• 15 Tips For Anyone Dating A Woman Over 40 Posted by Admin on Jul 08, 2018

    dating over 40

    If you are a single guy these days and are looking for advice about dating and more specifically about dating women in their 40's. To be honest, dating is an inexact science and nothing is really set in stone and varies from woman to woman. However, we did some research on the topic in order to help you get a better understanding of women over 40 and what they tend to expect for dating.

    #1 40-Year-old women are generally confident - Women who are in their 40's are likely to be extremely confident in who they are and what they want in their lives and that includes from their relationships. If you are a man who finds confidence in women very sexy, then you should consider dating a 40-something-year-old woman.

    #2 She can handle herself - A 40+-year-old woman is likely to be able to handle most all situations including social. She has likely been through a good number of situations and is capable of handling most situations with poise and grace.

    #3 Keggers are not likely her style anymore - While keg parties were all the rage when she was in her twenties, a woman who now in her 40's is more likely ready for more elegant settings for enjoying a beer or cocktail. You should definitely take that into consideration when making plans.

    #4 She controls her life schedule - A 40-something career woman has likely achieved a certain status and they generally control their own schedule so you would need to keep that in mind when making future plans.

    #5 An older women are generally in control of their emotions - Unlike younger women who likely wear their emotions on their sleeves, older women are likely to let smaller, insignificant things roll off their shoulders. This tends cutdown on the amount of unhealthy drama often found in relationships between younger women.

    #6 Know that she is not likely going to play games - She is less likely to play games in a relationship since is usually know exactly what she wants and when she finds them, she is not likely going to play a lot of games.

    #7 She will not have time to play your games - She is also not likely going to play any of your games either. Beating around the bush instead of being straightforward is not going to get you very far with most 40-something women. The generally do not have the time to play around like that.

    #8 If you are dating women over 40 it is likely that she found something attractive about you - Generally speaking if you got the attention of a woman in her 40's she has found something she really likes about you and is attracted to it.

    #9 She is likely to be a great lover - Most women in their 40's are likely to be highly experienced in the bedroom and know exactly what they want from a lover. She is also likely not to be afraid to voice her likes and dislikes when it comes to sex. This means if she chose you there is generally a very good reason.

    #10 She will likely have some type of baggage - Unfortunately, most women who are in their 40's and available they are likely to have some amount of baggage. The amount of baggage will depend heavily on her life experiences to date.

    #11 She is likely to be upfront and blunt - A women in her 40's is highly unlikely going to play guessing games with you when it comes to things that she wants. She is generally going to be upfront and possibly very blunt.

    #12 Age is likely just a number to her - These days most people are of the mindset that age is strictly a number and it has more to do with the individual person then what their age might mean. This means a woman in her 40's would feel just a comfortable dating a man who is in his early 30's or even their 50's as they would if the person was the same age as her.

    #13 Chances are her biological clock is off - Most women in their 40's are likely to be past the time of still wanting to have kids, their biological clock has already been extinguished. She may also not be looking for a serious relationship that could lead to settling down or get married.

    #14 She is probably financially set - Many of today's 40-something women are financially set and for them, they are looking for men who are able to treat them to the better things in life. This means more expensive and lavish trips and meals.

    #15 She knows what she wants from a relationship - A women in her 40's is set in her ways and that means she is fully aware of what she wants from her relationships and if she chose you there generally is a really good reason.

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