• Interracial Dating Tips for Asian Singles Posted by Admin on May 14, 2018

    Interracial couple

    According to statistics, 17% of married couples in the United States are "interracial". The trend has been growing steadily year after year. For many singles that are thinking of dating someone from another ethnic group, this is good news. Now the term "interracial dating" is a broad phase. Hence, let's get a bit more specific.

    In this article, we are going to cover interracial dating tips for Asian singles.

    Don't Put The Race On A Pedestal

    We all have heard the advice "don't put a man/woman on a pedestal." Let's take this step further, and that means don't put any race on a pedestal. This advice is specially targeted for Asians as most Asian cultures have the mentality that Western races are considered as "superior."

    The problems caused by putting someone on a pedestal also runs true for a race. The bottom line is you'd want to find someone that you are compatible with and with a good amount of chemistry.

    Putting someone or race on a pedestal will blind you of what matters. Rather than focusing on compatibility and chemistry, you are more concerned about the bragging rights.

    Look, bragging your boyfriend or girlfriend to your friends and family may give your self-esteem a boost. However, this is only fleeting. Sooner or later, realities will set in, and you'd have to deal with real couple issues.

    If you can't deal with the couple issues because the two of you are a "bad match" in the first place, no amount of "bragging rights" will save you. Hence, focus on compatibility and chemistry, and consider the bragging rights as icing on the cake.

    Know The Culture

    Each ethnic group has its own culture peculiarities. If you are dating someone from another race, it's your job to know about the culture of your partner.

    For Asian women, one of the essential things that you need to understand that men from other cultures have different roles. For many Asian cultures, men are seen as the headmaster. Basing on this mentality, it's common for Asian women to rely on the man for financial security and decision-making. These days, you have to understand that the "headmaster" role is diminishing, especially for Western men. On the upside, Asian women are expected to make their own decisions and be treated as an "equal." On the downside, independence comes with a price. In this case, you can't expect a free ride regarding decision making or financial support.

    For Asian men, the most prominent concern is that accepting the fact that in other cultures, men are not considered as the "ultimate master" in the partnership. This means that you need to accept that your partner can decide for her own, and you don't "control" her. Another concern for Asian men is that they think they are "inferior" because of their race. While this is true in some areas, this mentality is also slowly eroding. The best advice is to find a girl that doesn't consider race superiority as a "thing."

    Interracial dating can be difficult because of the potential extra layer of friction, specifically culture differences. On the other hand, we are not advising against interracial dating. In fact, interracial dating is not only good for the human race, but it's also a step towards a more unified world. For now, just start with the tips we mentioned above and continue to educate yourself.

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