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    Hi IM!


    I'm just looking for input on my profile. Please give me some constructive criticism and advice. Thanks in advance.

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    Ok so i'll bite... your profile is very romantic, cute an cuddly. To me like something a teenager, who's still into teddy bears would like. Cute.

    Me and some of my friends reviewed it and here's what we came up with.

    First I'm not trying to be mean, there's not one once of malicious intent in this. Just what I would have liked to see,from this womans point of view.

    It's good to know you like to hug and kiss and cuddle. However, it came off very needy, Women love affection, still it made me feel as if i would,constantly, have to fight you off ,just to get some house work done,lol.

    It also gave the impression u would be one of those guys that would constantly center your life around a partner and their likes an dislikes and never think of yourself, which can only lead to resentment, and that's never good.

    You don't have much about you. Your photo and build tells me your very handsome and tall.But nothing about any personal hobbies or family you like, or what you do.

    There's no "construction worker","gainfully employed", or "like to fix things", "get a little wild sometimes" comments. Which would, have told me, you are not only tall an handsome but your probably strong, an can do stuff. that you can be fun sometimes, or you have a job, so i won't wind up supporting you, while you wait for me to get home so you can hug and cuddle

    I says nothing about your temperment, so i don't know if your going to be too serious or too goofy,or just laid back.

    It says nothing about your likes. again i can't gage if your going to be sitting on the couch 12rs a day playing x-box, (that's not always a bad thing, some girls like shows a competitive nature.)

    or if you'll be dragging me to crazy clubs on the weekends, or if you just want to do dinner and a movie, grill in the backyard, park in a field and watch the stars eating sandwhiches....

    it didn't say anything like "i like to read, or"go to museums" or even "I love to learn new things" which would tell me you are intelligent, and i can have a converstion with you.

    Women love to fall asleep in the arms of the man they love, but they have to know who you are first. you see where i'm going with this? i don't know about YOU, outside of the romance novel description. which by the way most women skip over because it seems to good to be true.

    It kind of goes back to why women fall for bad boys. They're usually abrubt and A**holes. doing crazy stuff to get attention, and it usually gets ours, but for all of that, we know from the first meeting exactly who they are and how long we think we can put up with it. No mysteries. and of course most woman have some crazy desire to fix things.


    i hope this doesnt come off as derogatory as that was never my intention, just expessing what a lot of women look for. you don't want to come off week or gullible because unfortunately, a lot of women look for that,too.

    we wanna know if your strong,capable of mentally supporting us as well as capable of handling us, along with the love.

    hope that helps.



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