves right. Many times we get into arguments about things that really don't matter or could have been solved easily. In an interracial relationship, arguments will open you up to perspectives that didn't cross your mind. You will be able to get to the root of the reason why you both are not agreeing upon something and then decide what is right and what isn't.

    4. You protect the relationship

    Every couple is protective about their relationship and also about the person they are involved with. There are times when we'd find interracial couples being more concerned about their partners because they can perceive and accept things differently from what we do. Something that might be okay for you, might not be acceptable to your partner. Protecting and standing up for an interracial relationship is not always easy in our world, so that's also how couples want to be there for each other.

    Sharing an interracial relationship is going to be a lesson for life, and for all the right reasons. You will learn acceptance, become more patient, find happiness in the littlest of discoveries, and be content. Let us all try to strength our relationship by following the simple ways to perfect it!