Any white men want real relationships anymore? relationships

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    I really want a long term relationship with a black woman, do they exist? I have not found an black woman interested in dating white guys.I am interested in interracial relationships.
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    some would question that there are men out there that are faithful..

    but they do exist..
    but then..
    if a man isnt faithful..

    its not because he is bad..
    it just means that he hasnt found his "ms right"
    (sometimes it just means they are naughty buggars) lololol

    sometimes u have to live with what you ask for..
    yes a long term relationship is great..
    but if it breaks down..
    the pain lasts a heck of a long time..
    if it works until its "forever and ever" then all the better for ya..

    take care..
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    there will b one tha does exist but we gotta w8