• Three Cultural Problems of Interracial Dating Posted by Admin on Mar 19, 2018

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    Have you ever known someone who dates interracially? Or perhaps you are the one that prefers to date people from a different race. The topic of interracial dating has produced varied reactions from people. Some think it’s okay, while others are vehemently opposed to the idea. There are some who are completely open to the idea, to the point where they are joining interracial dating websites to try it out for themselves. Cultural issues have been a big factor to deal with when it comes to interracial relationships and, honestly, they can be major stumbling blocks in a relationship. Interracial couples often ignore the public disapproval they receive, or build up some permanent blinders that prevent them from paying attention to the disapproval. And, on the bright side, dealing with the constant scrutiny could evoke a strengthened bond between interracial couples, bringing them closer together. We researched the most-complained about cultural issues for people in relationships and developed the list below containing the cultural issues that are most often problematic in an interracial relationship.

    You have different life experiences

    When one of you grew up in the north while the other in the south, you’re bound to experience different things. Maybe one person grew up with the love of having a big Sunday dinner with their family, while the other is more used to an impersonal family that doesn’t spend a lot of time together. Difference in life experiences could affect how you interact with your mate and your individual priorities in life. When you do not perceive life through the same lens, problems may arise. Sure, this also goes for same-race couples as well, but the problem is more common among interracial couples. For example: consider that one person may view law enforcement in a positive light while the other views are filled with criticism because of their different life experiences.

    You have different core values

    Core values are those primary beliefs and guiding principles that guides and dictates a person’s actions and behavior. Lots of people in relationships claim to possess a core value and take pride in it as one thing that brought them together. But what would happen if you didn’t share a philosophy about how your lives should be lived? Financial management, religions, the significance of family, the importance of honesty, and a belief in work/life balance are all core values that, if not shared, could be challenging for an interracial couple.

    You have different interests

    Relating to each other can be difficult when one of you grew up listening to grunge rock and the other grew up listening to gospel. Culture plays a very crucial role in an individual’s interests and, as we all know, sharing interests in relationship is imperative. Culture influences our tastes in everything from art and literature to physical activities. The best way to overcome this challenge is by finding a new interest that both people in the relationship can start enjoying together.
  • 5 Inexpensive interracial date ideas Posted by Admin on Mar 18, 2018

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    Going on a date requires each party to know what the other person likes. interracial dating helps interracial partners to get to know each other better. Getting to know your partner, especially in a new relationship, is not possible in one date. Hence, it is necessary to go on a couple of dates to learn more about each other. Dates ignite the spark in a relationship and keep the romance great, interracial dating is still not acceptable to all members of the society. Therefore, when choosing a date venue, choose an effective one that suits the taste of your partner. Here are some inexpensive date ideas.

    1. Exploring nature

    Nature keeps the interest of partners in each other high. In the early stages of interracial dating, going for nature walks or taking a stroll in the beach will help you be acquainted with your partner. When exploring nature, it is easy to keep a conversation going and you can barely run out of things to talk about. There is never a dull topic when you are surrounded by nature so you can discuss literally anything under the sun. Natural surroundings are great date ideas since you barely have to spend any money. They are also much romanticized, the each for example. If your partner loves being surrounded by nature, then this excellent inexpensive date idea will work wonders for you.

    2. Sports

    If you and your partner love sports, then going for sports activities together is a brilliant and inexpensive interracial dating idea. If you love the same kind of sports activities for instance badminton, you can play together. In the case that you do not love the same activities, you can learn each other’s best sports activities. When playing together, always be ready to accept defeat when your partner beats you. Sports make interracial dating interesting and exciting. More to that, they will not cost you any money and you and your partner get to stay physically fit.

    3. Long drives

    Drives will obviously cost you money for fuel but they are also not very expensive. They are one of the best interracial dating ideas because they give you the opportunity to be yourselves around each other. Driving through beautiful places makes the date very interesting. Drives allow partners to hold deep conversations in a safe space. They are a great interracial dating idea when you and your partner want to discuss serious issues about your interracial relationship.

    4. Picnics

    Picnics are suitable interracial dating ideas for people of all ages. If your partner is into picnics, pick a nice spot for the date. The spot should be picturesque and have a little element of privacy. Never select a picnic in a crowded place, but then again, do not go to a deserted place. Carry with you well-cooked lunch or a simple snack. In a picnic, you can hold good conversations with your partner and have a great time together without digging too deep into your pockets.

