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    Throughout the century and in the today's world, interracial dating and even marriages is seen as a taboo to most people around the world. Love comes when we least expect it and it doesn't choose race, age or even gender. Public approval of interracial dating is slowly gaining popularity and the rich and famous are seen marring people who are not necessarily of their race.

    We don't choose who to love the same way we can never choose the family to be born in therefore, interracial love is beyond our control. Many celebrities have been criticized some even not allowed in certain social circles because of who they love, case example actor Terrance Howard married to a woman of Asian origin and actress Tamera Mowry-Housley married to a white man. They certainly didn't choose who to love but seem to "pay" a price on whom they are married to. In the mid century, a white man marring a black lady was shunned and people thought it was only with the whites but to our surprise even the black community tend to criticize a mixes race marriage or relationship; they see it as a betrayal to the "sister."

    But do we really have control of who we love? Psychologist Elaine C. Hatfield in her research on passionate love says" people in love tend to show brain activity associated with motivation, euphoria, and reward a condition similar to drug addiction. This tells us that we can hardly control our hearts and tell it who to love. Inter-racial dating just should be embraced and accepted, love should be encouraged as it brings the best in us.

    But why exactly is interracial dating or marriage so important in this day and age? It has been proved that better coexistence, understanding and cultural appreciation and adoption is as a result of interracial marriages /dating. People appreciate one another better when they understand who they are and what better bridge to bringing all this together than love?

    In our world today, interracial dating has also been made easy by technology. Social media platforms such as Facebook has seen many people of different race dating and married. This has also bridge that gap that was created by our ancestors in the past.

    The story that caught the eye of everyone around the world and still does is the engagement of Prince Harry to actress Meghan Markle on December 21,2017 to a half black lady. Who would have thought that the queen of England, the most powerful woman on earth will allow her grandson marry a mixed race lady? It seems like a fairy-tale, oh wait it is. A black woman is set to make history as the first non-white royal in the world. This goes to show that whenever love exists no one can tear it apart not even color.

    Embracing the changes of the world and interracial dating being one of them is becoming the new normal. People should be allowed to write and make history based on their love story whether black, brown or green. Love is a pure feeling that should be allowed and experienced by those who choose to welcome it. Love is independent of someone's skin shading and that shouldn't be a barrier to happiness.

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    Interracial marriages

    In the modern day, unlike in past times, racial profiling is practically non-existent in public settings. The days of Jim Crow laws, where colored people were segregated socially and politically, are long gone. However, low key racial attacks can be discerned by the public eye and nowhere is this more evident than in the case if interracial marriages. The term itself solicits negative reactions and provokes ire in certain factions of white supremacists. Some deemed it as sacrilege; stating that to each race its own. This article will highlight the misconceptions in the aforementioned perspective offering solace to all interracial couples with jubilant expectations of marriage.

    Love is often deemed as blind; and I tend to agree with this viewpoint. Skin tone should not be the basis on which a couple's compatibility is judged. This is often countered by racist naysayer who sight the various differences in personality between the races. Although this is a valid point, once a couple have progressed to the point of marriage, I believed they have already assessed their spouse's character to the point that any personality differences are trivial.

    On top of that, interracial marriages are provoking harsh reactions from the general public due to underdeveloped global perspectives. The public, although not racist, still view certain events as taboo. Certain activities are pigeon holed to respective races; for example how black athletes are commonly rated as superior to their white counterparts or how Asians are deemed knowledgeable in issues pertaining to Sciences. Consequently, interracial marriage does not fit into the global spectrum and provokes negative publicity from various people. This stumbling block can be overcome by progressive elimination of preset stereotypes so as to view all races as equal and capable.

    These marriages, if public, could also serve to improve the global population's opinion on unrestricted racial integration. Take for example the union of renowned Victoria Secret supermodel, Heidi Klum and her long term partner Seal. This marriage was publicly criticized due to its interracial nature and the world's perception that Seal, a black man, was not good enough for one of the top white supermodels at the time. Don't get me wrong, Seal may have been an inappropriate fit for Heidi but the criticism he received was racially oriented. My question is; if there is genuine loves between them, who are you to judge? Nobody judged you when you picked your spouse, whatever his racial orientation may be, so just be happy and congratulate others.

    All in all, I feel the world should gravitate more towards compatible personalities as opposed to racial similarities. Interracial marriages may have warranted a death sentence doting the Jim Crow era but this is the 21st century, awash with numerous liberties and freedoms, and all of us should act accordingly. Marriage is a sacred union and before one chooses his/her life partner, I am sure they have known practically everything about them. Therefore, what gives you, who has only seen the contrasting skin tones and knows nothing of their personalities, the right to judge?

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    Interracial relationships

    The Hidden Benefits of Interracial Relationships

    Interracial relationships were once a controversial topic in America. Fortunately, they are much more accepted today than they have been in decades past - in fact, the rate of interracial marriage in the United States is currently at an all-time high, with at least 1 in 12 marriages being mixed. Although everyone always talks about the challenges faced by interracial couples, there are also actually countless benefits to interracial relationships. These benefits are not discussed nearly as often as they should be! In this post, we hope to help change that by highlighting some of these "hidden" benefits.

    Helps you see the world from different perspectives

    One of the greatest benefits of interracial dating is that it opens up entirely new worlds to you. Though interracial relationships are very common today, there is still a cultural divide in the United States and it can be difficult for a person of one race to view a certain issue in exactly the same way as a person from another race. Interracial relationships help open up a dialogue and enable people to see things from a perspective they might otherwise never see. If your partner is from another country, you can learn much about how people of that country (generally) see the world, along with their unique traditions for special occasions and holidays.

