• How to keep an interracial relationship much better? Posted by Admin on Feb 15, 2018

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    Interracial dating has been around for a long time. The union between two people of different backgrounds while not too visible at times have always existed. Like normal relationships they come with their quirks and hardships made more intense by different ethnic backgrounds, that’s why it’s important to know how to keep address such relationships and how to deal the inner workings of them so they don’t turn toxic.

    To keep an interracial relationship healthy you need be open minded and shed any type of prejudice you might have, in this time in the day while race relationships are years better than 50 years ago, there’s still, a lot prejudice views and discrimination against people of color so you have to keep in mind these things before jumping into a relationship with a person of another race, they aren’t going to have the same experiences as you and they are going to view the world in a different way if your answer is to act defensive about it then it’s not going to work, you have to keep your mind open and talk about your differences.

    While you have to keep in mind the background and societal differences you need to remind yourself that you are dating an individual and not a whole race or ethnicity. You can be aware your differences without having too much emphasis on the cultural background, after all you are dating a person and not a group of people. As long as you remember that then it’s going to be fine.

    It goes without saying if you are a fetishist then things will definitely not work out, people of color are not your little experiment and a gateway to your fantasies. These types of feelings always let themselves come to the surface and will end any interracial romance before it even begins.

    Lastly, don’t keep it a secret. It’s not fun or adventurous; if you can’t be public and straight with your relationship then it’s not worth it. Many relationships fail because one partner doesn’t want to share their partner with family and friends, if that’s going to be a problem then you have to address it and if your family it’s going to have a problem with you dating a person of another race then it needs to be addressed as well.

    If you keep communication open then the relationship will be much more healthy from the get-go. A couple that can’t discuss differences in an open manner isn’t meant to last so make sure you always keep your mind open and your communication in a good place.

  • 10 things to never say to someone in an interracial relationship. Posted by Admin on Feb 15, 2018

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    There are things you should never say to someone in an interracial relationship, they include:

    • 1. " What did your parents say about the relationship?" Our parents being older and at times viewed as old school does not necessarily mean that they disapprove mixed race couples. This sounds as an insult to the couple, always avoid asking or saying that, since not everyone is against it.
    • 2. "You guys are dating like seriously?" It is like trying to portray that it is illegal for interracial couples to date. This is looking at the relationship in a racial angle. We are two individuals who have a lot in common and also love each other. Some people think that asking in such a way is normal, not it is not.
    • 3. "How you met must be an interesting story" The story about how we met is the same as other couples, but ours might be in different setting and situation. The notion that interracial couples love stories are forbidden is misguided and not true. This kind of thinking that mixed race couples have amazing tales to tell about how they met , the more we will show the society that they are different compared to other couples of the same race. That is the kind of thinking we should throw in the bin.
    • 4 "Do you have a problem dating people of your own race?" Many people ask that. This is portraying that being involved in interracial relationship and romance is not a normal thing to do,
    • 5. "So what race will your kids identify with?" Just shut up and never ask that. Our society is designed that once mixed race couples have kids, then they will lose identity which is not the case. We should move out of this racial and ethnic box.
    • 6. "I wonder how it is like to date someone from another race". You will be surprised that individuals from different races have a lot in common in terms of goals, personal traits and also visions.
    • 7. "What did you see in him?" Like seriously? This is trying to say that there is little or nothing that can make you attracted to a person from a different race. There is a lot you can admire from people of a different race.
    • 8."You are so brave, as for me it is hard". If it is hard for you, then it does not mean it is hard for everyone. Anyway it is not hard being in an interracial relationship.
    • 9. "Aren't you worried about what people will say?" Not everyone has a problem with mixed race relationships. Racial stereotypes are designed to show that individuals have a problem with interracial couples.
    • 10." How will you raise your kids?" Does it mean dating from another race will make me raise my kids differently? I will raise my kids in a normal way, no need to adjust or learn how to raise them.
  • Reserve a Day for Valentine's with interracial Partner. Posted by Admin on Feb 15, 2018

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    The Valentine’s Day is a day to show love, care, and thankfulness for your special one. The Valentine’s Day is named for the Christian holy person named Valentine. The essential symbols of Valentine’s Day is roses, heart shapes, and arrows with the cupid. Love comes along with no obstructions. Being genuinely in love with someone special gives you the power, boldness, and certainty. People feel hesitation while walking out with their interracial partner that’s because they are afraid or feel awkward to walk in the crowd. The couple feels uncomfortable.

    Genuine love is strong and sturdy. These factors should not effect on your relationship life and Valentine’s Day is an exceptional day to express your sentiments and appreciation to your partner so it ought to be celebrated with full bliss. You should reserve a day for Valentine’s with your interracial partner. There should be no shame. Indeed, the race plays a vital role in a relationship, but it can turn into one of the best relations if you have a solid rock foundation.

