Do white men only want sex from black women? INFO CONCERNING BLACK PEOPLE

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    wow well said, I appreciate Boris 993 honesty.
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    That's a pretty broad brush, but it's your who am I to say anything about it. I would fall in line more with Booklover73's comments..."keep your standards high and don't give up because of a few jerks". We all gotta turn over some rocks until we find what we're looking for. The alternative is to stop looking.

    I haven't dated within my race in 16 years (11 of which I was married interracially w/ 2 kids). And I've seen aspects of this three dimensionally. I've been in situations of knocking a drunken frat boy's teeth down his throat for not remembering to use his "inside voice". I've been in situations where a brotha thinks he's gonna disrespect a GF about going interracial. Oddly enough....the hotter your GF is the more situations you run

    Bottom line is that ignorant people are everywhere and you never know who they until they open thier mouths. It sucks to go through it...I feel for you cause I been there. But trust Booklover, it's not hopeless


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    I believe that you take each person in each circumstance/situation one on one without pre-judging or sterotyping. Do I think that is the norm? No I don't. However, I absolutely no that not all white men just want sex from black women because that is not what I want. Indeed I am drawn to the whole package from the inside out. Yes, I am now and always have been attracted to black women of which I have dated exclusively. The picture starts with the physical appearance because we are all visual but it continues as I get to know that person. I realize that I can only speak for myself and no one else but that is how I feel. Good topic sweetfor2011 and I am sorry that you have had the experiences you have had but please do not give up hope.

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    That's the way they are with all non-white women, not just blacks. Remember the line on "West Side Story," "They only want one thing from a Puerto Rican girl!" Native Americans too. I know that doesn't make you feel any better, but it gets even worse and more disgusting and awful when you've managed to get a higher education in the science or math fields and STILL people look at you like a body part with no brain.

    Foreigners are less like that, at least until they've been here long enough to be corrupted by the American ideology when it comes to what white men think of nonwhite women.
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    It shouldn't surprise you that all men are interested in sex, unless there's something wrong with them. However, those that are worthy of a classy woman, will keep their urges under control, until she signals that it's okay to bring that subject up. I think you can find such men on this site, considering that I'm on here. LOL. However, I'm taken, so you'll need to keep looking. My advice is to keep your standards high and don't give up just because of a few crass jerks.