    Prepares you for the globalized world of tomorrow

    It's clear that the cultures of the world are already beginning to intermingle, and, for many reasons, it seems likely that the world of the future will be one where different nationalities and ethnic groups are closely connected. Understanding how other cultures think will give you an edge in the world of tomorrow! If your significant other is from another country that does not speak English as a first language, you now have a person who can help tutor you in that language. If you have children, they will grow up with an understanding of both cultures as well as possibly grow up bilingual, giving them a major advantage when it comes to career opportunities.

    Opens your kitchen to new cuisine

    Though this may not always apply, marrying someone from a different ethnic background, whether or not they come from the same country as you, can open up a whole new world of delicious foods. Each ethnicity has a rich selection of dishes, perhaps including "exotic" items you may be nervous to try but eventually come to love. One of the best things about traveling is sampling local food, and being with someone of a different ethnicity is reminiscent of this - bringing people of different cultural backgrounds into the kitchen can only make your taste buds rejoice.

    Keeps things interesting

    Your partner's unique perspective, along with their cultural differences, will help to keep things interesting. It will be much harder to get bored than with a person who thinks in exactly the same way about things as you do rather than challenging you and giving you the chance to think about things in a new way. Obviously, if you find your interracial partner interesting it is much less likely you'll grow disillusioned with them and that contributes to a healthy relationship.

    Overall, people talk too much about the difficulties of being in an interracial relationship when, really, the benefits far outweigh any drawbacks. Besides, any potential struggles you face will only serve to strengthen your relationship and bring you closer to your partner. As acceptance of interracial relationships continues to rise around the globe, and they become more and more common, there really has been no better time in history to give your all to be with the one you live, no matter their background!

  • Does Having A Black Boyfriend Make Me Less White? Posted by Admin on Feb 18, 2018

    interracial men

    Interracial dating is now wider spread than never before. Online dating has made the world a small village where people of different races can meet, interact and even find true love without needing to leave their countries of residence. The rise of interracial dating has though raised an alarm among the whites. Some white parents fear that when kids befriend blacks, their pride as whites may decrease. Some white ladies as well feel insecure and awkward walking on the streets accompanied by black men. If as a white lady you have some special obsession with black men but fear being criticized if you get a black boyfriend, this piece of writing is specially made for you.

    While some blacks and whites are yet to accept it, interracial dating is here to stay. Online dating sites have simplified everything. White ladies who feel more secure dating black guys are now finding it easier to reach their potential boyfriends. The requirements for online dating sites are simple as all you need is to provide you full online dating personals and interests.

    When you decide interracial mingling is your thing, you should remember that though it won’t make you less white, your chances of getting a white boyfriend will be diminished substantially. Walking around the streets holding hands with a black guy may not send any negative signals as per your opinion and the opinions of the other guys who share similar interests with you but it will make some other guys shiver in anguish. Most of such guys will start seeing you as a traitor and their reactions towards you will change. Some will even not want to talk with you again. In the long run, you may end up losing everyone you called your friend. Not everyone will be against you though. Some whites will be brave enough to accept your decision and will never question your decision or term you a traitor.

    On the side of the blacks, most of them will not like the idea of you being associated with the son of their land. Those close to your boyfriend and the few learned guys your boyfriend has friends will likely bless the relationship but the largest number of the population will be against it.

    So, before you register for an account on an online dating site, you should lay down your plans. You also should know your territories. Know your background and the people you associate yourself mostly with. Once you are okay with the life you live, take the step forward to decide the kind of guys you prefer dating. If dating black guys won’t affect your current and future love life, you can go ahead with the idea.

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    Interracial marriage

    In 1912, a man was arrested in the USA for violating the Mann Act which forbids the transport of women across state lines for immoral purposes. He was black, and the women he was apparently transporting were whit. Judging from the time, and the history of America, it is fair to assume that the arrest was racially motivated. Jack Johnson was notorious not only for his skills in the ring but also his appetite for white women, having married three.

    Over a hundred years later Barack Obama, America's first black president and the product of an interracial mingle was called upon to pardon Jack Johnson. A lot has changed in that one century. Jack Johnson during his life at one time was the most famous African American in the world, and a hundred years later the same accolade was held by Barack Obama. Destiny had somehow linked these two people. The difference was that in Jackson's case, due to his race and interaction with white women, he was incredibly unpopular Barack on the other hand, a biracial individual, was the most popular person in the world at one point.

    The world has shifted greatly in the 21st century. Now more and more people are crossing the divide even without noticing that there was a divide in the first place. Without even noticing that a century ago, a man faced jail time for loving someone of a different race.

    One only has to look at the current celebrity culture to see how multiracial relationships are beyond just being accepted, to being part of the norm. From singer and songwriter John Legend's marriage to Christine Teigen to Robert Pattison and singer FKA Twigs' relationship to Music producer Dr. Dre and his wife Nicole Threatt Young; the interracial mingle has become a part of the global culture in the 21st century.

    The reality is that most of the borders and tags along racial lines that were so strong in the past are now dissolving in an ever-growing global village where people mingle across cultures on the internet more so on social media and online dating. Nowadays people are more likely to be charmed by the prospect of interracial dating rather than condemn it as it happened to Jack Johnson over a hundred years ago. The future is here, and it is a multiracial future.