• Love and Feelings connection usually happen independently on skin color Posted by Admin on Feb 18, 2018

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    Have you ever wondered why two people irrespective of their religion, faith, and skin color develop feelings for each other and fall in love?

    The simple answer to this presumably complex question is the fact that Skin Colour does not matter in Relationships and the connection between love and feelings happens independent of such details.

    There had been a time when interracial mingle was seriously frowned upon and harshly discriminated. However, with changing times, racial discrimination is getting redundant and people from different races are discovering love and feelings for each other regardless of details such as culture, religion, or other such extenuating factors.

    The scenario especially changed after the federal government in the United States lifted the ban on interracial marriage with the historic Loving v. Virginia ruling. The lifting of this ban resulted in a significant rise in the number of interracial marriages in recent times. The multiracial relationship concept is, blossoming nowadays without any racial biases.

    Interracial mingle is, in fact, increasing at a rapid pace because of more emphasis on finding love based on mutual compatibility and personality. Skin color and race don't matter anymore when it comes to relationships, dating or marriage. When someone is finding love outside of their race, it is for who they truly are without racial prejudices.

    Why Love and Feelings connection usually happen independently on skin color?

    a) Relationship isn't all about race and skin color

    No relationship can be built without mutual love and respect only on the basis of superficial factors such as a particular race, religion, or faith. is attractive. If someone is focusing only on such details, he/she is completely overlooking the essential fact that people are much more than just a representative of a particular race and they are truly their own person.

    b) Chastising someone for not fitting the redundant idea of race is illogical

    It is important to realize that a person's identity shouldn't only be defined by the race they belong to or by the color of their skin. Simply because someone does not fit your idea of race or culture, does not, at all, eliminate the possibility of developing love and feelings towards that person.

    The rise in interracial marriages in recent times is the testament of the fact that love and relationships are independent of skin tone and races. In fact, there are several statistics showing how mixed-race off-springs have transformed America's color line breaking every racial divide.

  • Which is the best way to raise an Interracial Relationship? Posted by Admin on Feb 18, 2018

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    People say that you cannot choose who you fall in love with you just feel it! This is the common statement used by people in an interracial relationship. They are attracted physically and emotionally to the other person. Both the love and attraction they feel is enough to overcome all the obstacles about the relationship.

    When reviewing some of the feedback about interracial relationships, it has been observed that this is more common in college students and middle-class people. Do you ever wonder why?

    College students, especially in the US, are more prone to having interracial relationships as they are more open minded than other people. They have been well-educated through studying about the differences in races most often then not, they are both intrigued and excited about learning the culture of the other people.

    When it comes to middle-class people, here is a probable reason why they are more inclined to these relationships – these are commonly your college students who have been exposed to diverse cultures and would like to continue it. Elite people all over the world are more susceptible to choosing or marrying a person of the same culture due to their upbringing and family decisions. We know that family plays a big part as they are the first people to show judgment in these types of relationships. If the family does not approve, an elite son or daughter may lose a lot of things should they push for a person that is not considered by their family. Family business and wealth play a key factor in these decisions and unlike the elite, middle-class people would tend to have more options of the person they can spend their life with.

    These people who are open-minded enough to be in an interracial relationship are more often than not, eager to learn about a different culture. Visiting a new place, meeting new people and understanding new values and traditions come to them as inspiring and interesting. Sometimes, these differences even make the relationship stronger as there will always be something to talk about and something to look forward to regularly. Aside from college students and middle-class people, gay couples are also more disposed to being in an interracial relationship. This may be because, by default, they have been raised to be open-minded and follow their heart. Aside from this, if they have the guts to express themselves and love a person of the same sex, loving a person of the same sex with a different culture should not be an issue at all.

    At the end of the day, in all these types of relationships, what matters is that you love the other person and you both respect each other’s differences and make the best out of it every time.

  • How Interracial Dating Is Changing Society For The Better World Posted by Admin on Feb 17, 2018

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    The world has been subject to bigotry and intolerance which has hindered its progress for thousands of years. As our society has grown from its primitive origins, both technologically and socially, we have come to realize that only through teamwork and acceptance of one another can we propel ourselves forward.

    These days we have grown accustomed to the idea that racism is a thing of the past and that we have outgrown such old-fashioned concepts; however, the reality is that racial prejudice is still very much alive throughout society. Racism may be dead as far as the law may be concerned, but it continues to shape humanity by guiding our social interactions on a fundamental level: most marriages are between people of the same ethnicity, as are close friends, relatives, peers, bar-buddies - you name it. The structure of our society is such that most of us end up playing the roles of the proverbial birds of a feather.