    Dating interracial men, women or singles can give you an entirely different experience about the relationship. Interracial women can give you the same love as a woman of the same race can provide, because races don’t affect the internal feelings especially of love.

    The interracial single also feels hesitated while making a relationship with the person of different race or caste. But every relationship can be as healthy as a rock if you lay down a strong foundation of it. The primary success key to the interracial relation can be to get comfortable about talking your different race and don’t make any assumptions about your life partner by your caste or color. So don’t be shy or feel hesitated and reserve a day for Valentine’s with an interracial partner if you don’t have one. Try to get on the roller coaster of love and get a fantastic experience of it. Love is unconditional, and it has no limits. Whether it’s interracial men or interracial women spend some time with them, and you’ll get to know that love doesn’t change by varying in different races.

    Spend the extraordinary day of Valentine's with your interracial accomplice and unfurl the genuine significance of pure love. Love is boundless, and no race can restrict it to any individual and his emotions about affection.

  • How do you think interracial singles feel on Valentine's Day? Posted by Admin on Feb 14, 2018

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    Valentine day is one of the most awaited days in both young and old relationship, therefore, couples need to celebrate this day in joy, love, celebration and need for perfection in their sole. However, many times are when many people don't have their soulmate and they feel a gap in their heart and sometimes may lead to suicidal of those who do not have lovers. Therefore this article will highlight how interracial singles feel during valentine day.

    Hate themselves

    What comes in their mind is that they are not loved and therefore they develop a sense of low self-esteem in their mind. This is caused by the feeling of hunger and they feel like someone has wronged them, therefore, concluding in their sense of mind that they are not recognized, appreciated to their way of nature by other people. Also, they blame themselves as the cause of their loneliness in valentine day.

    The negative attitude about their body.

    This is the time when intellectual singles think that it is because is what they are is making them single therefore they start comparing themselves in terms of beauty of their body with those already in the relationship. This is the time when they develop the negative attitude about themselves and undermine their capabilities in other sectors like jobs, education, business and many others.


    As we all know everything now is communicated through social media like Facebook. During Valentine couples would post their feeling and celebration with their loved one yet the single are just staying loneliness in their resident and watching all this. Therefore they feel like they are separated from others and are discriminated by those who are in celebration with their loved ones.

    They feel isolated

    When you are in relationship you feel like you one and there is no gap between him or her, therefore those that are single they feel a big gap in their heart which can only be filled with love. Love fill the gap of feeling loneliness and many times are when your friend are busy with their loved one on valentine day therefore no one to console you.


    Interracial Singles feel depressed in valentine season due to the feeling of a gap in their heart and also they try to think that they have lost hope in their life. this situation mostly affect the women because they feel they will never a lover. Also, men suffer this because it may be due to divorce before the valentine day.

  • Do you think it is more difficult to marry interracial singles? Posted by Admin on Feb 14, 2018

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    Interracial marriage is a form of exogamy, In simple words a marriage between spouses who belong to different social races. Interracial marriage, according to me is not much difficult. As people's hatred does not consist much power than the true love consists. This is a subject on which most people have their opinion about. Regardless of what people think, In the last few years, this subject of interracial marriage has become a trend. These days there are interracial matchmaking websites available to people choose the best partners.

    There a lot of options available that can help people do interracial marriages like the Online interracial dating services help people by making it easier for them to find other people interested in interracial relationships. The advantage of marrying a person from a new culture is, you can learn about the traditions what the people of other culture follow, for example, experience of new types of dishes, music, religion and much more that you are unfamiliar with, as the world is all about exploring new things. When you only have relationships with people of your culture, knowledge does not spread. Being in a relationship with a person from other culture allows you to be exposed to others.

    In United States interracial marriages have increased in number since 1967. Interracial marriages are highlighted through 2 major perspectives in US:- Egalitarianism and Cultural or traditional conservatism. Historically marrying a person from a different race in the US was of great opposition, especially among whites. We can also say that there are some modern minds who think there is nothing greater than humanity and have a good perspective and opinion about interracial marriages. There are many people who support interracial marriages and have started websites to make the best matches and completely eradicate this taboo of negative opinions on interracial marriages.

    There are many sites like those, like Interracialpeoplemeet.com, match.com, Interracialcupid.com etc... All the interracial matchmaking sites strive to support couples and find the best match. A successful and supported interracial marriage is good for society as it creates less stigma and gives confidence to other interracial couples. But if the interracial marriage fails, an interracial marriage can lead negative stereotype among people. The coming generations of individuals have culturally played a vital role of change in perspectives in the American society. Unfortunately, we live in a society where racism and cultural disrespect is very much alive.

    Deep abysses of comments have made us think that there are still people who simply hate to see couples of different races together. So if looking at a beautiful relationship can't change their minds, couples can at least make a hate-filled racist's day worse by being with the person they love.Interracial marriage is not a sin as most people think it can be as simply defined as a human to human relationship. Hopefully, there should be more and more people supporting interracial marriages in coming years.