• 5 mistakes white men make while dating black women Posted by Admin on May 12, 2018

    Black women have to face a lot of backlash for dating white guys. Black people who date outside their race face a lot of backlash from their community for not choosing someone among them. The backlash and accusations are a lot more severe for black women. Franchesca Ramsey, who is a host on MTV’s “Decoded,” is also a famous activist and comedian. She faced a lot of scrutiny for being married to a white man.

    The same goes for people who belong to any other race and date someone outside their race, such as white men dating black women . Since interracial relationships are quite critical in the society, people who venture into such relationships should take extra precautions.

    Therefore, in order to help out white men, we have made a list of mistakes that white men make when dating black women. If you are one such white man, then we highly recommend you to read this article so that you can avoid the mistakes and have a happy and healthy relationship with the person you love.


    Even though this sentence can seem absolutely normal, do not say it. It is not a compliment. It may seem harmless to you. But, to the black woman in front of you, it may sound like a fetish. It can also come across as racist. This is something you definitely shouldn’t say if you want to date the black girl and hope to be in a relationship with her someday.


    People who are not color blind can see color. While it is not encouraged that to bring up her race in every conversation, don’t diminish her identity by saying that you don’t see color in people. Humans, in general, want to be acknowledged for who they are and where they come from as it is a part of their identity. It is the same for black women.


    A person’s color is not a factor that people observe when they are forming a friendship. Then why would it be correct to bring up the color of the person afterward? Saying that you have black friends is never a good thing, especially if you are trying to prove a point.

    4. Liking hip-hop and black music

    Hip-hop has consistently been gaining popularity over the past couple of years. It is completely fine for white people to like black people music and to listen to hip-hop. It only becomes a problem when you bring it up to prove that you are cool with black people.

    5. Don’t tell heroic stories about racism

    Black people often notice how white people, especially men, often narrate stories of them being heroes in certain scenarios. The story usually ends with the white person giving a speech on how racism is wrong and how they don’t support it. There are a million other topics one can talk about that do not involve race. Choose those topics, especially if it’s your first date or if you are still in the initial stages of getting to know each other.

    Getting into an interracial relationship should be something you are proud of and not embarrassed over. Breaking this age-old barrier of racism can be hard work for both the people involved. The best way to move forward is by understanding what the other person is comfortable with. Start with small topics and see how the other person feels about it. You could always build up from there.

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