    5. Swimming

    This is one of the most fun yet inexpensive interracial dating ideas for partners who enjoy swimming. You can choose a local spot where you pay a little swimming fees and spend a little money on lunch. Tryout different swimming styles and compete with your partner to make the date more enjoyable.

    Choosing a date venue can be a daunting challenge when you do not know what you partner loves. For enjoyable interracial dating, make sure you know your partner’s hobbies, likes and dislikes. This will come in handy when choosing where to go for dates. With the interracial dating ideas we have shared, you can enjoy every bit of your time with your partner at little or no cost.

  • Interracial Relationship, the Deepest! Posted by Admin on Mar 16, 2018

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    It is true that there is no perfect relationship, whether it is interracial or within the same race. There will always the uphill battles and snags along the way of what seems to a smooth sailing love affair. Unless there is mutual respect and love between the couples, the relationship may just be on the leeway to an unceremonious end. The normal relationship between people of the same race, usually called intraracial relationship, has a lot of benefits, strength and also, its weakness, so does interracial relationship but the latter is deeper and is more absorbing.

    Saying that interracial love is the deepest may not be approved by every reader, as it is not a generally founded fact but as experience has taught us, variety is the spice of life. Apart from having the pleasure of loving someone from a different race, there is a sense of adventure of getting to know someone of possibly an entirely different root and background. The prospect of getting to learn a new language is also quite alluring. Dating someone outside one’s race increases the chance of learning a new language. This is actually fun and does it improve intimacy? The answer is yes! Imagine reading a poem or actually writing it in the language of your interracial partner, he or she would at least for a moment feel on top of the world, this in a special way brings the heart closer.

    Another exciting thing with being in an interracial relationship is the exposure to a different culture and way of life. There are amazing and mind blowing traditions out there, talk about the food, music, dance, dressing, rituals, and lots more. Being in a romantic relationship with an interracial partner provides the opportunity to share this culture with them. Overtime, I have seen white women and men adopt African or Indian culture, just because their interracial partner shares the same culture. This by no doubt deepens the love between them.

    The last reason is acceptance. It is always a good thing to get accepted by someone or a system which we admire. Despite efforts to completely clean off the stains of racism from the fabrics of our human to human interaction, we still find traces of racism been replayed in the foreground, everywhere, which is really disappointing and grossly backtracks the essence of civilization. When two people of different races decide to accept each other, despite their racial diversity, it brings about a greater bond and connection. Knowing that the partner gave up his or her pride to accept them, regardless of their race and color.

    There are so many other reasons about why interracial relationships are the deepest, when compared with the normal relationships within one’s race which we see every now and then. It is a testament of the fact that love conquers all, having scaled through all the hurdles and built a castle from stones thrown at it. We all need to stand up for what we believe in and one of such is love, which is not a function of the color of our skin!

  • 4 Best Interracial Couples Honeymoon Destinations Posted by Admin on Mar 16, 2018

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    Picking out a honeymoon destination is one of the most taxing parts of wedding planning. It is even harder when you are an interracial couple . You do not want to go to a place where you will never hear the end of how you are an ill-match for each other. As an interracial couple, you have to select a destination carefully if you want to unwind and relax after stressful months of planning your wedding. Whether you wish to explore, sunbathe in the beach, go for an adventure, or have a weekend to yourselves in a hotel room, we've got you covered. Here are the best honeymoon destinations for interracial couples.

    1. Grenada

    Grenada is known as the “spice of the Caribbean." The island produces ginger, nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon. It is an ideal honeymoon destination for interracial couples who are foodies. Here, you can have a taste of foods cooked in different styles.

    This island has silky white beaches adorned with beautiful corals. If you and your partner love nature and going low-key, this is the perfect destination for you. The beaches and hotels are uncrowded, and the island is decked out with forest cover and mountains. Grenada offers newlyweds a plethora of activities to make their stay fun. If you are looking to explore, this city will give you utmost satisfaction. Being one of the world’s biggest spice exporters, you will find the food and drink here extra spicy. Also, you can enjoy literally spiced up spa treatments to add to the fun.

