Do white men find black women attraction? Respond please! Comments and Suggestions

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    I see interracial couples just about everywhere and it's a beautiful thing. But for the most part, it's black men with white women. I'm just curious to know why white men don't flock to the sistas like the brothers to their women? Respond Please!
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    I can’t get the black girls to show interest in me

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    Hey, I will respod to you. I say hello to a lot of different women of different races. Usally it is just being courteous, I am walking past them. We make eye contact and I say hello.  Sometimes they welcome it but most of the time they give me a look as though I have made them feel uncomfortable. Most of the time they will respond, but then its like they cannot wait to get to the next isle over to avoid any further communication with me. Perhaps it is how they were raised, or maybe its how they are treated by other white men. But I get the feeling they don't want anything to do with me and I feel as though I made a mistake by even speaking to them. So it turns me off... If you're a black woman perhaps you can enlighten me on why that happens. Black women have a flatter response to me then any other race of women.

    Interracial dating is not for everyone, and if someone wants noting to do with another race, they usally will not even acknowledge them.

    Are the black women in shock when I speak to them, Do they get so uncomfortable they do not know what to say? Or is it because all them have some one and are not interested in intertaining me. It would be helpful if a black woman would be a little less reserved. Maybe they are not used to it. I have to agree that most black women say a white man will not date out of his race. And its true for the most part. But some of us will and we desire it more then anything else. I saw a black woman at Walmart yesterday that I could not resist to find the opportunity to say hello and I did! But she half way looked at me and said hello in a not so hello tone, looked away, then walked off. How do you move past hello under those circumstances? It happens all the time.


    I lived in a country that was all black for about 10 years. I never had that problem. Black women were easy to talk to, but in the USA, they are just so hard to talk to. How do you fix it? What can I possibly say to get them to open up to me a little more without appearing to be too shallow to them?

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    I think its about the fear, a black brother of her beating him up lol maybe

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    Yes i find dark coloured (black/brown) ladies more attractive than my own colour, it's not just your colour but also your feature's that i'm attracted to, i also find coloured ladies more easy to appoach but that mite just be me lol 


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    In my experience, white men tend to check me out, give me "the look" of definite interest but can't seem to get the nerve to come out and speak directly to me, which is extremely frustrating.  Why the hesitatation, I couldn't tell you but have often wondered about it because I'm extremely approachable.   They tend to admire 'at a distance'.  What man doesn't fear rejection, but if I'm looking at you directly and showing you the 'signals'...take a won't be disappointed.  There are quite a few of us attracted to y'all but we will not make that first to my Caucasian brothers just step up...

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    Absolutely yes! I find black/afro girls very attractive, they are special to me, they definitely have an edge over the others. *.*

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    The rejection is part of it is somewhat on, though everyone is afraid of that. I don't come from money so that's never been an issue. Also what my family thinks doesn't bother me if they can't accept who I love then so be it, their loss. It's just not wanting to get rejected because they think white guys don't see them as women but as sex toys. It's not true I see all women regardless of their color as women and that's how I want it to be taken. If your not attracted to me fine, but don't reject me because you think I'm living some kind of sexual fantasy. I'm asking you out because I think your attractive and I like you. 

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    i think white men are attractive and some of them want to date a black woman but i think some are scare of the reject that they may get think or how she may act when he approches  her and some are scare of how his family will act and if he come from a family that has money he would have to think of what he will lose if he get into a relationship with a black woman especialy if he fall in love with her and she love him

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    I would hope that white men find black women as attractive as their own race.  Finding a white male that would date a black woman (or a black woman willing to date a white guy) is just not as common as a black man/white woman.  I think this site proves that it is something that everyone would try and I think that being on this site is a good ice-breaker for anyone not comfortable enough to approach an individual out in the open for fear of rejection.  

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    I think some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen are black women. One thing I don't get about all ethnicities when it comes to women. That women will date some seriously pathetic looking guys just for money. Not trying to be a jerk just curious since I see it a lot and can't understand how there can be no physical attraction.

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    It may depend where you are.  I am usually approached by men of other ethnic groups but I think it has to do with where you work, shop, live etc.  If your local demographics make you a rarity then you may be approached more face-to-face. If you are in the majority then you're likely to be approached less in my opinion.

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    I think a lot of white guys would love to date black women. I know I have and would love to again although I'm not a type guy I like all women but I have dated AA women and most have been really cool. I think the deal is a lot of AA women will not date white guys and as a white guy who has asked these women out they are very vocal about their not wanting to have anything to do with white guys and some really get mean and accuse me of fetishising them or slumming or other accusatory statements. It does become a drag when you get this a lot. After awhile you don't ask unless the woman is somehow showing a willingness and desire to maybe be more than acquaintances. It doesn't happen a lot but when it does its really embarrassing and somewhat offending. Idk why this happens but it isn't a nice experience to go through. It can scar some guys forever. I'm lucky that I do keep trying but I'm kind of particular about situations and women I talk to or show interest in. If anyone feels I'm wrong or maybe just misinformed please message me and help me understand better. I'm more than happy to learn something about how to approach these situations. Would love to hear from someone who wants to comment on my comments.


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    In Utah they seem to stare but say nothing. Most couples I see are black men with white women. I love dating white men. But it's really hard to get them to talk.  

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    I think black women are gorgeous

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    I am curious as well.  As a black women, I get a fair amount of attention from white guys, but most of it is anonymous and they seem less than willing to approach you upfront.  I don'[t know if this is from fear of rejection or fear of social stigma or what.
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    I think some of the most beautiful women the world are black women
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    There are alot of them out there. I think some of it has to do with what part of the country you live in. I do not think its as common in the South as it may be up North or out West.
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    i would, i think they're gorgeous