• Dating while black: What will grandma think if you bring home someone of a different race? Posted by Admin on Apr 28, 2018

    Since time immemorial, interracial dating has been a tricky topic. Our parents grew up in a culture that despised or did not support a black man marrying a white woman and vice-versa. However, with time, people have started viewing things differently and BWWM dates are more popular now than they have ever been. However, this doesn’t mean that interracial dating is not being faced with challenges even now. Our parents and grandparents still don’t understand how someone would leave his/her race to go and marry from a different race.

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    It is very common to hear stories of how white women took their black boyfriends home to meet their families and relatives. Most of these women explain how their extended families perceived their boyfriends as outsiders and some could outrightly refuse to allow such an association. In most cases, such a black partner feels unwanted, despised and such relationships fails at times.

    However, there are other stories, where although the extended family is skeptical at first, they end up accepting their black son-in-law and later actually express their shock after learning that the black boyfriend was actually better than they expected.

    These stories are the same even in black households. This culture has been there for long and it seems that it won’t just disappear.

    However, when it comes to relationships and interracial match, it is important to note that it is not possible to judge people by their skin color. People can only be judged by their personalities and beliefs. There have been cases of very successful interracial weddings and on the other hand, couples from the same race have been involved in divorces, conflicts and even fights.

    It is true that your grandma might not welcome the idea of you marrying from a different race, but remember that, you are the one who is going to stay in that relationship. This means that you are not marrying a race, but a specific person. Race, therefore, should not be an issue when it comes to dating and relationships.

  • How Interracial Relationships Are Changing American Culture Posted by Admin on Apr 27, 2018

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    Interracial relationships are considered a social development in bringing people of the different race together. Interracial marriages are increasing at a high rate in the United States of America from 7% to 15% in 2010 as per the research was done in 2012. Also, it indicates that interracial marriages have increased to about 10 times from 1970 to 2000 in the U.S. alone. This strongly indicates the improved race relations.

    How interracial relationships are changing the American Culture

    1. It is true that interracial relationships or marriages are a common thing this day, and people's perceptions of this issue have been positive and that is why interracial marriages are becoming common among people.

    Learning a different culture

    Marrying from a different race, or simply having a relationship from a different culture opens one's understanding of the world. This has helped most people in America especially those who have married from Africa, Europe or Asia. People have learned about different kinds of foods and drinks that do not exist in their culture.


    Interracial marriages are very good when it comes to genetics. Sometimes it's very unique since children might inherit the best genes of their parents. Also, mixed races help in that children change their physical appearances from those of their parents.

    Network support

    Interracial marriages or couples help each other and their children to interact with other members of the extended family, neighbors and other members of the society. This has created a network that has improved cultures and relationships among people. For example, the Americans and Asians.

    The couples work together

    Since couples might be of different religion, tradition, and customs, sometimes it makes it difficult to discuss future plans. Before interracial couples agree to marry, they first work together on certain issues that will lead to marriage.. This hard situation has made relationships and couples stronger and long-lasting.

    Learning different languages

    Interracial relationships have helped most people in the U.S. to learn different languages. For example, those who have married or have intimate relationships within Eastern Africa understand Swahili. This is a great achievement from the American people.

    Exposure to different perspectives and on things

    Interracial dating has exposed people to different ways of thinking. This has improved knowledge and social standards of people in the United States.


    Loving someone outside your race is a wonderful experience. There are many wonderful benefits to marry from a different country or culture. This will change the U.S. people greatly.

  • Dating apps could be leading to more interracial marriage: Posted by Admin on Apr 26, 2018

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    Online dating though on online dating platforms have been effective in improving dating scene, especially between interracial couples. Interracial dating spiked with the launching of online matchmaking sites such as matchmaker.com and OkCupid. There has been a further advancement to develop sites that are specifically for interracial dating such as swirl dating that has led to more interracial marriages between swirl couples.

    Why it is easy to find your interracial partner online?

    Racism is not a thing of the past. Online dating tends to break the It is more confident and satisfying to meet and date someone from different backgrounds online. This is because you tend to talk and communicate to get to know each other's attributes and personality making it easy to connect and know if you are compatible. The reason why online dating is popular is that you can look for your preference, the kind of person you want to date. If the person you're looking for is from another race then it becomes less of a factor as you won't blame the person for being different.

    People who meet online are likely to have a more diverse circle than those who meet in traditional means. There have also been models that researchers have proven that marriages that come out of online dating are stronger than others.

    Dating apps are reliable as you can meet your soulmate from the comfort of your home. The high number of interracial marriages is because of the diversity of options the online dating apps offer from different cultures and races. Dating sites such as swirling are revolutionizing the dating scene with a specific type of interaction which is good to improve the dating scenes and subsequently increase the rate of interracial marriages. In the coming years, this trend will likely be used by more dating apps to have a specific type of interracial interaction making it easy to subscribe and meet your desired partner.

  • Grappling with interracial dating in the modern age. Posted by Admin on Apr 25, 2018

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    As the time goes by, the society is going through tons of changes and it seems like it developed for the better. We came this far with all the technology and evolution. We think of ourselves as modern, open-minded creatures that are not judgmental at all, we accept one another and cherish the differences between us.

    But is this all real and true? Or is it just a picture of ourselves in our heads that does not shows in real life?

    If we respect each other, why are there so many questions and issues about the interracial match? Why still so conservativethoughts in the 21st century?

    Being in an interracial marriage is as difficult as it was in the past. Couples shared their experiences with their families, friends, and colleagues, even with the random people on the street and they are not pleasant at all.

    “Would you like your children to be mixed? What would their religion be? Are you aware of how complicated your life would be? Do you know it is against the Bible?” These are only a few of the questions that they are asked.

    Dealing, or better said – struggling with this problem, they said that made their relationship stronger and that they never regret anything about their interracial dating .

    They say that loving and respecting each other is the key to the happiness, the skin color has nothing to do with it and that they are strong enough to take the pressure from the society and are well prepared to answer on all of the questions.

    Judged by the society or not, the number of the black woman – white man (BWWM) couples is increasing every day. It seems to be so popular, that the internet is overwhelmed with a bunch of books on this subject and people love to read them, even the ones that are not in an interracial relationship.

    We are all humans, skin color has nothing to do with our choices about our love life.

  • Date someone with a different skin color than yours? Posted by Admin on Apr 25, 2018

    We all know that when it comes to love, there are no rules or limits. Love is a miracle, a magical feeling that can change your point of view, cure your loneliness and just simply – change your life.

    Then why in 2018, there is still an issue to be in a relationship or in marriage with a person from another race?

    Even in the modern, nowadays societies, black – white dating seems to be weird and strange.

    Isn’t it about loving, caring and understanding? How is it connected to the skin color? What is a black-white romance? Isn’t it just a ROMANCE?

    There are many couples around the world that are facing this problem in their everyday life and, as they say, sometimes it just strengthens their relationship with the partner, but in the other hand it moves them away from their family and friends.

    These kinds of couples talked about their love life and shared some experiences, thoughts, and questions that are asked on daily basis such as: “Why don’t you date a partner within your race? Is there a problem with the cultural differences? Do you really have something in common?” etc.

    Even the gay community, that seems to be more open-minded, is dealing with the same problem.

    But the answer from all of them is that the one thing that matters is love. Interracial marriage should not be weird, interracial couples are just like the other couples.

    It is the society that makes pressure about every simple thing and makes rules where there should be none. We are all just human being, it is the science that defines us by our DNA, but it has nothing to do with our skin color.

    So, if you don’t believe in international relationships, well it is probably not for you then.