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    Contrary to the infamous belief that interracial dating isn't common in US, that is, before the repeal of the controversial laws that outlawed interracial relationship, this kind of relationship has been on the rise in the recent time. A good number of Americans are embracing interracial match. However, these interracial couples always struggle to avoid a series of questions directed to them which are somewhat uncouth. Here are some of the questions that these couples usually find unpleasing to digest.

    1. Why don't you date the people of your race?

    This question often seems rude to most interracial couples. People from their communities would tend to ask them seeking to know the reason as to why they are leaving their own people for strangers from other races. Conversely, as people develop and grow, they get oriented in different ways. Some will grow in an atmosphere that would warrant them to look for personality in the other person they want to date as well as whether they are outright compatible with this person. Such topics as race and origin never strike their minds.

    2. Do you embrace a different home life because of your background differences?

    People usually have a stereotypical belief that those couples in interracial relationship lead a completely different life rather than the normal one. However, the fact is that these couples have relationshipgoals and they share many things. This is possibly the reason why they came together in the first place. These interracial couples have the same interests, they even share house responsibilities, they agree on many issues and sometimes disagree on some things which is always a norm in any relationship out there. Therefore, interracial dating is just like a normal relationship.

    3. Why do you look so strange?

    Some people have a peculiar habit of throwing such questions on your way as the interracial couple and they can be hurting to some extent. This question commonly originates from the sense that these curious people have seen you holding hands as a couple or helping each other in public. It can be quite annoying but as a couple, it's literally good that you embrace your interracial relationship Concentrating more on what you love is the perfect fulfillment to your life.

    4. Do you have a problem with your cultural differences?

    People who have a negative attitude towards interracial relationship will never shy away from asking this question. Nonetheless, it cannot deter you as a couple from achieving your noble course. As a matter of fact, use such kind of questions as a building platform to strengthen your relationship. Cultural differences is never a problem. It is a productive way to learn from each other's culture.

    5. Which common things are you proud of?

    The fact that these couples come from different races doesn't mean they lack some things that are utterly similar. It is their similar interests and common mindsets as well as shared goals that brought them together. Couples usually get on well owing to their similarities. This also happens in interracial dating.

    6. Would you like to have kids who are similar to you?

    People, even family members always have a tentative thinking that the children you will sire will be totally different. However, the fact that you settled for an interracial marriage in the first place means you were ready to accept what the society will claim and move on. As interracial couples, you are actually ready for an unusually different family and you should fight for it.

    7. Interracial babies are always attractive, do you want to have them?

    It is true that mixed babies are beautiful but it doesn't mean that any other baby is ugly. All babies are cute and attractive. As an interracial couple, you will either choose to have babies or not. They will be fine if you decide to have them of course.

    8. Does the white man earn more than you?

    Many interracial couples, especially of black origin find this question directly insulting. The black lady never chooses the white man because he is wealthy. She desired and settled for him just because she loved him. People marry because they loved each other in the first place.

    9. Don't you have a hard time trying to balance prejudicial opinions?

    Prejudicial opinions, especially from the family, will always be there. However, some family members will be happy about the notion that you are an interracial couple. As an interracial match, you only need to give such people some time to accept this fact.

    10. Doesn't seem so difficult having to deal with different backgrounds?

    Coming from different backgrounds is not a problem. Interracial couples understand each other well enough. That's why they are in a relationship. There might be a few differences but those are always normal owing to personality distinctions.

    Conclusion People will never miss to pop out the above questions when you're engaged in an interracial relationship. As a couple, you only need to stand out and remain compact regardless of such questions. You just have to overlook them as well as understand the nature of the people questioning your dating orientation.


    interracial love

    Having fully understood that couples come together for companionship, protection, completeness, fun, and procreation, we also understand that different people from different races come together to live as a happy couple in this contemporary age.

    Despite the fact that all marriages has its form of beauty based on genuine love, yet there are special attractions in every interracial dating which will prompt us to look into four reasons why mixed race couples are beautiful.

    1. EMBRACE

    Couples that are involved in interracial dating tend to embrace themselves more, and the bound of love between them use to be stronger as it’s seen across the earth in this modern days. Since these couples know very well that they’re from different races, they’d be willing to accept and embrace themselves to any length. A lot of activities will mostly keep their love stronger by the day; their desire to occasionally visit a partner’s country, spouse’s willingness to say “I love you” in his/her partner’s language, an evening of childhood history, coupled with the development (procreation, establishments, etc) in the relationship as years passed by. All these occurrences make mixed couples embrace themselves more and more.


