• Why Some Prefer Online Dating? Posted by Admin on Feb 25, 2018

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    Online dating has not always been the most popular way of finding a potential soul mate. As a matter of fact, a few years ago, it would have been laughed off for a number of valid reasons. With the advent of social media and better internet security, online dating has become a phenomenon in recent times. So what are some of the reasons someone would choose an online date over the traditional date? Let us consider a few possibilities.

    Thrill and Mystery

    There is something thrilling and delightfully mysterious about getting to know someone you have never met before. Unlike dating from a usual circle of friends, dating online gives one the opportunity to get to know people who are total strangers and they possibly have newer things to offer than our usual friends.

    Efficient and Smooth

    Online dating sites will be designed in such a way that there will always be someone for everyone. They will ensure profiles are detailed enough to give other members an opportunity to look through this profiles. This way, it is easier to find someone who would fit your description fast enough; perhaps in a matter of minutes.


    Online dating is a good platform for considering more people than one would naturally meet in their circles of interaction. There could be thousands of profiles to sift through and even then, there would still be several tens who would fall within our preference bracket. This leaves a person spoilt for choice and could still go ahead and search more until they get what they are looking for.

    Better chances of finding someone

    Not only is one better placed to find someone, but also to find someone who is configured in the exact way they would desire. It is not uncommon to find beautiful love stories blossoming thanks to a friend request on Facebook. It is to be noted that if you do not like someone’s profile, you can just consider someone else as opposed to traditional dating where it is a tad too awkward, having to turn drop an interest in someone after the first date.

    Finding single people

    It is difficult, at times, to get single people who are available for a romantic relationship. This is especially true for people beyond a certain age where most of their age mates would probably be married already. The people on dating sites, unless they are lying, will usually already be single. This way, dating sites are the one place you will be sure to find a single person.

    Last resort

    For people who have tried traditional dating, with little or no success, online dating may be the last resort. They will find the convenience of online dating simplifying the process of getting someone to love. They would especially appreciate their increased chances of success.

    Little emotional involvement

    Sifting through hundreds of profiles means less emotional attachment, than serial dating which would mean dating several people before settling on one. This would also mean that there will be less heartbreak. It has been reported that some men even prefer to ask someone out online than in person because of lower chances of being turned down.

    These are just some reasons which could be inferred as to why some people prefer to look for dates online rather than in person.

  • Why are successful black men going for white girls? Posted by Admin on Feb 25, 2018


    Love is a wonderful feeling especially when it is given and reciprocated.It is always a challenging moment as one tries to find a good life time partner.People always tend to think that true love is found within their own tribes or races.Finding a life time partner is determined by a number of factors.,Recently black men who are successful in life have decided to go for white ladies which is influenced by a number of reasons.There are black men who are generally interested in the white ladies and have no feelings for the black ladies.These men are left with no choice than to date the white ladies for their joy to be full.There is also a category of black men who really hate their skin color. This has made them hate relating with the blacks and for this reason,they like interacting with the whites hence preferring them as their life partners.

    The African countries from which the blacks originate,tend to place the whites so highly.For this reason,the whites are given special attention wherever they go in the African countries.Whether in hotels or beaches,the whites are given first class services.The successful black men are very classy and respected in their families.To add on more respect and fame to their names they go for the white ladies as it gives them a feel good feeling when it is to all the family members and friends that so and so is married to a white.Whenever a white is walking along the streets in an African country,she attracts everybody's attention which pleases the black man making him feel more recognized as he walks beside the white lady.

    African culture is bound by culture and customs which are very different from the whites.The whites view them as primitive and backwardness.When black men become successful and rich,they also despise their culture and view it as primitivity. This is mostly in regard to behavior and mode of dressing,Classy men always want classy ladies hence the successful black men are going for white ladies whom they see as more classy and more romantic, White ladies are viewed to be more romantic in the way they love and how they treat their men.This also attracts the black men to them as men like to be loved and treated romantically.

