• Navigating Cultural Differences in a New Relationship Posted by Admin on Jul 08, 2018

    New relationships can be challenging for anyone, but when you add cultural differences into the mix it can seem almost daunting. The good news is that couples all over the world manage the intricacies of multi-cultural relationships all the time and will tell you it is worth it and that these relationships can be rewarding and incredibly loving. Though no one can guarantee any relationship will be lasting, you can improve your odds by using a few tips to make the early days of your relationship easier.

    Learn about your partners culture – This might seem like a given, but in the whirlwind of a new romance, it can easily get forgotten. This means asking about their culture, talking to others from their culture and whenever possible actually participating in your partners culture. Of course it is not always culturally appropriate to insert yourself in to your partners family and cultural traditions, which means part of learning about their culture means asking them and finding out from them when and how you can participate.

    Challenge Stereotypes – Even the most culturally aware PC people have some believes about other cultures that fall into the category of stereo types. This can hurt a relationship in both the short term. No one is immune to that instant thought, but once you have the thought it is your job to challenge your beliefs and not buy into the stereo type. You may also need to push back on friends and families when it comes to the stereotypes they have adopted.

    Compromise – There will be times when two different cultures will clash. This tends to happen the more often around holidays and traditions, but you might find it happening in everyday life too. You will need to talk about these clashes and come up with w compromise that recognizes both people in the relationship and both cultures. The idea is not to approach this as one of you has to give something up, but how you can make a compromise that ends up enriching both of your lives.

    Don’t Look at Cultural Differences as a Negative – This can be really hard, especially if you feel like you sometimes have to give up your own important traditions to make room for your partners. Communication is really important with this, but even more you have to look at adopting something new and different as a way to enrich your life and as a way to bring you more joy and fulfillment.

  • 15 Tips For Anyone Dating A Woman Over 40 Posted by Admin on Jul 08, 2018

    dating over 40

    If you are a single guy these days and are looking for advice about dating and more specifically about dating women in their 40's. To be honest, dating is an inexact science and nothing is really set in stone and varies from woman to woman. However, we did some research on the topic in order to help you get a better understanding of women over 40 and what they tend to expect for dating.

    #1 40-Year-old women are generally confident - Women who are in their 40's are likely to be extremely confident in who they are and what they want in their lives and that includes from their relationships. If you are a man who finds confidence in women very sexy, then you should consider dating a 40-something-year-old woman.

    #2 She can handle herself - A 40+-year-old woman is likely to be able to handle most all situations including social. She has likely been through a good number of situations and is capable of handling most situations with poise and grace.

    #3 Keggers are not likely her style anymore - While keg parties were all the rage when she was in her twenties, a woman who now in her 40's is more likely ready for more elegant settings for enjoying a beer or cocktail. You should definitely take that into consideration when making plans.

    #4 She controls her life schedule - A 40-something career woman has likely achieved a certain status and they generally control their own schedule so you would need to keep that in mind when making future plans.

    #5 An older women are generally in control of their emotions - Unlike younger women who likely wear their emotions on their sleeves, older women are likely to let smaller, insignificant things roll off their shoulders. This tends cutdown on the amount of unhealthy drama often found in relationships between younger women.

    #6 Know that she is not likely going to play games - She is less likely to play games in a relationship since is usually know exactly what she wants and when she finds them, she is not likely going to play a lot of games.

    #7 She will not have time to play your games - She is also not likely going to play any of your games either. Beating around the bush instead of being straightforward is not going to get you very far with most 40-something women. The generally do not have the time to play around like that.

    #8 If you are dating women over 40 it is likely that she found something attractive about you - Generally speaking if you got the attention of a woman in her 40's she has found something she really likes about you and is attracted to it.

    #9 She is likely to be a great lover - Most women in their 40's are likely to be highly experienced in the bedroom and know exactly what they want from a lover. She is also likely not to be afraid to voice her likes and dislikes when it comes to sex. This means if she chose you there is generally a very good reason.