    This is another major reason why mixed relationships are beautiful. Culture as it is known to be generally different across the globe, is an advantage for the couples to catch-up with cultural practices totally different from theirs. Allowing yourself to be exposed to your partner’s cultural background will help your relationship a lot. Consider yourself learning your spouse’s best local music and trying to sing it at the same time, or having learned how to cook your spouse’s favorite meal and you eventually serve the same on the table, these cultural practices brings happiness in most cases and it gives mixed couples the opportunity to forge ahead. Other aspects of your spouse’s culture that will make him/her feel loved and accepted include religion, music, cultural belief, and traditions.


    Every mixed relationship tends to result in offspring that are unique, beautiful and generally accepted than offspring of a single race couple, which is a start of a new and unique generation. They are a unique generation because children that are the product of mixed couples usually have admiring eyes, attractive skin colors, curled hair, etc as a result of mixed genes. The beautiful look of these children is determined by the spouse with the stronger gene, making them unique in all ways.


    The difference in the race of any couples, their lifestyles as well as their upbringing will definitely reflect in the life of their children. If for example, an American man who is calm, cool-headed and relaxed marries an African woman who is highly disciplined and strict, you’ll discover that the children of the mixed couples will be nurtured in a relax and cool-headed way and will also undergo disciplined and strict lifestyle as a result of the upbringing of their parent. This also makes interracial relationship beautiful because their children are nurtured in a way that they will be responsible in life.

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    This is the 21st century, which is known as the youths century. Being in relationship is know common these days. But choosing the right person is the biggest test for all. Being in relationship is that pure essence of feeling, which you can only experience once you are committed in this. So being in just relationship is not that simple. Once you fallen in love or are eager in getting relationship, you're natural instinct and inner voice doesn't see the person you love belongs to what race, caste, or religion. This is magic of being love, which is the best feeling in the world. You constantly think of that person. Not all the love but most are real ones, sometimes there are people who face betrayal and are left alone.

    The most beautiful one's are the mixed race or the mixed relationship. Yeah, cause these are the selected creature's of the god, who are born with the purest heart, they don't see what color or the race religion they belong. And they will never ever hurt anyone, even if they have to walk through hell for them to reach their lover. Of course these kind of people are the jewel's, which are not easy to find. But those who find, are the luckiest in this universe. Their soul and their nature is so ground to earth, that they give love to their partner and will never expect anything from them but only love. But once they are hurt, they create wall around themselves, like diamond hard, which is not easy to reach their souls and understand them. Even if you take many year's, you will fail. So being true and honest to such love, is the essential ingredient to be in relationship.

    This is the ship which, you'll sail through out you're life span, and you're partner will be your best companion to sail along any rough sea and help you to pass the storms in you're life. And yes, the sailor are successful only, the one's who remains firm and determined on their decision and will sail till the end will be the best sailor of the ship, the relationship. These day's it's hard and impossible, but definitely possible to find such lover if you are true to you're heart first. India is the country, which is ranking top in the list for facing direct implications of inter raced or inter cast, inter religious love marriage.

    God made the human beings as best creature on the planet, but we divide ourselves called it the inter race. Being black or white is the nature's beauty, but those couples who choose them seeing only how much they love each other is the trust level in them match able. This is why, these people are the most happiest and good nature people exist in our world. Because they are spreading the love and happiness , showing others that how to live the life happily. Personally, mixed raced is inappropriate to describe, but rather we can call the free birds who are the captain of their relationship, which are enjoying the life's greatest view, while others bullying themselves with racism, which is cancer to the humanity. So if you ever fall in true love, you'll never even noticed that, what kind of race you or you're partner belongs. Just keep loving you're special one till the last breath!


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    We cannot deny the evident fact that we as a country have come far from racial discrimination. This is despite the existing prejudice in the world. There is an interesting increase in interracial dating and this trend sees white women dating black men. Most of this dating actually leads to marriage. Our current generation seems to actively accept and engage in diversity. This definitely is something our forefathers were against.

    What’s shocking is however how sneaky racial discrimination can be. At one moment a couple in interracial relationship say a white woman dating a black man are so much in love and holding hands walking down the streets then BOOM! the lady starts to wonder and eventually freaks out on how their babies would look like – white or black.

