• What Interracial Singles Want, Q&A Before they Mingle. Posted by Admin on Apr 15, 2018

    interracial love

    Interracial relationships are some of the love stories hard to tell because it binds two different people from different races and social background. Interracial marriage has been legal in the use since 1967 but people still have different thoughts on this matter, therefore, posing a dilemma to Interracial singles who want to single.

    Here are some things Interracial singles want before they accept mingling:

    Q. Will they judge me because of my skin color? Many interracial singles out there still live in fear of what the world out there will think of them if they start a romantic relationship with someone totally different from their cultural values and more so skin color?

    A: Follow your heart and feelings let no one judge you because of it's your happiness, not theirs.

    Q. What will my parents say? We all know how our parents want the best for us and they also want us to follow their footsteps and leave aside our interracial goals but what about our feelings?

    A. Tell your parents or relatives about this as early as possible because it will be sad for you to date for 3 years then at the end your parent, friends or relatives chase your lover away. Furthermore, if your love is real, fight for it.

    Q. What about the children we will sire together?

    A. Children are from God and no should racially abuse them because of their skin color, both of you should show love to the children even if they don't resemble one of you.

    Q. What should I do for men/women to approach me?

    A. Many people would assume that you wouldn't date their culture hence they wouldn't even mind approaching you, this example fits perfectly with Islam and Christians. But what you have to do is get social with the person and he/she will be free to you too and you can make a perfect interracial match.

    Interracial Marriages are now on the rise and shows positive relationships with different people from different cultures and race. Do not fear to peruse the crush of your life, we live in the 21st century remember.

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