    2. Paris

    It is every girl's dream to go to the city of love. Paris offers newlyweds a vibrant mix of culture, design, music, and the best food anyone can ask for. This city is an excellent option for every interracial couple looking to explore different places throughout their honeymoon. Paris city is decorated by wide boulevards which you can explore hand in hand. Couple this up with a visit to the Eiffel towers at night for an enchanting experience. While at it, do not forget to visit the famous Gothic, Notre-Dame cathedral, a 12th-century building. Couples also visit designer boutiques along Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore’ to see or even buy some designer clothing.

    3. Norway

    This country boasts of a right mix of races and is a peaceable destination for interracial couples who love art and sports. Norway is extremely cold during the winter, which makes it ideal for skiing couple. If you cannot brave the cold, however, you will find summer in Oslo breathtaking. The sun stays high for hours giving people extra time to explore and dine.

    The love of art makes Oslo a unique destination. The city is decorated with sculptures on almost every corner. The Oslo Opera House is a magnificent work of art. The opera house is designed to look like it is emerging from the sea. Visitors are allowed to explore it indoors, outside, and even walk on the roof. Another outstanding building is Astrup Fearnley Museum. The architecture is beautiful, to say the least.

    4. Sonoma County

    Sonoma County in California is home to more than 400 wineries. Couples go for private wine tastings on the local vineyards in the county. This destination is the best for interracial couples who love wine and foods made with organic ingredients. Hotels serve well-prepared farm-to-table foods, and the accommodation is utterly cozy. This county offers fun activities such as zip-lining and hot air ballooning. For lovers of the nightlife, there are plenty of bars and casinos where you can gamble the night away.

    Fun, exploration, romance, and great food are all prerequisites of a great honeymoon. The destinations discussed above are ideal for interracial couples, based on what each partner loves. Aside from fulfilling the basics of a memorable honeymoon, the people you will find in these destinations are accommodating. Hence, there will be no racial attacks on you or your partner. In these destinations, you can relax and unwind without worry.

  • 5 Challenges to Expect In Interracial Dating Posted by Admin on Mar 14, 2018

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    Dating someone from another race may not be all merry. There will be challenges for you to conquer. This challenges can either make you or break you. You may choose to see them as stepping stones to build your relationship and make it stronger.

    What challenges can you expect?

    Your Friends and Family Failing to Accept

    When dating someone, it is because you see something special in them. After that, you want those who are close to you such as your friends and family to see the same thing that you saw in your date. This may not be the case.

    Your friends and family may not accept your significant other. They may actually treat them with resentment. This can be disheartening to you. The best thing is to let them know your stand. Some are bound to come along eventually-just give it time. However, some may never. In that case, your happiness matters most.

    Retreat and Seclusion

    When your friends and family do not accept the person you are dating, some may still associate with you as they trust your judgement. However, some may seclude themselves. Some friends you previously hang out with may retreat.

    In severe cases, your family may distance themselves from you. they may no longer visit you, or may even ask you not to bring your date for events such as weddings or get together.

    Stares, Whispers and Body Language

    Your friends and family may be okay with you dating someone from a different race. However, some people are still not civilized and may actually exist in the dark age. Expect unmerited stares when you walk down the streets holding hands with your partner. Expect the same when you walk into restaurants. People will stare-just don’t let it bother you.

    Some will stare out of admiration and some out of resentment. Just have fun! You may notice people whispering as soon as they see the two of you. some may even nod their head in disapproval. The most important things is that you are happy.

    Direct Confrontation

    Some people just do not know how to keep negative thoughts to themselves. Some people will opt for direct confrontation. They may call you, stop you on the streets or even write to you. the following are some of the things you may hear:

    • You deserve better
    • You are a sellout
    • You are a disgrace to your race

    Such comments should in fact tell you that you are on the right track since you did not let them define love by race.

    Argument on Whose Beliefs and Values to Follow

    As the dating process grows deeper, the more interconnected you become with your partner. This means that you tend to spend more hours in a day with them as time goes by. Sometimes the question on whose beliefs to follow comes up. Different race means different traditions.

    The best way is to learn each other’s tradition and talk about those that do not appeal to you. compromise will at times be needed in order to strike a balance.


    No matter the challenges, love conquers all. The above challenges are not directed towards interracial dating as they at times happen even on same race dating type. Overcoming them strengthens you two. Go beyond the challenges.