• What are some advantages of an international marriage? Posted by Admin on Feb 13, 2018

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    International marriage expands once mind and how one views the world. it takes time to make a cross cultural marriage but it is worth an investment. This investment can lead to a rich relationship because it blends cultures thus creating a distinct and a powerful bond for the couples. The following are some of the advantages of this cross-cultural marriages. Culture appreciation International marriages creates awareness about different cultures and how one views them. This awareness makes one develop a love for family and marriage approaches between different cultures and how they influence people. The understanding and appreciation between the spouses of their varied cultures increase respect for each other. Food variety Different cultures have the different assortment of foods. International marriages expose one to different ingredients, spices as well as vegetables. This puts a cultural twist in common dishes. An African man, for example, getting married to an Asian woman may learn a lot in the use of sesame oil that adds nutty rich flavour to foods.

    Integrated Value system A combination of cultures gives your marriage an international outlook. One can be able to synthesize valuable tenets from other cultures. Some cultures emphasize so much on the value of independence while others could be putting more emphasis on family roles. This value system, when combined together, creates a sense of independence and a strong family value.

    An option of settling in two countries. International marriages create opportunities for one to live in two countries. This is an opportunity that an average person does not have. One can live or work at a given country at any time thus opening up opportunities and possibilities for them. You travel a lot.

    Getting married to a person of different nationality means that a plan to visit their homeland is already in place. This also gives a person an opportunity to discover new places and other happy surprises. Universal children born out of international marriages can fit into any culture thus making them more universal. Their adaptability and flexibility gives them a good opportunity to appreciate and like other cultures

    Easy to learn other languages. Learning a different language requires one to enroll in a class in order to find a way to practice it marrying a spouse from a different culture automatically means you have a language teacher. Your kids will also have an advantage of being raised either bilingual or multilingual. Learning these languages continually opens up the mind of the person as he can be able to read a variety of resources written in different languages.

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