    Everybody works hard to be wealthy and live a comfortable life.The successful black men are wealthy enough and they really work hard to accumulate more wealth.However,the African culture sees it right for the man to work and provide for the family.This is not taken lightly by the men who would want a woman who would also work and help in accumulating the family wealth for a more comfortable life.This sends thse successful men to the white ladies who are more hardworking and are interested in having their own money and wealth.

    Interracial Marriage is supposed to be a happy institution from which one is supposed to receive love and companion.Therefore tribes and race should not be used to stop one from marrying the person they truly love.However,black women should work a little harder on improving their lives and standards to stop their men from preferring white ladies over them.

  • DO YOU BELIEVE IN INTERRACIAL MARRIAGES? Posted by Admin on Feb 25, 2018


    Interracial marriages have effectively won the fight against its lawlessness in the 1960s, social observations towards such have diminished just somewhat. It was at that point hard to win the fight in court, yet the social fight has turned out to be so much troublesome and enduring than that. Despite the fact that interracial couples are allowed to wed as they wish, open examination over such a marriage has considered it troublesome for these couples. There truly is no escape from conceivable interracial marriages, what with the expanding number of foreigners wherever on the planet. The United States has invited migrants from for all intents and purposes anyplace. Therefore, it has unwittingly permitted and cleared a path for the getting and matching together of a man and a lady having a place with various races.

    One of the all the more problems that are begging to be addressed looked by an interracial couple is the distinctions in culture in which they experienced childhood in. A couple may have grown up inside a similar neighborhood, however, the beliefs and estimations of their folks, grandparents, and the general population who move about their group of friends may in any case enormously differ. Most Asian ladies are raised to be moderate and saved while Latin American ladies are raised to be solid and frank. Asian men, having a place with a to a great extent male-centric culture, are raised to show more grounded physical and mental characteristics than ladies. On the off chance that, for instance, an Asian man and a Latina lady are joined in marriage, much level-headed discussion over which party gets the opportunity to overwhelm will without a doubt emerge.

    Another problem that needs to be addressed is the prompt and more distant family one has a place with. It can't be normal that every individual from the family will welcome having a brother by marriage or a little girl in-law that has a place with an alternate race. It is contended that wedding somebody from an alternate race shows an entire dismissal of the qualities and goals to which their race buys in to. Additionally, some trust that interracial couples will be looked with the hardships of bringing up youngsters with vague social characters. While one parent upholds practices and convictions of his or her own particular race, the other may really keep on opposing it. This may prompt the kids' disarray as to which they really have a place with. We can just kick back and witness regardless of whether and how interracial love connections will win the social fight against every one of the issues referred to against it. Will it ever have the capacity to demonstrate that affection is visually impaired? By the day's end, love really conquers all. More than racial and shading isolate lies intriguing and adorable attributes in everyone that are valued by others in the same or in various societies. More than physical attributes lay immaterial characteristics that might be appealing to pretty much anybody.

    Interracial marriages couples unquestionably confront more difficulties that same-race couples, notwithstanding, these are not issues that can't be overcome. As our general public keeps on advancing, points of view on race are changing and winding up more tolerant and the race isn't as a lot of a factor as it once seemed to be. While parts of bigotry still wait, the individuals who take part in an interracial relationship should verify they are doing it for the correct reasons and that they comprehend the implications of their choices. They should ensure they have open lines of correspondence with each other and have the capacity to acknowledge their racial and social contrasts. Moreover, interracial couples need an abnormal state of inner quality in managing the number of inhabitants in individuals that restrict the relationship, from relatives to companions to group individuals. There must be a solace level to see past the naysayers and do what they feel is best for the relationship. Love does not need to be an amicable move between physically discernable highlights, yet rather an excellent enthusiasm filled move achieved by a couple's sexual, mental, and enthusiastic science.

