• What Do You Like About Your Interracial Community? Posted by Admin on May 28, 2018

    Interracial relationship

    In this spinning, giant rock of a world we call our home, we find ourselves in a day and age where the mixing of cultures is becoming the norm.With the invention of telecommunications and the aeroplane, our world is hyper-connected via mobiles, the internet, instant messenger and travel options like never before. This poses the questions, what do you like about it all? How is this beneficial for the community in which I live?

    This has to be the big one. With the mixing of races, inevitably comes the mixing of cultures. No matter if it is the aromatic flavours of Indian Cuisine to accompany Holi, the festival of colours, or the gathering of Hispanic families on the Day of The Dead, to honour and remember their ancestors, the mixing of cultures brings us all closer together. The mixing of cultures is something that should be celebrated and not scorned.

    While a minority view it as changing their traditions, the majority of the world views it as an act of profound compassion. To share something that means so much to your heritage and ancestry with those from another culture is a message of understanding. The mixing of cultures is by far one of the biggest benefits of an interracial community. We get to learn, grow and thrive with one another; to understand what makes us human runs deep in every culture.

    Another big one, as everyone loves food, is the mixing of cuisines. The mixing of cuisines is something that benefits everyone in an interracial community. Breaking bread is the historical symbol of acceptance. Immersing yourself in the authentic cuisine of another culture is not only teaching you more about the world you live in, it is deeper than that. It is the fruit of acceptance. Sharing cuisines is like giving someone a snippet of your ways, so that they may experience firsthand how you live and how you eat.

    Food has, and always will be, the epicentre of a cultural experience. No matter if you are tasting the extraordinary seafood of Japan’s fish markets or the streets of Thailand, or the rich Haggis of Scotland’s butchers, food connects us all. It connects us all regardless of how rich you are or what your status is considered to be, food makes us all humble for it connects us to a version of the world we have yet to learn about. Language

    While a universal language is something most linguists strive towards creating, the mixing of races in an interracial community provides and opportunity to bring everyone closer together. The mixing of languages is yet another aspect that is beneficial in an interracial community. It provides everyone, from any cultural background, the opportunity to learn and personally grow their language skills.It allows people who have possibly had no exposure to a specific language, to have the opportunity to learn a new language. It is also worth mentioning that the mixing of races has brought about a mixing of languages, in which common phrases become common place in every language; no matter where that language originated. This is yet another thing that is beneficial

  • DO YOU BELIEVE IN LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT? Posted by Admin on May 27, 2018


    Felicia was still in junior school when she met Marcus in the study hall. Something about him resonated with her. He came across as genuine and just sweet. They stayed for a month or two getting to know each other and the rest is history. They remained as a couple for 11 years and officially tied the knot in 2013. Felicia says it was love at first sight. She says that her world would be incomplete without him. They are a perfect interracial match.

    The thick tension that used to surround the subject of Interracial Dating is fast getting diffused and more couples are finding love across racial boundaries. More people are coming to the realization that we are all just human souls and spirits that reside in a body and the difference in our skin tone is so minute a difference as compared to the common goals and values that we have. The proliferation of interracial dating is yet another proof that love is way stronger. An immersive and overpowering feeling that cannot be bottled up or ignored purely on the basis of different racial background.

    The interracial match percentage has increased from 7% back in 1980 to 17% in the year 2015 and the figure is still rising. More than 670,000 marriages in 2015 were the result of an Interracial Match . While this has not yet been scientifically proven, history is full of examples of great leaders of our time who are the result of interracial dating; prompting the theory that interracial matching leads to the production of “better” genes in the offspring. Think of Barack Obama, Meghan Markle, Halle Berry, Dwayne Johnson, Mariah Carey, the list is endless.

    All this evidence points to the coming of age of our society. One would cringe to discover that just over 50 years ago, interracial dating was strictly prohibited and in some cases, the results of an interracial match would be tragic to the couple. Thanks to civilization, you no longer have to helplessly hope and pray that you find your love from a race similar to yours. True love knows no bounds and trying to direct it on where to go is an effort in futility. If you find yourself crushing on a girl or a guy from a different race, by all means, let the love flow.

  • Tips for How to Search Internet Dating Site for Online Posted by Admin on May 26, 2018


    One of the numerous advantages of technology is that it affords people the opportunity of meeting before the meeting. More specifically, there is countless relationships today that started from alter tag: Online Dating Sites . This has also led to interracial marriages, strengthening the much-preached unity in diversity.

