• 5 Reasons to Stop Contacting Your Ex Posted by Admin on Aug 25, 2018


    Are you still contacting your ex? Chances are they’re doing the same. It can be an ever-revolving door of communication. But unless you work with them or have kids with them, there is no need to keep in touch. Even better, sever all communication with them at once.

    Here are 5 reasons you should stop contacting your ex.

    1. They’re just being polite. Your ex may also want to stop hearing from you again, but instead of telling you so, they are trying to remain polite. They don’t want to be seen as a rude or a bad person, so for now, they’re humoring you. But if you sever all contact, chances are that would really make them happy.

    2. You’ll be happier. It’s pointless contacting your ex. You need to consider your reasons. Are you doing it out of habit, or are you doing it in hopes that you’ll get back together? But if you both have truly moved on then there is no reason to continue to do so. When you stop, you’ll discover how a burden is lifted from your mind and how much happier you feel.

    3. It’s disrespectful to your new love. Your new love doesn’t want to hear you talking to you ex. They may not understand why you’re doing it. You may not even understand why you’re doing it. They may think that you’re trying to cheat on them. It can create a lot of unease and distrust in a relationship when you contact your ex.

    4. It keeps you both from moving on. Even if neither of you has started a new relationship, it can keep both of you from moving on. Perhaps there’s that small chance you’ll get back together. But then, what is the point? You fought and yelled at each other. Is that how you want the rest of your life to go? It’s time to completely sever the relationship so that you both can start anew.

    5. You’re wasting your time. If you took that time that you currently now spend thinking about your ex or talking to them on the telephone, and instead spent it doing something else, you can free up a whole lot of time. Have you ever wanted to learn how to ski, or how to knit, or spend time skydiving? Well, now here’s your chance. You can expend all that energy instead on doing things that you’ve really wanted to do your entire life. Why continue to waste your time on someone who doesn’t care for you? It’s pointless. If you need an extra push, create a list of all the things you’ve always wanted to do, but never had the time. Then, get on a dating site and find dates so you have a companion to do these cool things with!

    Chances are that you’re going to be able to think up more than 5 reasons to never contact your ex again. Now that you know the goal you can refocus your efforts to have a happy and more fulfilling dating life!

  • Interracial Relationships: Can They Last the Distance? Posted by Admin on Aug 23, 2018

    Long distance relationship

    Interracial relationships are becoming more common in the USA today. Millions of people have mixed parentages. It’s said that in 200 years, everyone will be the same color. But until then, there are still a lot of misinformation and bigots in the world that can be a strain for even the most loving of interracial couples. If you’re considering strengthening your own interracial relationship and taking it to the next level, can it really last the distance?

    The most valuable piece of advice is to turn off the news. You can’t control what’s happening in the world, but you can control what’s happening in your world. Your world is free, wonderful, and diverse. Who cares what others think? Once you learn to reprogram your brain to this type of attitude, then you’ll be more able to control your own thoughts and happiness.

    Many couples may experience resistance from their own families. Your family may wish for you to find a rich white husband, while his own family may wish him to find a rich black wife. Our parents grow up with these preconceived perceptions of what their children will do in life.

    Most of the time it’s misunderstandings. If you are honest and can be yourself, then often you can win over the other’s family. They’ll soon see how silly they’re acting. Unfortunately, there is a small percentage of bad people who won’t see things your way. The best you can do is keep them at a distance and not get too upset if they don’t attend the wedding. Remember it’s your life and you don’t give a .

    There may also be other concerns in an interracial relationship. Some of these may be related to religion. Will one of you convert to the other’s religion, or will you practice your own, separately? This is a big topic that you’re going to need to eventually have. Also, if you have kids, will they have their dad’s religion? Or, will they be brought up with both, and you’ll allow them to chose when they turn 16?

    There may also be other religious practices that you’ll need to consider. The Muslim home must have nice clean floors. What do you do if you like to wear your shoes? Your wife may get made at you! Or, what if you’re a Jew and want your baby boy circumcised, but she thinks it’s wrong? There are many topics that you’re going to have to learn to discuss. Dating someone of another culture can involve practices and beliefs that are unfamiliar to you. But if you have an open mind then you can better understand them. You may wish to adapt some to your life, or, if your partner is fine with it, to not.

    It’s possible to have a long-lasting interracial relationship that lasts until death. If you’re up to the unique challenges of having an interracial relationship, then it is possible to have a happy and successful life with your loved one.

  • New to Online Dating? Here are 5 Online Dating Tips Posted by Admin on Aug 22, 2018

    online dating

    The dating scene has become more and more dynamic over the years. With the world becoming a global village, more and more people want to date over the internet. Statistics show that just in the United States, over 40% of people meet online for different reasons. It is with this in mind that we would advise you to try online dating- it is a fun, thrilling and interesting way to meet new people. Below are five, very vital tips for meeting people online that you should carry with you as you try out the new venture.

    1. Be yourself

    Let your profile reflect just who you are. There are tips online on how to write a perfect profile- just ensure that you use the format but the information reflects just who you are. If you feel like some particular information does not reflect who you are, it is better to leave it out. Put actual images of yourself and avoid using fake images of models within your profile. This will make other people who view your profile understand who you are and prevent them from getting any shockers once they meet you in person. Your true profile might at some instance chase away people from wanting to interact with you, but it will get people who are genuinely interested in meeting with you.

