• 5 Tips For a Successful Intercultural Marriage Posted by Admin on Oct 07, 2018

    intercultural marriage

    Understanding the potential challenges that a multicultural marriage can produce is basically the first step to consider when it comes to finding a lasting solution to making your intercultural marriage work. All marriages have their problems. Below are a few tips to help you minimize problems and build a strong, happy marriage together.

    1. Learn And Agree With Each Other’s Culture

    In intercultural marriages it is important to take the time to fully understand the significance of each other’s culture. Having adequate knowledge of these traditions will allow you you to identify with your spouse. It will allow help you as a couple when it comes to participating in explaining and passing on traditions to your children.

    2. The Couple Should Learn A Mutual Language

    If you can't speak a mutual language very well, make effort to learn it. This fosters communication. Ideally, it is better to learn how to communicate with each other in a mutual language before you think about getting married. If you can't communicate your deepest feelings, expectations and values with each other, then you will find it difficult to know how to ensure the happiness of your spouse. If it's going to be possible, take things slow. It is better to wait until you can communicate with each other before getting into a multicultural marriage.

    3. Make Sure Your Children Are Bilingual As They Grow Up

    It is paramount in an intercultural marriage that you make effort to teach your children to be bilingual. That is to make sure that they can speak both languages. This allows them to easily communicate with you and your extended families. Being bilingual will also help your children to embrace their dual cultural heritage.

    4. Help Each Other Adjust Due To Cultural Differences

    If your culture is foreign to that of your spouse, bring them to locations that make them feel at home. Visit only supermarkets and restaurants that sell items and serve that they enjoy or miss. Register for language classes together. Make sure your spouse develops friendships with people from your own country and people who come from their home country. Always be there to listen. Always cheer their efforts to integrate into your culture and life. Look for a way to include your partner’s culture in your everyday live.

    5. Always Stay in Touch with Family

    Always encourage your husband or wife to keep in touch with their family. They can do this using the internet, telephone, sending letters and visiting them directly when possible. Keep in touch with your family as well. Knowing that you have not lost contact with your family because of the decision to enter a multicultural marriage is a vital source of comfort for your marriage.

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