• Interracial dating, friends and family. Posted by Admin on May 09, 2018

    Interracial relationships and marriages is something which was made acceptable in society due to hard work and selfless sacrifices made by couples like Richard and Mildred. Laws against interracial marriages were banned in 1967, but couples still face racism and backlash even today.

    Interracial dating is much more popular and accepted now than it was fifty years ago, but there is still a lot of stigma around the topic. Couples have to deal with a lot of criticism and backhanded comments from near and dear ones. Lack of knowledge in this area can really make people pass hurtful judgments without them ever realizing that they did so.


    From the day we are born to the day we breathe our last, we are mostly influenced by our family. Sometimes we are influenced positively and sometimes we adopt some negative behaviors as well. Most of us have working, somewhat healthy relationships with our family, and since they are our family we want them to be a part of our lives.

    Sometimes families are really tight-knit until one member gets into a relationship with someone from another ethnicity or race. It even breaks families apart because families are so set in their own ways and refuse to accept new people in to the family.

    It takes quite some time and a lot of patience to get your family to accept your relationship but they usually come through. While trying to get your family to see how beautiful an interracial relationship can be, don’t let your family take digs at your partner. It is your responsibility to protect your partner from comments and judgments especially if they are coming from your own family members


    Friends are usually much more open minded and accepting when it comes to interracial relationships. They are more understanding and encouraging in this matter than family members are. It may be because you all come from the same generation or have the same set of thinking. A lot of the times we get into relationships with people who were from our friends circle. This also encourages other members of the group to have your back because they know you both individually and together.

    But not all friends are the same way. Some friends pass snarky remarks with the intention to hurt you. Such people were never really your friends and you should cut them out of your own as well as your partner’s lives immediately. Then there are friends who are super supportive but make jokes or pass judgments without really understanding how much it could hurt you or your partner or how insensitive it might be. In such cases, make sure you respectfully let them know they are being rude so they can learn from it and you all can move on.

    Friends can be more accepting of an interracial relationship and often fill the void of a disapproving family. But, family is family. If your family or close friends are being disapproving or distant then give them time to get used to the idea of you two being together, try talking to them and hopefully they will come around.

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