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    just curouis
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    Been attracted to white guys since I was in junior high school... my first crush was my English teacher Mr. Bryan :-) a dark haired hottie and probably why I adore dark haired white guys today.  White men have always been attracted to me and I have always lived in a diversified neighborhoods and went to diversified schools.  Most of my friends are different races and ages.  The black men that I have been attracted to had no interest in me and the ones that I have no interest in generally want more than a friendship.  Go figure.  White guys that I have spent time with have more in common with me with the things that I enjoy doing, and are willing to be open to new things.  And there is the NO DRAMA factor.  If they have drama, they know how to keep it away from me.  My favorite white male celebrities are Sean Connery, Jason Statham, Mark Wahlberg, and Channing Tatum.

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    https://www.interracialmatch.com/user_details?user=Wildcat2003" target="_blank There's something in it that certain men don't like certain types of women and others do! You are beautiful and I am kind of surprised you said black men don't have interest in you but hey, I experience the same thing regarding white men! ;)

    Hugs to all,
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    I think a good black women should call me 5103879513
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    I date white men because that's mostly the type that I've worked with, and they ask me out. Since they ask me out, I assume they are attracted to something they see in me and don't care about skin color, even though most are from different backgrounds. I have been approached by some beautiful, loving, white men who were much further up the corporate ladder than I was at the time, and I will never forget one or two of them as long as I live. That's why.
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    There are thousands of answers to this question, Opportunity? Preference? Open mindedness? Racial bias? Im all for positivity so embrace the good reasons for what they are (the bad ones are more interesting though)
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    It's because people have different preferences when dating. I love all women but I especially love black women. It's just a preference.

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    I can't believe that BM don't approach you, not only are you stunning in yourself but you are also light skinned but I know that interests and chemistry also has a role in it so...

    As a black woman, I date white men cos when I was younger they were the ones who approached me and some were really hot.
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    Because WM are HOT.
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    Because we appreciate that they are godesses and the sexiest things on gods earth.... peace and love

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    I date white men because they seem to be the only men that take an interest in me. They enjoy doing the same things I like to do such as camping and motor sports, most black men do not enjoy those type of activities. Plus they never ask me out so I go with the men that approach me and approach me in a proper manner.

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    Quoting author:

    just curouis

    Why not? I date whomever dates me; and it tends to be white guys. Besides, I love decent open minded well balanced white men...black women are no different then other women. Why be curious? Do you not think you are worthy of dating black women or do you think black women should only be with black men? Now I'm curious.
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    I had a date two white young boy. They care and nice to me, also I care and really like them, but I feeling sad and hurt my heart when we were broke up beacuse I felt not ready for this years. I want to hold later years when I will ready...lol.
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    BW date WM because they are HOT.
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    why not?

    they'll probably date a caucasian guy for the same reason they'd date a black guy, an asian guy, a hispanic guy, a native american guy, an arabic guy... am i forgetting any?

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    There is really no need to explain why you like someone..you just do. I grew up in all white area and I have always loved white men..yes I've dated others..but Vanilla is my favorite flava!!! I love everything about them.

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    Silver1944 write:

    OTR - Cyup. I do so LOVE a man with a GRAND sense of humor and who can poke fun at himself. Cyup, have I told you lately that you ROCK, sweetheart? DANG!

    What she said!

    Btw, as a sufferer of motion sickness, I sometimes find myself in situations where I appear to have a slight greenish cast.

    C., forget the interspecies relationships.
    You don't REALLY want people to say your kids look like toads, now do you?

    We need to find you a nice Canadian lady with vertigo.
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    Silver...YOU GO GURRL!!! I hope to one day be as wise and unjudgemental as you are, many kudos to you! And btw, the pic of you in the red top is the one you should use as your pic...it shows your beauty as well as your kindness...and I know Im just gettin this from your postings, BUT I am sure those who are your friends must be truly lucky!!
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    I can't speak for all BW because we are all different but I have been attracted to WM all of my life. I remember when I was in grade school I loved Donny Osmond when all of my friends were into Michael Jackson. To this day I have never had a problem being approached by WM they seem to gravitate towards me. I don't know if its just my personality or my body type but I do get approached alot.