    #10 She will likely have some type of baggage - Unfortunately, most women who are in their 40's and available they are likely to have some amount of baggage. The amount of baggage will depend heavily on her life experiences to date.

    #11 She is likely to be upfront and blunt - A women in her 40's is highly unlikely going to play guessing games with you when it comes to things that she wants. She is generally going to be upfront and possibly very blunt.

    #12 Age is likely just a number to her - These days most people are of the mindset that age is strictly a number and it has more to do with the individual person then what their age might mean. This means a woman in her 40's would feel just a comfortable dating a man who is in his early 30's or even their 50's as they would if the person was the same age as her.

    #13 Chances are her biological clock is off - Most women in their 40's are likely to be past the time of still wanting to have kids, their biological clock has already been extinguished. She may also not be looking for a serious relationship that could lead to settling down or get married.

    #14 She is probably financially set - Many of today's 40-something women are financially set and for them, they are looking for men who are able to treat them to the better things in life. This means more expensive and lavish trips and meals.

    #15 She knows what she wants from a relationship - A women in her 40's is set in her ways and that means she is fully aware of what she wants from her relationships and if she chose you there generally is a really good reason.

  • If You Are Dating a Single Dad: 5 Things You Need to Know Posted by Admin on Jul 07, 2018

    single dad

    Dating these days is not for the faint at heart and there really is no set in stone rules to follow when it comes to dating. Just when you think you that you have all the answers, life will inevitably throw you a curveball and unless you are prepared you might not know how to handle it.

    This is especially true when it comes to dating a man who is also a single dad. Just like a single mom, a man is responsible for everything that happens with their child or children and you have to be prepared for a whole lot of issues that you may or may not be ready to handle.

    When a man becomes a dad there truly is a monumental shift in their life which leads to a number of major changes. It will normally change how they deal with most situations that come up, especially if it will directly or indirectly affect their kids.

    So, if you are considering getting involved with a man who is also a single dad or if you just found out that the man you just started dating is a single dad, here are 5 Things you should know about dating a single dad.

    5 Things You Need to Know If You Are Dating a Single Dad

    #1 Having multiple kids will definitely affect your new relationship - The family dynamic that you are about to be part of is very fluid and if there is more than one child you will need to understand that it could easily put extra strain on you and your new relationship. The age of the kids will add a degree difficulty as well. Going in with your eyes wide open is going to be your saving grace and accepting certain circumstances will go a long way.

    #2 Kids come in two types; angels or brats - Kids can be a challenge to a brand new relationship and being able to deal with whether your new man's kids are angels or brats will pretty much determine how long your relationship will last. Being prepared to handle a possibly difficult situation if it turns out that his kids are bratty.

    #3 He might parent differently than you - According to dating experts, one issue that has contributed to the majority of failed dating relationships involving single dads is differences in parenting styles. If you are considering getting involved with a single dad you need to know that you have to check your parenting styles at the door and understand that they are his kids and until the time comes that he is open to your advice, you will need to tread lightly.

    #4 His time will be split between his kids and you - Know from the outset that his kids will come first and your time with your new man will be a fluid situation at best. Don't put any unreasonable expectation on his time, you will likely come out on the losing end of that proposition. Be open and understanding to the fact that you are going to be sharing time with his kids.

    #5 The ex may still be a part of the equation - First and foremost unless there was a death that caused him to be a single dad there is a high degree of likelihood that there could be some degree of involvement with an ex. You need to be sure that you know what you are getting into when there is an ex-involved.

  • 5 Tips for Safe Online Dating Posted by Admin on Jul 06, 2018

    Online dating has become very popular among both the adults and youths of today. It is very popular and preferred due to its ease and convenience of use. If you are using online dating, there are some safety measures you should put in place. It is important that you protect yourself in order to achieve a safe online dating experience.