    This needs to change if not for the sake of progress and morality, then for that of pure logic. So much can be learned by sharing knowledge and experience between those of different ethnicities that it would be foolish and closed minded to ignore such an opportunity which has hardly ever presented itself in the past. One fundamental step toward closing this rift between people is interracial dating: what better way is there to learn tolerance and expose yourself to other ways of thinking than by including someone from a different culture or ethnicity into the most intimate aspects of your life, and including yourself into theirs? By seeking an interracial partner you are also broadening your horizons - maybe your ideal partner does not exist within the confines of your own ethnicity. I'm glad to say that despite the lingering intolerance of the past, interracial partners are more common now than ever before, with around ten percent of all marriages in America being interracial in 2015, with collective happiness no doubt increase as well.

    I look forward to a time when we can all extend not tolerance toward one another, but rather unbiased and indiscriminate love which will join the human race in a way never seen before. Our newfound insight will surpass all borders, cultures, and colors because we will each have within our part of those who are different to ourselves and feel just so: more than just ourselves.

  • What are common gifts that can attract interracial singles on Valentine's Day? Posted by Admin on Feb 17, 2018

    Interracial singles

    Interracial singles can be attracted by a number of gifts in Valentine.

    A bouquet of flowers:

    In terms of roses, there is a variety of them in which one can choose from. There are white, pale and pink in which one can opt for. ladies love roses naturally, hence the level of attraction is high trust me. A well made bouquet is preferred. The best type of flowers for valentine includes sunflower, lilies, tulips, roses, and carnation which will attract Interracial singles.

    Chocolate pops

    Chocolate pops can serve as a perfect gift for interracial singles. There are different flavors of pops; There is salted caramel, peppermint and butter. Believe me chocolate can offer great attraction since there is quite a good number of them.

    Valentine cards:

    Valentine cards are good gifts to give although they are given combined with other gifts like chocolates and flowers. Still, you can use a well written card that is attractive and compelling. Cards are unique since they use words and as we all know words are very powerful if properly used.


    Jewellery is one of the most popular Valentine gifts you can offer him or her. Men can be given cufflinks and watches which can be an excellent gift. Women gifts can be chains, bangles or even female watches. They are beautiful and attractive.


    Perfume is another gift that can attract interracial singles. To select the correct scent can be at times tricky, so it is good to know the kind of fragrance they prefer. There are floral fragrances and citrus notes. Perfume gives an individual a scent that other people can identify them with.

    Handmade gifts or Personalized gifts:

    They are gifts that offer a good impression of the valentines day. They involve romantic collages, love coupons that are homemade and personalized romantic cards. These gifts are unique and original in nature.


    Nowadays there are new trends, brands and fashion of clothes that can offer great attraction. Clothes that are trendy in fashion are greatly preferred but in most cases, it is good to consult.

    Video games like retro video game puzzle:

    Video games are a good gift to give. Games relaxes ones mind from the day to day work. Games are interesting and do not have any age limits. There are a variety of games, for example, video games play stations and many more.

    Gifts in valentines day can be a good way of showing appreciation in this special day. No matter how small the gifts are they can make the day memorable and interesting in many aspects.

  • It’s a great time for interracial relationships and mixed race girls Posted by Admin on Feb 17, 2018

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    It is no doubt that dating in today's world dating has acquired a new meaning.In the recent past, it has proofed that racial selection in dating and relationships is being washed out with time.As to whether or not people have embraced this trend fully it remains a matter of discussion.Girls have to get the facts right that dating someone of a different race is something we just can't do away with.

    With the changing times, interracial dating has been made possible by a number of factors ranging from social, economic, political to religious ones.Some of this is gradual and they too require time to comprehend.It is just prudent to outline some of this below:

    Change of attitude

    For many years people have suffered the wrath of believing that someone from a different race is a demon that must be avoided.Fortunately, this misconception is ticking down with time.Peoples mind particularly girls and the young ladies have had overwhelming positivity in regards to this.This has been accompanied by an increased number of interracial relationships. A country like U.S.A remains one of the most practical examples.

    Social Media

    The Internet is an important aspect that cannot be left out when talking about mixed race relationships.It is an interracial online platform which knows no tribe or color.It has acted as an admin for lovers for a long period of time. Dating sites have gained fame over time and linked many as a result.

    Religious beliefs

    Religion and faith are among the many things that people differ in.As a result, it has been so difficult to broach this for the sake of dating and relationships.This has forced many girls to settle for the agent from a different race to massage their egos.Indisputably this has proofed to be cool and yes every girl should try this.


    Education whether formal or informal is something that always trespasses the minds of many.On the same note, girls cannot be left out on this.The young educated girls have argued it out that interracial dating brings about social cohesion and integration.Well, this something we cannot dispute.That's why we all must accept that mixed race dating has become part of us.

    With the modern day busy lives we must accept that finding someone of common interests, background and goals is not an easy task.Ladies and gents move and fly places seeking for love.That's why people have designed new ways to make dating smoother.All along it has been seen that interracial dating has more added advantages.It is, for this reason, many people around the globe are opting for it.