    2. Be open-minded

    Online dating should be fun and not a do-or-die affair. Things could go two way- either you could click with your online friends and have a life afterwards - or you could probably not like each other’s company thereby not going anywhere with each other. Be open-minded and believe that things could go either way. If you fix your entire well-being on your online dates going well, then you might be hurt along the way. Always be ready to face rejection.

    3. Have fun while you are it

    Online dating is not a platform for entire seriousness. It is a place to meet people with similar interests and have fun while you are doing it. If you join an online dating platform without the agenda of having fun at the back of your mind, then you are headed in the right direction. Interact with people, go on physical dates and generally ensure that through it all you enjoy the entire experience.

    4. Enlist a friend

    It is always more fun if you have a friend to share with your online dating experience. Find a friend who is single and convince them to enlist on the dating platform. This will allow you to share experiences and keep each other accountable in terms of proper online dating. It even becomes more fun if you could go on double dates with other friends within the platform.

    5. Above everything else, be safe

    It is crucial to note that these platforms are also a haven for predators. Therefore, keep yourself safe. Meet in public places and avoid spooky profiles that do not divulge enough information. Always have someone who has got your back in the know about your online dating activities so that if anything goes wrong they are your S.O.S.

    Online dating is fun, if you are interested but you should ensure you do it the right way and have fun while you are at it. Remember, though, that no online date is worth your well-being.

  • 5 Ways to Make Your Online Dating Profile Attractive Posted by Admin on Aug 20, 2018

    online dating profile

    If you have chosen to go online dating, you are definitely not alone. It is estimated that over 40 million Americans have tried online dating at one time or other. The search for love and companionship amidst a busy schedule has seen the growth of this system.

    When getting ready to tow this route though, one of your major challenges will be setting up your profile. What do you write? What kind of picture would be appropriate? Basically, how can you set up your profile to be attractive to the group of persons you are targeting? In a sea of potential competitors, you want to stand out. Consider 5 ways you can do that.

    1. Stay true to yourself

    Quite obvious, right? Unfortunately, that is not the case. Many of us look out for tips on how to write a catchy profile and follow the same “tried and tested” formula. The result is a bunch of individuals with similar-looking profiles. Stay true to yourself by representing only things that really describe you. If you are a religious person, say it. If you are into Star Wars, include that. Prefer Game of Thrones, write that. This will help those viewing your profile to know what to expect and if your interests align.

    2. Profile pictures matter

    You probably know this already, but it is still worth a mention. Even when you write a really intriguing personal description that catches the attention of all the right persons, we still want to see what you look like. No, we don’t want to see you looking all bad and notorious, except you are looking out for persons with those interests of course. Make sure to smile (genuinely) in your chosen profile picture.

    3. What do you desire in a partner?

    Aha! Have you told us so much about yourself that you’ve forgotten to tell us who you like? You certainly are not alone, but you aren’t in good company. Letting us know you is great, but we also want to know if you’d like us. The most successful online daters use 70% of their profile to describe themselves, and 30% to describe what they desire in a partner. This increases your chances of receiving messages from those who are genuinely within your spec.

    4. Stick with positives

    All of us have our list of traits we do not want in a partner. But you don’t have to strike out from the get-go. The “tone” of your profile is revealing of your general mood and can increase or decrease your level of attraction. Rather than speak out against particular “negative” traits, why not use your profile to talk about the positives you desire? Make use of attractive positive words that show just how well-adjusted you are. This will be attractive to those looking to share their life with you. Writing your profile while in a good mood (not immediately after a major heartbreak) is one way to achieve this target.

    5. Set up your profile to start conversations

    It is your duty to write your profile in a way that lets others find common ground with you. This kind of profile also makes it easy for others to want to strike up conversations with you. You can achieve this by freely expressing yourself, and including little conversation starters in your write up. What are your unique interests that could appeal to your target gender? Keep your profile conversational. You don’t want it to appear like an “About me” school essay. And be specific. Rather than saying you are fun-loving, can you tell us what you consider fun? Many relationships have started online, but you won’t be able to start one if you don’t do it right. Consider this a shopping window where you want to put your best leg forward. When you are done writing your profile, go over it again for errors.

  • Ways To Keep Your Interracial Match Growing Without Burning The Midnight Oil. Posted by Admin on Aug 19, 2018

    interacial match

    There are many pros and cons on selecting the Interracial Marriage . Mainly it would be the cultural differences. When you marry a person from a different society or a race, the main thing that you will undergo is the problems at face. But going through it and undergoing it yet dealing it in a positive manner is the success mantra. How does it can happen? It can happen only when you have the better understanding between each other. Knowing each other and their family status and also details and more than it, building up the relationship matters.

    Then the persons must not have the ego clashes. As well, they should be in a position that they understand and never give up each other in such a way, that the child from the same family behaves in a matured manner. It makes sense and also a difference. The Interracial Relationship is now popular via interracial dating sites, and the profiles are being registered with the identity as well it is being notified and cross verified so that the site engages in offering many connections which are proven to be right. The site also takes care of the data being not misused as well no theft of data shall happen. Therefore the users can feel relaxed and can find the best partner whom they like.

    Finding one such partner who matches all your thoughts and keep you happy and also takes the responsibility of never giving up the family at any situation is rare. You will be able to find such worthy connections via Interracial Dating Sites. Such is the popularity of the sites. Understanding well and taking prompt solutions when issues or emergency takes place is important. And living together for a longer days without issues is more important.