• Online Dating Description Examples for Women Posted by Admin on Sep 30, 2018

    online dating profile

    Regardless of how good your pictures are, you’re going to want to ensure that you’ve got an effective profile to help potential dates to see whether you’re a match for them.

    Sometimes it can be difficult finding the words to describe ourselves, we don’t want to come across as too arrogant, too boring, or too eager and it’s easy to do so. However, by ensuring there is a pinch of wit, honesty, and individuality visible in your profile you’re on the sure road to success.

    Here are some of the best examples of online dating profiles:

    1.“I pretty much live as though the world is going to end tomorrow, I can never say no to an adventure, because I know that my life is never going to last forever. As much fun as I have on my own, it would be amazing to find a twin soul to connect with and see all the world has to offer together.

    I’m in no rush to settle down with someone, but my world is always open to people who think that they can make It a little brighter. It’s always better making memories as a two, right?

    I know the right person will come along at the right time and place, who knows, maybe this is the place?”.

    2.“Book nerd seeks partner to silently read next to.

    But seriously, my cat is starting to become my best friend and people are starting to ask questions. I make terrible jokes and make it hard for most people to love me, but I’ve never cared about winning everyone over. I’m a total foodie, fairly independent, love my job, just looking to inject a little more excitement into my life! I don’t have a type per se, but I always love to hear from creative, passionate types. But if you’re good with sarcasm you’ll steal my heart forever.

    P.S. I will judge you harshly on your music taste.

    3.I’m not here to listen to you say what you think will win me over, I’d like to connect with someone genuine and down to earth. Let’s play monopoly instead of mind games, let’s leave the cheese for the cheeseboard and see if we have a connection. Major points for guys who have their lives together and don’t have a mummy complex. For me, the perfect man isn’t emotionally stunted and has a sense of humour that makes me forget what he looks like.

    4.I could tell you that I love the beach, gym, and my family, but that would probably make me sound like every other woman on here. So instead, I’ll tell you I love the Beatles, getting lost in YouTube holes and going on spontaneous adventures. (Just ask me about my trip to Vegas). Anyways, I’m starting to run out of things to watch on Netflix, any suggestions?

    Oh, I almost forgot the most important bit… good vibes only!

  • 5 Tips on How to Get the First Kiss Perfect Posted by Admin on Sep 29, 2018


    First kisses are pretty daunting, but, they don’t have to be. You won’t get a second shot at a first kiss, so here’s 5 tips on how to execute the perfect kiss and make sure you get a second.

    1. Confidence

    Men and women will claim that they like all kinds of things about a person, but the number one most attractive quality is confidence. You can show this confidence through the way you partake in intimate exchanges. If you’ve read the body signals (they’re leaning closer, they’re initiating body contact and extending eye contact) this is a pretty sure sign that they’re waiting for a kiss. In the 21st century, it isn’t on the guy or the girl to make the first move, so if it feels right, go for it. Don’t show signs of hesitation, that’s pretty much the opposite of passion, and for the perfect kiss that’s a key ingredient.

    2. Match the Pace

    Naturally, one of you will take the charge once you have started, even if you’ve got your own style or technique respond to their body language instead of trying to amp up the pace of the kiss. Start off gently and slowly, allow the kiss to get heavier as you get in tune with their body. If you’re feeling playful you can always tease during the kiss to amplify the heat, simply slightly move your head while they go in hard, brush your lips against your and make them work for it.

    3. Don’t Go in with the Tongue

    No one likes a tongue being slammed down their throat as they first start to kiss someone, wait a while before introducing the tongue to the kiss, use the tip of the tongue to slowly rub against theirs. It’s not a competition to see how far down each other’s throats you can get your tongue. Use gentle motions. Never spin your tongue around in a circular motion.

    4. Know Where to Put Your Hands

    If you’re standing there with your hands limply by your sides, the kiss isn’t going to feel all too genuine. It can be tricky to know where to put your hands, especially if you’re sat down. For the best results, try to ensure you’re stood up, you can place your hands just above the waist at first, as the kiss deepens, you can pull them closer. For the ultimate intimacy gently run your index finger against the jawline.

    5. Make Sure You’re Minty Fresh

    You can’t always perfectly time a first kiss but try to ensure your not caught off guard and you’ll taste like your last meal during the moment. Always carry mints, especially if you are going to eat out with your date. Choose mints over gum, you don’t want to get caught with gum in your mouth.

  • 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Life Partner Posted by Admin on Sep 28, 2018


    When it comes to finding the perfect person to settle down with, the most important thing you’re going to want to consider is your own taste, needs and desires. Whilst friends and family may have their say on what you should need and want, ultimately, you’ve got to figure that out for yourself.

    Of course, there are times when body chemistry intervenes, and you don’t exactly get a choice when it comes to who you settle down with, yet for single people who haven’t found that connection it’s worthwhile to have a guide when you’re looking for love. It can be confusing deciding which aspects to consider when it comes to choosing a life partner. Some say opposites attract, some people say it’s all down to your star signs, however here are the top five things you’re going to want to consider when choosing a life partner.

    1. Stability

    Will this person offer you a stable life? Money may not bring us happiness, yet if you’ve set your sights on someone that can’t be self-sufficient this should be an instant red flag. This is especially the case for ambitious individuals who are looking to settle down. If your partner doesn’t have the same drive for success, it’s unlikely that they will push you to be the best version of yourself.

