• Why Black Men choose White Women Over Black Women? Posted by Admin on Apr 01, 2018

    mixed dating

    There’s a rapidly growing trend of black men preferring to date white women over black women. There may be several reasons for this phenomenon, but more and more black men are tending towards dating white women in the recent past. Additionally, there’s also a huge increase in the number of white women looking for black men for several reasons. With the exponential growth in the interracial dating spectrum, it has become much easier for black men to meet and eventually date white women. Here’s a look at some of the reasons explaining why black men choose white women over black women:

    • Sexual nature: White women are highly known for being more sexual compared to the black women. Black men desire of having an intimate relationship with white women due to their hyped sexual nature. White women are also well-known for their tendency to take appropriate care for their looks.
    • More career-oriented: White women are more focused on their career and wealth. Black men likes this aspect of an woman being more career-oriented and obviously like that thing. A couple among both looking for a career advancement is always a good thing in the long run.
    • Ego stroke: For some black men, dating a white woman is definitely a goal, since they think white women are the prized ones. Having a white girlfriend or wife makes them to feel accomplished.
    • Pretty Babies: Some black men think that mixed babies are prettier than black babies. There’s also a general idea that mixed babies have much better hair compared to other babies. Whether this is a misconception or a fact, a lot of black men believe in this and pursue white women to achieve this.
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