    In this short but informative piece, I’ll share some practical tips on how to search the internet dating site for online relationships with you. Read on!

    One of the problems that work against people is that they tend to hide their real identity; you’re not a scammer and as such, you have nothing to fear.

    Find out the popularity of the site. Don’t just join an online dating site without finding out how many people use it. If the site is unpopular, don’t bother to join as it won’t offer you the opportunities that come in large numbers. An Interracial Relationship is always possible on a dating site with a large number of both sexes being drawn from different backgrounds, cultures, and nations.

    Check out the dating policy of the site. Each site has its own uniqueness. There are some that restrict their membership to select countries while some restrict theirs to age, financial status, and educational background. In the same vein, some sites have online chat option or sending a direct mail to your mate. Further, some go as far as matching singles and giving in the room for casual sex relationship. So, it depends on you and what you want at each given time.

    Is there any cost attached? It will interest you to know that some dating sites charge their members some amount of money before they could join while some make it absolutely free. As a person looking for an Interracial Relationship , getting one on financial subscribing site might be a little bit difficult as people of the nationality you’re looking might be financially handicapped to join such a site.

    Find out the potency of the site. In conclusion, don’t just join any site that has no interracial relationship efficacy. Some dating sites are simply too redundant to be considered as a choice. For instance, I’m currently on some dating sites that provide us with the photographs of our partners and also notify us of when they’re online. However, some don’t offer any of these services. In such situations, it’s usually extremely difficult to start an interracial relationship.

  • Describe the character of the person you would like to date Posted by Admin on May 25, 2018

    Swirl Dating

    There is no such thing as a perfect partner but you can always seek to find a person who has idealistically developed your favorite qualities. To find a perfect partner you may need to go beyond your inner circle. That’s the reason Mixed Race Dating is on the rise. There are several Asian dating websites that are offering interracial matches to help others to find a person with perfect character to match their personality. A character is what defines a person. A strong character will always be more tempting than the weaker one. To make the flame of love more powerful and fulfilling there are certain traits that should be looked up in any partner.

    An ideal partner will be open-minded and willing to be vulnerable to please its lover. Being guarded and taking a bit time to open up is not a bad quality, but a joyful and happy personality will always attract positive vibes.

    Maturity is another major quality that you should always seek in your partner. Child-like behavior and immature decisions always lead to devastating life experiences. An emotionally mature person can handle conflicts in a relationship more beautifully.

    Honesty is no doubt the most important trait of a strong character. If your partner is not honest then everything else has no meaning.

    Respect is yet another thing to look for in an Interracial Relationship. Without respect, a relationship cannot survive. Ideal partners treat their mates with sensitivity and care.

    If your partner cannot feel your pain or the emotions you are going through then the chances are that they won’t stay long in your life. Ideal partner understands their mate on an intellectual, emotional and intuitive level.

    It is exhausting to find a person having these traits in one body. That’s why Interracial Matches are so much common. Generally looking for these traits lead to the interracial match, because mostly coupes with different cultures put an effort to understand their partners and show more love and respect.

  • 7 Red Flags To Look For When Someone Slides Into Your Life & You Want A Relationship. Posted by Admin on May 24, 2018

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    Interracial dating has gained popularity over years. It has been known that opposite ones attract each other. It turns true in love. Love is blind in color. Choosing someone from another race or culture is different yet a criticized one, whereas the bonding can make the relationship stay longer. Interracial dating is common these days, because of the internet being widely used, as there are many dating sites which can help you find a one for you.

    Watch continuously

    Importantly there are many things to notice in your date, in order to find out the relationship is the best one or not. You need to continuously check and find it so that you can get rid of the relationship and should save you and your feelings if you find the partner to be different,

    • • You should keep checking of your partner if he/she allows you to speak, and to tell something which is more/less important. If they continuously don’t give time for you to talk, then they are not good listeners
    • • When he/she spends very less time and attention to you
    • • When your partner behaves incongruent way, means he or she does things which are not said, his/her behavior turns to be indifferent from what was spoken
    • • Refuses to introduce to the friends or relatives of his/her race, then he/she doesn’t need you, or he/she does not feel so important about you
    • • When he/she shows the tempered mood to you, then it’s a wrong sign of relationship
    • • When the person behaves so ill-mannered, it’s time to stay away from such
    • • If he/she is rude to you, whenever there is a talk, better not to choose

    Thus these are the 7 red flags, which you should check when you wish to continue the relationship, depending on the behavior’s level.