• Top 20 USA States for Interracial Dating Posted by Admin on Feb 08, 2018

    In US, interracial dating has been in the rise since the last two decades. More liberal views are flourishing among the people which led to the acceptance of interracial dating. It’s a very common now to date someone who’s basically from a different race. USA is the hub of education and career opportunities for people all around the world. Every year lots of people visit America either for education or employment. This brought several races to the land of opportunities which eventually led to mixed races in the recent years.

    Even though most of the American states are welcoming toward interracial dating, some of them are very accommodating and supporting to the interracial dating culture. There are several major races such as Black, White, Asian, Indian, Middle-Eastern, Hispanic that are well-established in the country. The diversity of the races gave rise to the rapid growth of interracial dating in the USA. The internet dating made things much easier for the people to date someone from a distinct race.

    Social media platforms play an important role in the exponential growth of interracial dating in the USA. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are really helpful for the people interested in meeting someone from a different racial background. Among the fifty states of USA, only a few of them are not very supportive to the interracial dating. Most of the USA states are highly convenient for the interracial dating. Here are the top 20 USA states for interracial dating:

    • 1. California
    • 2. Texas
    • 3. New York
    • 4. Florida
    • 5. Georgia
    • 6. North Carolina
    • 7. Illinois
    • 8. Virginia
    • 9. Ohio
    • 10. Pennsylvania
    • 11. Maryland
    • 12. New Jersey
    • Michigan
    • 14. Tennessee
    • 15. Alabama
    • 16. South Carolina
    • 17. Louisiana
    • 18. Missouri
    • 19. Indiana
    • 20. Arizona
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