    We still see interracial relationships different. A relationship between pure whites and a white woman dating a black man is going to have different set of experience. The race factor will at some point be injected into this relationship. It is always going to be different. What are some of the factors that lead to interracial relationships?

    Statistics shows that the main reason for interracial dating is the couple’s sexuality state of compatibility and attractiveness. The woman has the final say in this kind of relationship. Her happiness also lies on how her partner romantically satisfies her. Research indicates that there is a higher relationship satisfaction from partners in interracial relationships that interracial relationship.

    Experts have ascribed this as the major reason a white woman would date a black man. Most white men refer to this kind of women . Most of these women are said to have a low self esteem and think they are not good enough for the white men. Another reason this white men give is that the white ladies have been fed with the misconception that black men are more masculine compared to the white men. Another reason is the need to attract attention by acting as a rebel to the old prejudice of whites against blacks.

    You will come across certain comments on social media especially accusing the white women dating black men of falling for the mythical black manhood concept. These whites have the belief that most of this relationships do not last long. With the increase in interracial marriages, this fact cannot be deemed true.

    White women will go on popular chats saying that black men are more confident and experienced in sex than the white men. The controversy that black men have better libido than white men have greatly contributed to white women seeking to date black men . The black male migrants tend to take advantage of this and get married to a white woman with the end goal of securing the citizenship status.

    The number of black women dating white men is also on the rise. This is perhaps due to the concept that white men are exotic and exciting when it comes to foreplay in oral sex. White men are naturally warm and would go to any extent to please a woman.

    Advantages of Interracial relationships.

    1. Learning new perspective.

    2. Provides an escape from your ideological view.

    Disadvantages of interracial relationships

    1. Living with the assumption of everyone around you.

    2. Others making a big deal of your relationship .

    3. Always being socially conscious – from your looks to your partners.

    A black man dating a white woman will be seen by most people as a sexual attraction based kind of a relationship. For a white woman it will be seen as a moment of experiencing the mythical black manhood. It is however a privilege to feel loved by your partner regardless of their race. Racial discrimination has not been completely dealt with in our society. Therefore being aware of the pros and cons of a black man dating a white woman is important.

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    Dating Interracial

    "Men need strong women when their life is a mess, just like in a game of chess the queen protects the king."

    We have seen black women as leaders, being an epitome of strength, a source of inspiration, a hardworking homemaker and a person we look forward to when in distress. So, why do you actually need a black woman for? What is in her that drives you crazy for her?Well, to know the answer you need to go to the statistics: The Forbes List of the most powerful black women include names like Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Ursula Burns, Beyonce Knowles and the list goes on. They have been proven strong, confident, world leaders and game changers in every aspect of life. So, when in a mess who else than a strong and confident woman you desire to have the most. Sex - drives most of you crazy, sure it does. It is an important aspect of a healthy relationship but is it the only thing you desire from a relationship, the answer is obviously a No. When in turmoil you desire a person who is not only sincere and passionate about you but also able to drive you out of that situation. You need a person to rely on, someone you can trust and look forward to when in distress.So, let's scroll down and find your reasons for choosing a black woman:

    1. Better Understanding

    When it comes to a black woman they are always found to be more understanding and helpful. Being black is still considered to be a shame in many parts of the world. So, a black woman is very well aware of your emotional state and what it means to hurt someone. She will be the last person in the world to ever hurt you and will stand by you whatever the situation may be.

    2. A Source of Strength for the Family

    A strong woman is naturally a support to her man and a pillar of strength for her children. You can look forward to her and rely on her when the time demands.

    3. A Natural Bond

    Being fake is the last thing a man desires in a woman. A black woman, in general, is constantly being criticized for her color, race and seeks someone who is real and not fake in his feelings. A black woman cherishes this attribute and so does a white man.

    4. Value Feminine Gender Role

    You can ask a black woman to take care of your family, have kids and value your feelings. Trust, commitment, and clarity are what she seeks the most in a relationship and never minds to take up the feminine gender roles. Black women are always hardcore, strong and love to do what it takes to make the bond strong and family work.

    5. Respect

    A relationship based on trust and respect is sure to last for long. So, if you demand respect then you are sure to receive the same from someone who has long sought it from everyone she has ever met. Taking into account the background a black woman comes from, wherein discrimination and disrespect are what she has always encountered, you are sure to be respected because that is what she desires the most.

    Some of the famous celebrities and personalities are whitemenandblackwomen who have lived together for ages and proved it to work. If you seek love then you are sure to receive it from someone who longs for it - a white man and a black woman.