    2. Emotional Intelligence

    Intelligence and emotional intelligence are entirely separate things, you’ll want to ensure that your partner has the capacity to feel empathy and see the world through your eyes, if not, prepare to be at loggerheads with your potential partner a fair amount.

    3. Family History

    If you meet someone and you’re getting along well, and they suddenly start to tell you how terrible their childhood or family life was, run for the hills. It may seem harsh, but this will indicate how likely they are to blame and find fault with others. Alongside the family history take note of how they refer to their ex-partners.

    4. Patience and Etiquette

    If you want an accurate view of what a potential partner will be like a few years down the line pay attention to how they respond to stressful situations. If you ask someone whether they’re an angry person, you’ll never get a straight answer. Instead watch how they react when they’re stuck in traffic jams, or how they talk about their colleagues. A pro tip will be to observe their behaviour to waiting staff at a restaurant or bar. If they’re rude, don’t entertain the prospect of a relationship.

    5. Put Down the Glue

    ‘Broken people’ may seem appealing, especially to people who love to help and see others grow, but it is never another person’s responsibility to fix someone. Sure, people can be down on their luck sometimes, but for the perfect relationship you’ll want someone who lives a full life with healthy relationships with their friends and family. Not all of us work our perfect jobs, or have everything we want out of life, yet, you’ll want to ensure that something in your potential partner’s life other than yourself that they’re passionate about.

  • Black Dating: 5 Tips for Dating Black Professionals Posted by Admin on Sep 27, 2018

    black professionals

    Are you considering black dating? We all know that work isn’t all there is to life. Relationships matter and they generally allow you to go through life happy and fulfilled.

    Now, we understand that dating black professionals is somewhat different from what you get on regular dating sites. As a matter of fact, most busy people rarely have time to date or hook up with other people and have fun.

    In this post, we’ll discuss brilliant ways for you to meet people outside your work and enjoy dating at its best.

    Best Black Dating Tips

    If you have decided to date a black professional, there are things you should know. These include:

    Consider Online Black Dating

    Today, so many people have little time to mingle and meet people from different cultures and backgrounds. In fact, some professionals hardly visit their families because they’re always on one business trip or the other. However, with online dating, this problem has been solved. For the past, 17 years, InterracialMatch has committed to connecting singles from different backgrounds.

    Many marriages began as two single people searching the internet for love. And with sites like this which allow you to choose your preferred ethnicity, you can find a black professional that you’d ultimately fall in love and build a home with.

    Define Your Reason for Dating

    As you consider dating a black professional, it’s important that you define your reason for dating. Why do you want to date at all? Why do you want to date a black professional?

    Are you in search of companionship? Do you want to meet someone from the same background? Do you want someone you can get married to? Or are you simply up for someone who thinks like you?

    When you know exactly why you want to date a black professional, it becomes easier to find your match.

    Be Authentic

    Lies wouldn’t get you anywhere. In fact, when you decide to date someone that shares your skin color, it’s only right that you’re honest.

    Don’t assume that they’re on the online dating website because they couldn’t find someone to love them for skin color.

    Be equally prepared to tell them the truth about yourself from the moment you commit to the relationship. Also, talk about your family, interests, goals, and plans for the relationship.

    Bring Out Your Adventurous Side

    Dating isn’t about work. Dating is about relaxing and sharing moments which someone that holds your heart. So, when you opt for black dating, you should prepare to be entertaining and adventurous.

    Black men are usually attracted to women who aren’t boring. Think of things you can do together to bring out your fun side.

    Some interesting activities you can try are scuba diving and fishing.

    Leave Work at Work

    Dating black professionals is the best time to redefine your priorities. When you weren’t in the dating world, you could choose to work till late at night.

    But things have to change now.

    When you go out for dates or other fun events, don’t feel tempted to discuss your work or problems you may have at the office. Additionally, don’t complain about an annoying boss or colleague.

    Keep work out of your relationship except your partner has some insight which could help you to achieve success at your tasks.

    The Bottom Line

    Black dating can be fun and rewarding when you do it the right way. In brief, this post has discussed five remarkable ways to successfully date black professionals.

    We hope that you would include these tips in your dating tricks. Let us know how they work for you. Sign up to find your match without hassles.

  • Effective Ways To Make Your Marriage Successful. Posted by Admin on Sep 26, 2018

    interacial dating

    There are many cases, where there shall be a problematic life for the couple. It is because of the misunderstanding or the couple might not talk to each other. They might not sit and talk so that they don’t sort out the issues. This is because they get divorced easily. When one has decided to marry, the first thing to do is to find the partner. If it’s an arranged marriage also, the couple has to sit and talk with each other to get their life set properly. If it’s a love marriage, and that too an interracial marriage, then there are many possibilities for the marriage to turn stopped.

    Ways to behave and to face:

    The Interracial couple should first have the conversation regarding themselves, their profession, passion, interest, etc.

    The couple should have the right understanding between each other.

    The person should feel that his/her partner should definitely be loving and open and should care.

    After which the guy or the lady feels that the partner is fine to adjust with, then there comes the family.

    Mixed race match couple should sit and understand the society, race, culture, custom, that each one comes from.

    They should learn to accept and respect the other one’s family in all ways.

    Interracial match can stay longer only when they love each other and be strong enough to face all issues that they may undergo.

    Interracial dating has led to the interracial marriage via interracial dating sites and they should then make their families understand their love, and also they should try to convince their parents in all ways.

    Interracial relationship can exist longer when there is a true relationship between the couple.

    They should then engage in all kind of activities so that the couple helps each other and see to that they don’t give up in many cases.