    Tips for a safe online dating

    1. Get to know your partner better before you meet them in person.

    This is very important when it comes to online dating. Take your time and establish a good foundation with that person before you agree to meet them in real life. Ask a lot of questions and find out the things you need to know. This will help you have an idea of who they really are. Don’t rush to meet someone you just met online a few days ago. You can be hurt by the outcome!

    2. Don’t release your personal details to someone you just met online.

    This aspect is very important if you want a safe online dating experience. Don’t be too quick to release your personal and confidential details online. You should be careful of releasing details like home/office address, credit/debit card, school/college, and phone num publicly on the website or as a message to the people you just meet.

    3. Don’t go alone to your first date

    When it comes to meeting someone you met online for the first time, it is a wise idea to go with a friend. This is the safest way to meet the person you just know. Chances are that the person you want to meet with come along with their friends also. Since you are meeting the person for the first time, you cannot tell how the discussion will flow. Perhaps, going with your friend will ensure that there is no dulling moment during the date. Likewise, always go with your own spare money just in case!

    4. Only meet someone in public, well-lighted areas.

    Do not accept to meet someone you just hooked up online in a dark and secretive place. Many people opt for online dating for so many reasons. While your own intention is to date new people, the intention of others may be different. Hence, make sure hold your first date in a public, well-lit area with people close by.

    5. Run a background check on someone before you agree to meet them.

    It is also I wise idea to run a background check before you agree to meet someone you met online. This background check can be a way to find out many things untold about that person before you eventually agree on a date. You can look up their profile on other social media or simply type their name on Google. More so, you can use the premium features offered by some sites in other to get further accurate results.


    Online dating is quite fun and exciting. It offers an hassle-free way of meeting and dating new people. However, for you to achieve a safe online dating experience, it is essential that you observe some safety precautions. Together with the ones listed on your respective dating site, the above tips will help you a lot.
  • How to Find Interracial Love in South Africa? Posted by Admin on Jul 04, 2018

    south africans

    Dating is a hell of a walk. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's horrible. The possibilities are unlimited if you keep an open mind about it. Even interracial dating in South Africa is no longer taboo. It is not as controversial as it used to be. Interracial singles are not afraid to find love while it is real. People are beginning to accept the fact that love is love, no matter what package it comes from. Along with an open mind and a heart that craves possibilities, you can also try to follow these tips if you want to commit to an interracial relationship.

    Bring a sense of humor

    Having a great sense of humor can make every appointment fun and memorable. Your race is just part of who you are, so having a sense of humor can help you get to know yourself in a deeper way. It is not good to dwell on their differences, so why not find out what their similarities are? The humor of both Interracial Singles in South Africa will help you have a good time and enjoy the company of others.

    He has an open mind

    You can never experience something new if you have a closed mind. Overcome your preconceived notion of what others are and are not. Do not judge your date prematurely or create stereotypes and warnings that other people can tell you. Instead, let love take its course and see your appointment to know who you really are. If you really have an open mind, you will not say any uncomfortable and offensive statements that are not good.

    Knowledge is not necessary

    You do not need to read any book about going out with a white man or a black woman. This is not how a true relationship begins. Two people meet, talk, eat and find common interests. If the first date is successful, then you can find time to go out a few more times and build something deeper on each date. You do not need a manual to know how to do it. Your experience with that particular person is your best teacher.

    Be yourself

    You have the right to be yourself. Do not feel pressured by other people who tell you that dating a person of another race is complicated and often unsuccessful. Varies from couple to couple. The success of a relationship does not depend on your race, but on the reality of your love. You do not have to immerse yourself in the culture of your appointment to fully win their hearts. Instead, you can appreciate your contrasting characteristics, discuss your differences and understand the beliefs of others. Keep in mind that interracial singles in South Africa are like normal people on a date. It does not have to be different and under pressure. Remember that we are all human beings trying to find love. Do not fake anything and do not discriminate too. As long as you have fun with your date, it does not have to matter if you are of different races.