  • How do you feel about interracial relationships? Posted by Admin on Feb 25, 2018


    Interracial relationships have always been the deal in Hollywood, and although in real life the Loving vs Virgina case dates back to the distant 1967 and we have come a long way since then as a society it is almost safe to say that a mixed race couple would still raise some eyebrows in some places in the world. Think about suburbian Philly for a moment.There are quite a few reasons for someone to lecture against interracial relationships , stating different color ( although a bit of a cliche nowadays) , different mentality, and most importantly different religion, especially in a world where something happens everyday due to religious fanatism. But is that all really important when love is in the air? And are these reasons even valid enough to set us back 50 years, when interracial marriages were punishable? Thankfully , in modern societies that is not the case any more. But prejudice, and bias against interracial couples, or just plain curiosity are still a burden to bear.

    Surely, different race, customs and religion can prove to be an obstacle to the happily ever after. Life after all isn't a movie. But then, not all interracial couplings are black and white people, or Asian, Catholics and Muslims, like no two fingerprints are the same in a planet of 7 billion people.I still vividly remember a case of a couple living in my neighbour hood years ago, an African construction worker and his Caucasian wife. Going to their house for a visit was quite a blast.They had managed to create this magical fusion that went far beyond race but was rather a celebration of diversity. And this is not an exception by any reason.

    Being in an interracial relationship requires a lot of effort, hands on experience.How would you react if someone rubbed your girlfriend's cheek to see if her foundation was her actual complexion, or people wondering how your children would look like. Or wondering why your Korean beau felt attracted to a black girl and not a Dane and thought that you were obliged to answer just because curiosity is a human weakness. People generally forget that it also killed the cat at times. But on the other hand, getting to know the world through its differences p is worth the struggle.

    An interracial relationship is all about fighting the stereotypes we are constantly fed and our world is full of such stereotypes , even in our day and age where the Internet brings everyone together. Visiting the Korean in -laws could be proven more beneficial to someone's personal evolution in the long run, and don't forget the possibility of learning a foreign language and new recipes . After all , a little fun never hurt nobody.

  • Love Is Not A Color Character Is Not A Shade Of Skin Posted by Admin on Feb 25, 2018


    From the Bible,God created man and placed him in the garden of Eden.It is from this first family that they were commanded to reproduce and fill the earth.From their attempt to fill the earth,they gave birth to children who later got married and gave birth to more children However,that is a myth and every other community has a myth trying to explain their origin.In these communities people have their diffrent beleifs,culture and customs that govern them.This has created tribalism and ethinicity.This is because everybody want to be indentified from his tribe.When this sense of originality gets outside the boundaries,we get people with diffrent colours which is known as race.So people are either defined in either tribal or racial lines.

    People always tend to believe that their tribe or race is the best hence bringing about division .This ethnicity and racism is seen mostly when offering jobs where people feel they should employ people from their tribe or race.This leads to employing even the less qualified people leaving out the qualified people just because of their tribe or race.Tribalism and racism are also witnessed in dating and marriages.This is where people only believe in marrying people from their own tribe and race.However this should not be the case.Marriage and dating should not be based along races or tribal lines. When looking for a partner ,there are more important factors to consider.A good partner is made up of character and not the color.

    Character is the behaviour of a particular individual,if someones character pleases you,even if they are from a different race,it is time to break the odds and go for interracial dating or marriage.Love is a feeling and it does not choose where to land and therefore it should not be stopped by factors of race.If a person is respectful and respects you and the people around you,he or she is worth your love in spite of their race.Honesty is an important virtue.You cannot live with a person that you cannot trust.When you get a person that you can fully trust,be sure you have an important person.With the current economy,people have to work really hard to make ends meet.Both partners should work not expecting the other partner to provide everything when they just lay lazily doing nothing.Whether someone is lazy or hardworking,is not determined by race.Love is the main virtue that starts and keeps the relationship.The partners tend to love each other and forget the families in which they came from,somebody would love you so much and meet your parents and sisters(the in laws).This really happens in many families.If you find a partner who loves you and loves your family members as if they were her own,and you are from a different race,then racism should a thing of the past.

    Someones character is a personal decision that is never determined by tribe nor race.For this reason,if you have feelings towards someone,look closely whether they have the admirable character discussed above.If yes engage into a serious relationship even if you come from a different races for character is not a shade of skin and a person is defined by character and not race or place of origin.