• Dating Tips for Black Men: 6 Tips to Make Your Second Date a Success Posted by Admin on Oct 11, 2018

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    Black men need dating tips as much as white guys do. Now, this is because the dating game requires a good knowledge base of the dating rules and how to treat a woman.

    So, you’ve had your first date and it went well. You’ve both agreed to meet the second time but you still don’t know where all this is going.

    This post discusses six interracial dating tips to help you make your second date successful.

    6 Second Date Dating Tips for Black Men

    As you prepare for the second date, take note of the following:

    1. Don’t Push Things

    So your first day was amazing? Great! But who says the second one will be as good? First dates are often magical and filled with a lot of blindness to the real thing.

    People tend to assume that things would naturally play on and the second date may be the best time to start joking, teasing, or even kissing. Black men sometimes have this notion too.

    However, if you don’t want your date to get the wrong message, take things slow. Don’t push her. Don’t ask her over to your house or go to hers. Maintain a public location where both of you will be comfortable to speak and get to know more about each other.

    2. Drop Your Expectations

    It’s almost natural to idolize your new date and imagine that she’s the perfect woman. If the first date were the best day of your day, you may get used to believing that she’s flawless.

    Don’t expect your date to be without weaknesses or flaws. Don’t assume that she’ll necessarily agree with everything you say.

    If you keep your hopes high unnecessarily, you may end up feeling unsecure and disappointed. So, leave your expectations at the door and just live in the present.

    3. Avoid Faking Things

    Be true to yourself. Whether you date a black woman or a woman from another background, don’t lie to them. Nobody likes being lied to. Rather than claim that you’re stunningly rich or the owner of hundreds of property in the city, keep things real.

    If you faked things the first time, the second time is the best opportunity to come clean and lay your cards bare. Being sincere is the best way to ensure that the second date leads to a third date. And you don’t want to end it here yet, do you?

    4. Be Natural

    Nothing beats being natural. If you make funny sounds when you laugh, don’t hold yourself back. Allow your date to see you for what you are. And allow them to be the way they are.

    If you start by setting standards, you may struggle to maintain them. Cut yourself some slack and do the same for your partner. Don’t be too conscious of your jokes being funny or not. Just have a good time.

    5. Talk About Things You Might Have in Common

    The second date is meant for getting to know each other better. Talk about topics that may interest your date. Find out about her interests, hobbies, and phobias (maybe).

    If this second date turns out well, then you may just plan a fun activity for your third date. But it starts here – talk about all you can. And keep it real.

    6.Don’t Assume a Third Date, Ask

    Instead of wondering if she had a wonderful evening, ask. Both white and black men want to know that their date found them attractive and good enough for a third date.


    We’ve shared six second date dating tips for black men which can help you have an awesome time. As the second date is still pretty early, try not to rush things. Be truthful, natural, and willing to ask whether a third date would be happening.

    Have you already had your second date? Which of these tips worked for you?

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